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  1. I have an MK1 S49 but I've barely used the KK plugin to be honest... What does it mean for me as a Cakewalk/Sonar user that the MK1 has MCU support? Will transport buttons work without any extra configuration when using the Komplete Kontrol plugin?
  2. Deckard

    Is Skylight interface getting obsolete?

    I like the Skylight interface, but at the same time I think it might certainly be possible to streamline it a little, make it a little more space efficient. I would say that the switch to dark interfaces for creative software on the desktop was caused by – at least it correlates well with – the proliferation of bigger and bigger LCD/LED screens. I myself loathed dark interfaces and couldn't understand why people liked them... until I got to work with big flat-screens. Now, where did I put those shades...? 😎
  3. Deckard

    Hotfix for 2019.03 available

    Thanks for the heads-up! Just one question about the release info: What does "asynchronous bounce" refer to? Compared to the recent fast bounce optimizations? That were introduced in 2019.03 but rolled back in the Mar 26 hotfix?)
  4. At least in good 'ol Sonar Platinum it most definitely also moves automation. Just as for Lynn, ripple edit was a key addition for my needs!
  5. I have never had sidechain crashes (in Sonar Platinum) during many years of use, so I can't help you out unfortunately. @Noel Borthwick - as we are discussing sidechaining: could you guys please consider implementing a simple dropdown for selecting a sidechain input on the instrument track itself? Like Logic has had for years and like Cubase 10 just implemented. Thanks & keep up the great work!
  6. Deckard

    view multiple plugin or synth windows?

    You can also hold CTRL when double clicking a track name, to temporarily force opening a new VST/VSTi window even if you have recycling enabled. Handy!
  7. Deckard

    Sample Preview Enhancement - Browser

    What!? No, you're kidding, I gotta check that out! Thanks scook! πŸ˜€ EDIT: While I'm using the keyboard shortcuts, I'm waiting for buttons and/or indicators to make it easier to see the current setting.
  8. Deckard

    Sample Preview Enhancement - Browser

    Good ideas, all! While we are wishing - could we have button sfor "Enable/disable looping" and "Preview at host tempo"? I change these options A LOT and having them hidden in a menu is very slow...
  9. Deckard

    Need sampler

    A more deeply integrated sampler, like the Sampler Track in Cubase, would be awesome! Have a look:
  10. Deckard

    Stem files: How do I use these?

    Hm, could the clips vs. regions thing be a DAW-caused difference in semantics? Clips are called regions in another DAW?
  11. Deckard

    Stem files: How do I use these?

    Heh, yeah it can be VERY confusing when there are multiple meanings attributed to the same word! And it's kind of annoying, as it's making language less precise... If it's a client, one should probably double-check... "Do you know what you're asking for, or do you only think you know what you're asking for?"
  12. Deckard

    Stem files: How do I use these?

    As Craig said, the concept of "stems" or "stem files" most often means submixes, for example a vocal stem would be multiple vocal tracks submixed in a single WAV file. No magic, nothing special. Although I've seen in some interviews with (younger) mix engineers in Sound On Sound using the word "stems" when referring to individual audio tracks. I don't see the point in that - if you need the individual audio files for a project, ask for the individual audio files! If you need stems, ask for stems.
  13. Deckard

    Channel Tools Is Missing ?

    I mainly use Channel Tools for quickly and conveniently delaying the left or right channel in a stereo file for a Haas effect. As far as I can tell, none of the alternatives mentioned previously (also listed below) seem to be able to do that? πŸ€” A1Audio A1StereoControl Boz Digital Panipulator Flux Stereo Tool v3 Melda Production Mutility
  14. Deckard

    New Ripple Edit Indicator/Widget

    Could someone please post a screenshot of it? I haven't upgraded by am curious...