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  1. That was it, scook. I haven’t used Cakewalk since Sonar X2 so I’m very rusty. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. I was hoping that was the problem. I can hear the effects after recording a track in playback mode. I’d like to hear the effect as I’m recording, especially with guitar using an amp sim so I can get the feel for the part. So now when I record I have the dry track, playback I have the effect applied. I’m thinking there must be another toggle somewhere dealing with input monitoring but I haven’t found it. Thanks for the assist, scook.
  3. Yesterday everything was fine. When I went in today to start a new project, applying an audio effect does not seem to work. I tried several of the Cakewalk provided ones as well as third party and the result is the same. No impact to the signal. I used the Sonitus Reverb to see if I could hear the obvious change from the dry to wet signal with no success. The VST instrument plugins are working fine. I’m at a loss as to what to do. Could there be a switch somewhere I need to turn on?
  4. Thanks to all for the assistance. I can now shut down the Control Bar and scroll up to see the top modules of the Console View. Access to the gain knobs was my goal and you have helped me achieve it. Thanks.
  5. I’m trying to see the entire console view in order to adjust the gain knobs which I believe are at the very top but I can’t expand the window enough. When I drag the top border up I can only get to the EQ and no higher. Is there a way to resize the console view? I’ve seen YouTube videos where they’ve obviously done that. Being a newbie has its limitations.
  6. Thanks, scoot. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the extremely quick response. I’m in the process of un uncatagorizing.
  7. I have several audio plugins I’ve installed that show up under the Uncatagorized folder in CbB. Is there a way that I can change them to the type I feel best describes their function so they’ll show up in the appropriate folder? It’s not a major issue but I like organization.
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