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    Track Strips

    Heck, I couldn't wait. It worked! I think the reason I couldn't find the answer is that I wasn't looking for track height. I was using track size. Thanks a million my friend.
  2. Steven Gerard

    Track Strips

    About to go to sleep but I'll try it tomorrow and report back. I very much appreciate you looking into this for me. I knew there had to be an answer. Thanks again.
  3. Steven Gerard

    Track Strips

    The three screens below show what is happening. 1. Session Drummer opened. 2. Collapsed track. 3. "F" entered. This is the view I want when I initially open Session Drummer. I've seen others have this view when they've opened it.
  4. Steven Gerard

    Track Strips

    Here's what I've seen on video tutorials but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to accomplish this. I open session drummer which creates 12 tracks. I've seen when this is done, all 12 track header strips will appear in the track pane. When I do it, the main track is the only track visible and I have to collapse it then hit "F" and then I'll see all the track header strips. How can I open session drummer, or any vst that has multiple tracks, come up in the track pane, by default, with all the track header strips visible like this: Track header strip Track header strip Track header strip And so on. No need for collapsing, dragging and moving. Nice, neat and organized. I'd be most grateful if someone could reply with the solution. Thanks in advance.
  5. How do you setup your inputs and outputs when using a drum map for a vst and using v drums to trigger the vst? Thanks in advance.
  6. Can someone describe in detail how to use my Roland td-17kvx e drums to trigger session drummer or any other drum vst? Midi settings/setup, input/output, drum maps (totally clueless on this). Pretend you're explaining this to a child, (of 62 years). Lol. Thanks in advance.
  7. After googling for days and reading and re-reading threads on this topic, I found a post from 2010 that explained how to get midi data created from my Korg M50 into audio format. 1. Record your midi as normal. 2. Insert a new audio track. 3. Make sure the output of your midi tracks is set to the interface's output. 4. Record enable the audio track, begin recording and play the midi tracks. 5. You will now have an audio track, in audio format in the new audio track! I can't believe this solution was so difficult to find.
  8. I have Sonar X3 which came with Session Drummer and Melodyne installed. If I download Cakewalk by Bandlab, will I be able to access Session Drummer and Melodyne from Sonar X3 to Cakewalk by Bandlab. If yes, how would I do that? Thank you.
  9. I setup my Korg M50 as a vst with the plugin editor, connected to computer via usb. I record midi. I'm trying to convert that midi to audio, but when I bounce the track to a new audio track, it's still midi. I can convert the cakewalk tts-1 vst midi to audio successfully. I'm a newbie. From what I understand, is it correct that the only way to record audio from the Korg is to plug its output directly into the input on my interface? Thank you very much.
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