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  1. Royarn

    Chord Track

    Would love to see one in cakewalk, so useful when composing. Roy
  2. Spot on that man, Many thanks for the speedy response. Roy
  3. Cakewalk bb not finding my new Yamaha Montage Keyboard Midi Ports. Well it did for a short while but not any more. However Platinum does find them. I've rolled back, then forward again as it made no difference, done the usual delete aud.ini even swapped ttsseq.ini from Platinum, still no sign of my ports. Now lost as to what to try. HELP!!!!! Roy
  4. Thanks guys guess I'll ignore till they fix it. Roy
  5. Downloaded and installed latest 7.02 I think but it still has Update notice on it. Any ideas why. Roy
  6. Appears as you say, can confirm with disc in the drive i get same results. Same with Platinum here.
  7. Just had to check this out, DVD showing ok here, I realise this doesn't help but hopefully will tell why yours fails to show. Roy
  8. Thanks MarianoGF, I'll be checking this later. Roy
  9. Looking good so far, Big thanks to all concerned. Had to revert to Cakewalk theme as I couldnt read the words Proch in at the top of the inspector, otherwise until further experimentation I'm pleased with this version. Roy
  10. Thanks Keni, I seem to have done that without finding that information, Roy
  11. Ok sorted it, downloaded fresh copy with malware bytes turned off, installed it and working on all DAWs. Roy
  12. Anyone else experienced new Steven Slate Free version 5 Drum module crashing Cakewalk By Bandlab when loading kit. This also happens in Studio One But not in Reaper so probably a problem with ssd5. Roy They do sound good.
  13. I've been using this mic as my main mic for vocals and accoustic guitar, always been pleased with the results. There are more expensive/better ones out there but you could spend a lot to find your perfect all rounder. Roy
  14. couldnt get any type of connection, now using cakewalk generic surface i can use drum pads, but nothing with the encoders yet. Roy
  15. Anyone here managed to get one of these workink with CbB. looking for instructions Thanks Roy
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