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  1. I'm just starting with Cakewalk and after configuring my system I noticed a constant squeal once the sound engine starts. It does not show up on recordings only during recording. I'm using a Behringer X2222USB mixer as my interface into a Dell OptiPlex 7010 (WIN10) with an SSD drive. The noise seems to start as soon as I open a project. I've tried disabling the Realtek HD Speakers on the computer even though I'm using the latest Asio4all driver recommended by Behringer. The occurs without any effects in the chain, using a basic project. I was able to create a 2 track recording (one baseline, one over dub lead guitar) and the noise was not on the recording. Which makes me think it's something internal. As I mentioned I'm just beginning with Cakewalk and will appreciate any guidance.
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