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  1. ALC

    Korg Software Updates

    Thanks. I was running KORG Software Pass 1.1.4. Updated to 1.1.10 (latest for Mac). The differences I see are the additions of: wavestate native opsix native Both have "Try Demo" buttons.
  2. ALC

    Korg Software Updates

    Hm. I'm already up-to-date (same versions as what was listed). My initial installation was on April 26. I'm hoping that TRITON Extreme can be M1 Native (like the rest of the plugins).
  3. Updated. Looks like it's still not M1 Native. I was hoping the update would have Apple Silicon support, but alas ... So far, AmpliTube 5, Hammond B-3X, MODO DRUM, SampleTank 4, SampleTron 2, and Syntronik 2 are M1 Native. Thanks, IKM. The other IK products not yet updated are: MODO BASS, ARC 3, Lurssen Mastering Console, and MixBox. Hoping T-Racks becomes M1 Native next since it covers so many plugins (but maybe that's probably why it's taking so long).
  4. To be clear, it's $7.50 for Groovemate ONE Crossgrade from PHAT 2. The crossgrade offers from PHAT 2 are: SPARKLE: $29 MELLOW 2: $39 DEEP: $39 Goovemate ONE: $7.50 Chillhop Bundle: $109 Hiphop Bundle 2: $49
  5. ALC

    OTS Rubber Bridge

    Hm. Never heard of rubber bridge guitars before. Had to go and research. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/reuben-cox-really-good-rejects-documentary https://studentofguitar.com/rubber-bridge-guitars/ Any other good links?
  6. ALC

    PA Forever $29

    Here’s the response I got from support: “Thanks for reaching out. No, the gig performer is a host and not a plugin. The forever 29 voucher can be used on plugins only.”
  7. Full price is $199.99, so it's $100 for 1st time buyer or $50 for V1 crossgrade.
  8. You're correct that AT5 CS does not have VIR™ cabinet technology, but AT5 SE does have it. Check the comparison chart: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/include/at5/gear_list_pdf/AmpliTube_5_comparison.pdf
  9. Ah, I see. That is true. There's a pretty good list of amps not in AT5 SE (pulling from the spreadsheet I made for the group buy) ... * = new in AmpliTube 5: Brit Silver: Based on Marshall® Jubilee™ head Brit Valve Pre: Based on Marshall® JMP-1™ tube preamp British Blue Tube 30TB: Based on Vox® AC30 - Blue Panel British Tube Lead 2: Based on Marshall® JCM900™ head Custom Modern Hi-Gain: Modern Hi-Gain AmpliTube model Custom Solid State Clean: Solid State Clean AmpliTube model Custom Solid State Fuzz: Solid State Fuzz AmpliTube model Custom Solid State Lead: Solid State Lead AmpliTube model German 34: Based on Bogner Ecstasy XTC 3534 * Green BA250: Based on Trace Elliot® AH250 Head Metal Clean T: Based on Mesa/Boogie® Triple Rectifier - Green Channel Metal Lead T: Based on Mesa/Boogie® Triple Rectifier - Red Channel MiniPlex 20: Based on Friedman Pink Taco PT-20 * Modern Tube Lead: Based on Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® New York B750: Based on Aguilar DB750 * Red Pig: Based on Marshall® Major™ head SilverPlate 50: Based on PRS Archon 50 * Tube Vintage Combo: Based on Supro® '50s VHandcraft 4: Based on Diezel VH4 * Vintage Metal Lead: Based on Marshall® JMP100 Head And stomps: 10 Band Graphic: A 10 band graphic EQ stomp effect Acoustic Sim: Acoustic simulator stomp effect AmpLess: Tech 21® Sansamp™ * Analog Flanger: Boss® BF-2™ Flanger Big Pig: Electro Harmonix® Big Muff Pi™ Chorus-1: Boss® CE-1™ Chorus Crusher: Digital distortion pedal Dcomp: MXR® Dynacomp™ Distortion: BOSS® DS-1™ Distortion EchoMan: Electro Harmonix® Memory Man™ Electric Flanger: Electro-Harmonix® Electric Mistress™ Envelope Filter: Advanced filter effect Feedback: BOSS® DF-2™ Super feedbacker & Distortion Metal Distortion: BOSS® MT-2™ Metal Zone Metal Distortion 2: BOSS® HM-2™ Heavy Metal Metal Flanger: MXR® Flanger 117 Octav: BOSS® OC-2™ Octaver Overdrive: BOSS® SD-1™ Super OverDrive Phaze Nine: MXR® Phase 90™ Pitch Shifter: This effect shifts the pitch of the incoming signal PROdrive: Pro Co RAT™ Distortion Small Phazer: Electro-Harmonix® Small Stone™ TapDelay: Creative delay effect unit VariDiode+: MXR® Distortion+ with interchangeable diodes * Wah 10: Ibanez® WH-10™ Wah 47: VOX® Wah V847™ Wharmonator: Digitech® Wahmmy™ WH-1 AT5 SE has the basic stuff that I use (with the amps in the collections), but it is nice to have the above to try. You do get quite a bit. I can relate with the GAS/FOMO--I got everything from the GB. Actually, looking at the above, I think getting AT5 is more compelling for the stomps. If you're willing to go outside the AmpliTube, you can get Softube Silver Jubilee (can get it pretty cheap since it's a bundled giveaway) and Waves PRS SuperModels (for the Archon). Addendum: noted which amps and stomps are new. Apparently all new ones are in AT5 but not in AT5 SE.
  10. IK doesn't offer upgrades like other companies. If you've purchased a product that retails for $99 or more, then you can get the crossgrade pricing. With this current promotion, you can redeem up to 30% of the price with Jam Points, which would mean you pay $69. The best deal is when it's offered via the group buy, in which case you buy a qualifying item and get X items free (though to get AT5, you'd have to buy in at a higher price). Is there a specific reason you want AT5? With AT5 SE and specific collections, you can get the better amps than ones built into AT5 (like Fender 1 & 2 and Slash - Marshall).
  11. Clicking on the link didn't work in Brave Browser. I had to copy the URL and open it in a new tab. Then the download worked. Thanks. Seems it expects a serial number. I had a Beat issue (Beat #175 - 08/20) that was supposed to include the Geist Lite freebie but got the following from Serial Center : Nevertheless, it doesn't install on Big Sur on an M1.
  12. Link doesn't work for me.
  13. Thanks for the input. I wonder how these compare to iZotope Nectar (which I have), or other competing products.
  14. Correction, this is the source. “This is an affiliate link. We receive a commission which helps support the subreddit.”
  15. Anyone have any thoughts on these? Get both of these with the Soundwide $49.99 bundle and you can use the $25 monthly voucher.
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