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  1. Find out what? My iLok License Manager shows 1 of 1 activations used for PhoenixVerb.
  2. Great news—I’m happy to be corrected! I was waiting for it. Thank you.
  3. FYI, MODO DRUM does not yet work on Apple M1. https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?t=26811
  4. My license of PhoenixVerb is good on just one computer so having another license would be useful for the second computer.
  5. ALC

    PA Mega Sale

    Got the ADA Flanger for $10 after voucher since that got talked up last time.
  6. ALC

    BFD Summer Sale

    I think with the latest release, they fixed the major issues. It’s still wise for you to save the old installers. If your licenses show up on bfddrums.com, I would think you’ll be fine w.r.t. licensing. Read up on forum.bfddrums.com. Did you get your freebie drum libraries (one of your choice for transferring, and others to restore the library/libraries from bfd1 or bfd2)? Nevertheless, if you run into any issues, open up a ticket at bfddrums.com. Just be patient as it may take a several days for a response.
  7. ALC

    PA Mega Sale

    Got SPL Vitalizer for 10. Waiting for voucher reset to further my GAS.
  8. I’d suggest searching for xtouch vs faderport reviews. I was surprised that in some cases, the xtouch came out on top (in feel).
  9. ALC

    Waves Mercury Giveaway!

    Entered. Thx. https://wn.nr/B6WWzU
  10. ALC

    Electrum Guitar Amp

  11. ALC

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    Got it for free after registering and getting 20 coins. Not like I need another guitar amp sim, but for free, I couldn’t resist.
  12. Purchased, for my first Xpand!2 license and the other plugins.
  13. Looks like they changed the discounts. Before, it was showing €114 total. Now, I can save my money. Cart Subtotal€494.00 Promotion (Promotion ([SIENNA STUDIO MAX])) -€166.46 Promotion (Promotion ([SIENNA THREE-PEAT])) -€93.15 Total €234.39
  14. That’s the plan. Just wanted to glean any insights/opinions/experiences from the expert readership. Also, I won’t be the one playing. A real drummer would be. Would be interesting to compare perceptions—if it’s a noticeable step up from the built-in Roland TD17 sounds, for the drummer, and in the live mix.
  15. Bought the K13 upgrade from Select/Kontakt directly from NI to save on sales tax (physical products are taxed, digital delivery of licenses are not). Looking forward to trying all the pianos and Guitar Rig 6 Pro.
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