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  1. ...I did not mean to leave the outro wank on there and will learn how to trim files before uploading _/\_
  2. Ok - hope this works -- I uploaded the raw studio version where you can actually hear the vocals! Recording the bass, lead, and harmony tracks soon...
  3. Also I will use SoundCloud so there's ease of playback (said the newbie)!
  4. Thank you Gary and Deering - that version IS janky -- I just wanted to get it up there quickly once my buddy emeraldsoul turned me on to this forum. It's a crappy mix but now no one can steal my song (LMAO - like that was ever gonna happen! : ) -John
  5. This is God Only Knows caliber, in terms of the writing, the arrangement, and the incredible harmonies. Who compares a song to God Only *****ing Knows?
  6. This is getting close to demo level but not quite there : )
  7. New song about the dark side... ...2-19-20: deleted because it was a dupe because I am still learning about this epic site - thanks! Please see this post for Not Friends On Facebook: NFOF 23456 1stguideV 12.20.19 .mp3
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