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  1. Hi - when any error messages are displayed, it would be REALLY helpful, to have a bit of additional information added to the error message text, to give us some help on understanding what track/plugin/function/etc.... is causing the error, so that we have enough information to help us know what needs fixing. Example - I have a project, that when I open it in CbB, during the opening of the project, CbB displays the message I pasted below, but it tells me nothing about WHICH region of audio is corrupt and unreadable. That means that I have to play Sherlock Holmes to figure out what track and/or audio clip is deemed to be corrupted. I would think that at the point, internally, that CbB has decided that an audio region is corrupt, that it has the name of the associated audio clip that it cannot properly open/read/etc. That information would be REALLY helpful, for me to know what needs to be corrected, because if this project has a large number of tracks, and the project is rather long, without me knowing which audio is corrupted, I am pretty much left in the dark, whereas if the file name is known, or that section in the project were highlighted, or even just knowing where on the timeline this corruption was detected, any or all of that would be quite helpful in my being able to correct the issue(s). SO - please add whatever associated info is available, and relevant, to error messages in general - to include this one I have pasted below. Thanks, Thomas Penna
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