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  1. Thanks, Downloaded Command center which installs it but it continues to be the demo edition :-(
  2. Anyone know how to activate the old L-Phase EQ plugin, or... alternately, how to use the Pro Channel EQ in the in the Fx bay like Breverb? I don't like using the ProChannel because I can't see at a glance what Fx I have enabled
  3. THANK YOU! Never even knew this option existed!
  4. I find the whole track get coloured in the track view, console view, and the inspector instead of just the colour bar as shown in your picture. Any way to fix it?
  5. It’s working now. Perhaps you mistyped the url... I often see this sort of thing when I make a typo
  6. Thanks. I’ll live with it. Having to change to note view doesn’t do it for me.
  7. I'd like to be able to hide the cc data in my track view clips and just see the notes without going to "note view". I find the cc display obscures the notes unless I have the tracks expanded. Anyone know of a way to do this?
  8. Same issue - can't open the articulation map pane on a NEW midi track.
  9. I tried to read an arp file as a text file... no dice. It is proprietary and not editable as far as I can tell. If anyone figures out a way, I’d love to know.
  10. Thanks for the thread. I was really scratching my head about this. I tried all kinds of routing. External arps record perfectly but the internal one doesn't. ounce to clip is so simple but so not intuitive. Thanks to the forum, and I think the manual needs a real overhaul
  11. Wow! This just saved me the cost of a new orchestra!
  12. I want to be able to select cc data in the prv in multiple tracks and edit them together. For instance I fund my 3 clarinets too soft. I wanted to select all the cc11 data and raise them up a little so they’d all sound louder.
  13. Thanks for confirming. The aux track or bus is one approach. I happen to like the Garritan reverbs however. Another approach might be to leave the first instrument slot blank, and solo it along with the instrument audio track.
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