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  1. Picked up elysia mpressor for $5. Thanks for the past recommendations that came up when researching it.
  2. I updated to V14 on my Mac. In Gig Performer, I found two versions of the V14 plugins. So in Waves Central, I deleted V14 Plugins, then ran Repair, and then made the mistake of clicking on Cleanup (Complete Waves cleanup), which deletes everything. Anyhow, I went through the exercise of downloading the V13 Plugins and installing from the offline installer, and was successful, though it was a step backwards from before when you could install directly from Waves Central.
  3. I was seriously considering getting Infinistrip for $49. Oh, well. At least I'm a bit more aware of zero latency plugins now. I'm mainly interested in using this plugin for live performance, either with electric guitar amp sims or virtual instruments in Gig Performer. I've been only using the guitar related plugins up to now but now I know I can use other zero latency plugins. For now, I'll delve into the zero latency plugins I have such as bx_console or SSL Native. MixBox isn't too bad ... though not zero latency, it can be pretty low depending on what's being used--just have to be aware which modules create latency. I was surprised to discover that Waves PRS amps have relatively high latency (90/175 samples @ 44.1) as most amp sims were 0 latency or pretty low.
  4. Hooray for the $20 no minimum vouchers. There was a time that I ran out of plugins I could get for free, forcing me to look at the next level. Looks like I have more options now (new products). Hoping for two voucher resets.
  5. Intrigued. Trying to figure out if my existing plugins have the zero latency functionality that this has. Found this: https://community.gigperformer.com/t/zero-latency-plugins-list/10282
  6. I realize I didn’t have this exact product, but had it via TR5 SE, so that’s probably why I was able to get it.
  7. Got it, even though I already have it from a previous group buy.
  8. Thanks. Discovered two of my Nembrini plugins had updates (Sound Master and Wah). I have 18 Nembrini plugins installed. Glad to have a plugin manager.
  9. Upgrade from Intro/Lite is currently $239 ($399 normally).
  10. I'm pretty sure it does--whenever I run one of the Magix programs, it pops up a dialog box of the latest upgrade offers (by default ... I usually turn off the notifications). Of course, it's not as good a deal as when it pops up as a Humble Bundle (several years later).
  11. https://www.youtube.com/@Producergrind Subscribed, since I got the freebie.
  12. Looks like all the discount plugin vendors (follow the links) have the discounted prices (though MSD itself hasn't updated): https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?jsf=jet-engine:main&_s=FlexVerb&meta=filter-tag:active Take your choice of freebies/discounts. Update: MSD now shows the updated prices.
  13. https://store.solidstatelogic.com/plug-ins/ssl-native-flexverb?tab=downloads
  14. I've got 20+ reverbs (including Wave IR-L, NI Raum, Softube TSAR-1R, Exponential Excalibur, Nimbus, R4, and iZotope Neoverb). My current go to is Sunset Sound Studio Reverb. What does FlexVerb do that others don't? I do love the look and feel of SSL plugins, though. Or I should rephrase the question (for those who purchased it) ... @Marc Cormier@Jim Roseberry@RSMcGuitar@Bapu@lawajava What do you like about FlexVerb?
  15. This is similar to TONEX, except the captures are amp only—you’ll need to load an IR (but it’s integrated in the plugin). It compares very favorably in terms of accuracy in YouTube comparisons. Currently, only 48 kHz sampling rate is supported. Such a great free option.
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