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  1. Thanks for the pointer to KVR. Looks like there are deals to be had on the Buy & Sell forum (which I haven't seriously investigated before). MAutoPitch doesn't seem to be low-latency/real time for live use. ReaTune seems to be Reaper only. I actually did grab bx_crispytuner already. Will have to try it out. Yes, it'll be used for live performance. Good to know about bleed. Why do you consider it absolute trash? It seem to have the necessary features. I care about the sound--from reading reviews, it doesn't seem that Auto-Tune falls down compared to Waves. Also, keep in mind that this is for live use, which means low-latency. I'm not aware that iZotope Nectar has a low-latency mode. I appreciate all the input. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking to use an auto tuner for live use. Any experience comparing between Antares Auto-Tune Access, Waves Tune Real-Time, or bx_crispytuner?
  3. https://www.thomannmusic.com/antares_auto_tune_access.htm https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/price-history/Auto-Tune-Access-by-Antares-9521/
  4. Wow, this is like the old days of PA sales. Picked up SPL Iron for $10.99. They seem to be hitting different price points: $10 voucher, no minimum $25 voucher, $39 minimum ($14 net spend) $20 voucher, no minimum $20 voucher, $29 minimum ($9 net spend) I appreciate that they're not playing games with the pricing and minimum spends like they used to (where the minimum spends were just over the costs of single plugins, requiring buying two plugins to qualify). And there are plenty of selections at multiple price points. Thanks, Dirk!
  5. Looking at the past release dates, it's been at least two years between major version numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studio_One_(software) 1.0.0: Sep. 2009 2.0.0: Oct. 2011 3.0.0: May 2015 4.0.0: May 2018 5.0.0: July 2020 6.0.0: Sep. 2022 If you buy certain hardware, you have an option of choosing between Studio One Artist and a certain number of months of Sphere subscription. Looks like there was a 30% sale on Sphere before. https://rekkerd.org/presonus-sphere-studio-one-professional-notion-sale/
  6. Did the same to get DearVR Monitor for $9.99.
  7. Missed out on the $10 voucher, but applied the $25 voucher towards Tomo Lisa for $15, net. Next time there's a no minimum voucher, I'll check against the monthly loyalty voucher eligible plugins, and maybe apply towards that.
  8. Oh, sorry I was unclear. I tried dragging the .nki into Studio One and Presence complained that it failed to load (though supposedly K4 is supported). But, yes, it works in Kontakt. Since I have Kontakt 6, I'll probably just use that most of the time, but I was curious how Presence XT would do with EXS instruments. Does anyone know any advantages/disadvantages for each format? So, no GUI except for K5. Any aside from that? I suppose one usually tries to use the native tools of the DAW one usually works in. Since I have K6, I'll probably use that since it works across DAWs (and for just noodling/live, I've been using Gig Performer).
  9. I wonder how these new non-NI licenses will work with license transfers, unless they've changed the management of the non-NI plugins to be under Native Access.
  10. Yup. Just drag the .exs file into Studio One and it'll create a Presence instrument track. I tried it with the .nki file and it failed to load, even though the Singularis docs said it's Kontakt 4. There's also a Singularis K5 which I take is for Kontakt 5 and newer.
  11. Mine load but the GUI shows that it's in DEMO mode.
  12. Also just discovered that Studio One’s sampler, Presence XT, has support for importing EXS libraries (Kontakt 4 also).
  13. It's also $29 at PB: https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/197-Klevgrand ... and you get the PB freebie of the month. Not sure if you'd still get SQUASHIT. The Klevgrand website is a bit frustrating to figure out the pricing since the prices are only visible after clicking to go to the product page. Stark has the biggest savings at -63%.
  14. BTW, AudioLayer is an iOS sampler that can import EXS24. I have a number of SampleTekk pianos that include EXS24 support (6). I've been meaning to try out importing some of these pianos for use on the iPad ... but maybe after I upgrade my devices and have enough space (this one is almost 3 GB).
  15. Installed. Turns out that this library supports Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, and SFZ.
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