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  1. I tried to read an arp file as a text file... no dice. It is proprietary and not editable as far as I can tell. If anyone figures out a way, I’d love to know.
  2. Thanks for the thread. I was really scratching my head about this. I tried all kinds of routing. External arps record perfectly but the internal one doesn't. ounce to clip is so simple but so not intuitive. Thanks to the forum, and I think the manual needs a real overhaul
  3. Wow! This just saved me the cost of a new orchestra!
  4. I want to be able to select cc data in the prv in multiple tracks and edit them together. For instance I fund my 3 clarinets too soft. I wanted to select all the cc11 data and raise them up a little so they’d all sound louder.
  5. Thanks for confirming. The aux track or bus is one approach. I happen to like the Garritan reverbs however. Another approach might be to leave the first instrument slot blank, and solo it along with the instrument audio track.
  6. I have 16 separate MIDI tracks in an instance of the Aria player and 16 separate Audio Out tracks, each correctly identified in the Aria player as 1/2 3/4 5/6 etc. Everything works correctly EXCEPT all the sends - the reverb within the Aria player are outputted to 1/2 no matter which output is selected . This means that soloing an audio track loses the reverb unless I also solo audio track 1. Kinda seems to defeat the purpose of having separate audio outs. Is this normal behaviour, or am I setting something up incorrectly??
  7. I'm using a VST orchestra. I'd like to group all the MIDI woodwinds tracks and send them to an Aux or other such track so I can automate the whole woodwind section together. Any way to send MIDI to Aux, Patch point, or Bus? If not, is there a workaround. In Reaper for instance a track folder acts as an aux track and any mixing moves on the track folder affect all the tracks in the folder equally. Clearly that's not how track folders work in cakewalk.
  8. That is what I've been doing - in addition I set each track to a unique colour and have all tracks I'm working on show in the PRV using the "auto lock" feature. It's fine as long and the degree of polyphony equals the number of parts I'm assigning them to. But if I have a chord of 7 notes that I'm assigning to 5 instrument tracks, or a triad going to 5, it get visually messy. As I said, I'd like to be able to select a note or notes and selectively colour them within one clip in PRV. Then be able to select notes by colour to be able to copy and paste.
  9. Thanks - I learned something new... The Midi plugin doesn't seem to work at all, and the Select by event filter doesn't work in the PRV although I can get it to work in Track view "notes". It's still crude... once selected I'd like to be able to colour the selection so I can work within the one clip to separate parts.
  10. Does anyone know a quick way to take a piano or "full strings" midi sketch with multiple chords and lines and separate them into individual parts for separate instruments? This is the only task in Cakewalk that I actively avoid. I get lost and can't keep the parts straight.
  11. Often I write an orchestral passage using piano or "full strings" as a sketch, and later try to disambiguate the polyphonic midi into distinct instruments. What would make my life MUCH easier is if I were able to select notes and color them within the one clip before copying the clip to each instrument. I would be easily able to visualize each part and make choices about which notes to assign to each part. Thanks for all the great new developments ... especially the articulation maps!
  12. Very useful information, thanks. Explains a lot.
  13. What do you mean by “not multi-threaded?”
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