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  1. Hey, thanks to all. I'm finally getting a little bit of a grasp of what to do regarding instrument plug-ins. Apologies for being so dense. I'm sure as I progress in learning Cakewalk, I'll hit more roadblocks and have more questions. I thank everyone for their patience and willingness to help,
  2. Thanks again. I guess what's confusing me is the fact that assigning a soft synth to track one creates a new track. I expected the synth to show up on track one and the editing to be done on track one. Maybe my addled brain will sort it out. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, scook. My soundcard is enabled in the midi output section. If I try to import a soft synth on the first midi track, it creates a new track at the bottom? What am I not getting?
  4. There's something basic I'm just not getting about Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've been recording on computer for 20 years or more. But I can't get started with CW. I simply want to import a midi file I've done and assign soft synths and plug-ins to the tracks and play the song. I just can't figure out how to do it, Is there something about Cakewalk that's fundamentally different from other daw's? Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
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