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  1. I found the problem. There are no panning bars anymore in my cakewalk. I don't know why they disappeared one day. But if I go to "console view" I can still see them and the settings were not centered. Centering the knobs fixed my audio. In track view there's a box in the top left, if I set it to "all" I can see my panning bars again.
  2. > Are you saying you have two hard-panned mono tracks that show similar output level I duplicate a mono track so it's the same volume. One left, one right. I (during live playback) see one track get quieter as it's panned left. > Have you tried re-importing to Cakewalk or Audacity to confirm the levels are wrong in the file? Yes. You can easily (visually) see that one side is far quieter, which matches what you hear. I've tried exporting multiple ways. eg a blank master track, or just setting the output of my tracks to the sound card itself.
  3. Everything I export is ruined. I'm exporting with "follow source", and if I export a single mono track this happens: the quiet (left) track is like -10db. But it's not just mono tracks that are 'biased' to the right track. Everything I export has panning that's wrong. However in Audacity I can export mono tracks fine. A mono track stays mono. And if I duplicate the mono track and set one to 100% left and one to 100% right then it's still fine. (Each is the same volume.) I tried reinstalling my DAW driver (and rebooting) but that did nothing. Edit: this happens in live playback too. The moment I pan a track left that track's volume meter shows a big drop.
  4. I'm using windows 10 but I think this problem exists in windows 8 too. Thanks. edit: apparently there's no fix if you're using asio drivers & your sound card doesn't allow volume control.
  5. eg imagine I have a song that's 60 seconds long but I only want 20s-40s. I select all & split at the two locations. (To hopefully select & export.) But then it gets harder: imagine it's a ton of vertical tracks so (using the mouse) you're scrolling way up and hoping to find a place to click, then you scroll all the way to the bottom and hope you don't go a little too far, or you have to restart the whole process. I wonder if there's a way to do this with just the keyboard.
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