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  1. Thanks. Good to know I'm not alone – at least it confirms I'm not (that) crazy... πŸ˜›
  2. @forkol Thanks for your reply, I will investigate and report back soon! Thanks @Noel Borthwick. Today it happened with 2020.11 but I will upgrade to the latest build and report back. The problem is it's so intermittent... but I am patient!
  3. My super-weird audio preview bug is back again! 😣 Check the screen capture below: I show you my selected Audio Preview bus I click on 4 consecutive WAV loops and for the first 3 you can see the Preview Bus meter moving But playback of the fourth loop somehow bypasses the preview bus, sending audio at full volume to my hardware outputs instead! Am I the only one to ever run into this weirdness?
  4. Hm, yes either a simple side-chain source select like Logic, or with also a couple of added level controls as well. πŸ‘Œ
  5. Colin's tip is so awesome, it deserves a mention here! πŸ˜€ For quicker access for ya'll and for posterity's sake (in case Colin's blog ever goes away): create two nodes, drag a selection outside the nodes and then drag downwards - voilΓ‘, you have slopes on both sides as Cakewalk will add nodes to the outer selection.
  6. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈIndeed I did! Thanks. πŸ˜†
  7. That's a good tip, Colin! πŸ‘Œ For quicker access for ya'll and for posterity's sake (in case Colin's blog ever goes away): create two nodes, drag a selection outside the nodes and then drag downwards - voilΓ‘, you have slopes on both sides as Cakewalk will add nodes to the outer selection.
  8. Is this a new problem starting with the RME driver v4.29? I have in 10 years never had Cakewalk crashes with my RME HDSPE AIO card when changing ASIO buffer sizes, including 64 and 32 samples. I'm currently on RME driver v4.28 with Cakewalk 2020.11. Also, I am using the RME Hammerfall DSP settings Window. Didn't newer versions (unsure which) of Cakewalk have some changes with regards to this, like support for changing ASIO buffers within Cakewalk? Maybe that causes issues? Or what if you go back to v4.28 for RME? EDIT Cakewalk 2019.11 had the changes below with regards to ASIO. (I can't change the buffer size for my RME card from within Cakewalk, so I suppose RME isn't "supported"?)
  9. Feature request: display any active keyboard shortcut in mouseover popups, and do this in all places the GUI (and not just the Control Bar as illustrated below). Example of how it could be: Currently it looks like this:
  10. For me, the benefits would be, in order of importance: Faster workflow when selecting side-chain source. Example: I add the compressor plugin to the bass and with a minimum of fuss, I could select the side-chain source as well. This would be a drop-down in the VST plugin window header, see the Logic screenshot in an earlier post. More easily understand existing routing. Example: I open an older project and look at the compressor plugin and with a quick glance I can see which tracks are feeding the compressor side-chain (it could be multiple). As it is now, you have to hunt for sends by going through all your audio tracks ... πŸ˜… Adding the possibility to be able to adjust send level from the VST plugin header as well, in addition to doing this from the source track, would be cool! Is it "bad UI" to be able to adjust the same setting from two different places? I don't know. But in this case, I don't care. 😁
  11. Logic has had side-chain features since at least 2002 with Logic 5, when it was still developed by Emagic. According to SOS it was just for Logic's internal plugins in the beginning, though. And since 2005 I believe Logic could side-chain other Audio Units plugins. Logic definitely predated the "side-chain compression hysteria" in dance music that for example Eric Prydz' "Call On Me" helped to popularize in 2004. And around that time, or a couple of years later (Wikipedia says Cubase v4.1 from 2007) , Steinberg's VST standard started offering it to plugin developers and eventually side-chaining was everywhere, for good or bad... πŸ˜› Image below from Sound On Sound in 2005: Note: I have placed a few requests for this during the years, but they might be left in the old Sonar forums. There is already at least one Cakewalk feature request for this from Nov 2020:
  12. +111 πŸ˜… I have been wanting this for years! It would not just be faster to use, but it would also help to faster understand routing in a project (that you haven't worked on for a long time)...
  13. I agree with your envelope observations and thoughts! Adjusting an entire envelope up/down should be easier, and since I am in a wishing mood, it should be easier to do it in smaller increments (maybe increase resolution with a controller key pressed?) and it should be clear how much you offset it. 😁 Oh, and I would also like more envelope shapes.
  14. Exactly. I use separate MIDI tracks for almost everything here, then you get individual channel control for Mute, Solo, transpose and delay (in the Inspector) and, importantly, you can easily use the Vel +/- slider in track view for "MIDI mixing". ✌️
  15. Thanks, interesting! Does it generally give better performance for you guys? I've never known about or tried that setting in all these years... and I'm generally an audio nerd. πŸ€“
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