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  1. Hi Everyone, I don’t want to keep spamming the forum so for those who done know already I make tutorials on YouTube specifically on Cakewalk and previously on what it was then called, Sonar. Check them out here. I have, in the past, worked with Cakewalk when they were associated with Roland and with others such as DV247 and Streamworks Audio. If you have ANY suggestions on specific tutorials that you would benefit from please comment here or go to my Channel and leave a comment in the videos and I will be more than happy to help. Hope you all have a great day! Pip
  2. Wow thank you very much. And thanks for the reply it’s great to hear from someone from back in the day lol Yes I’ll be making a bunch of tutorials on CbB but also some more on general recording and mixing and some plugins. If you have any suggestions you think could be useful to either yourself or someone on the forum or just in general please let me know. Thanks very much Pip
  3. Hi everyone, I have recently just uploaded my latest video explaining the basics of getting set up and started inside Cakewalk. So if you are a beginner, be sure to check it out to get up and running and recording quickly. Click here to learn how to get started quickly! Have a great day everyone Pip
  4. Hi everyone, I just wanted to post this and make you aware of my YouTube channel that offers extensive tutorials on what was then called Sonar. These tutorials will still be useful to those of you using the newly labelled Cakewalk by BandLab software. I am adding more in depth tutorials very soon specifically on the free software of Cakewalk so please subscribe and let me know of any future tutorials you would like to see. In the meantime please follow the link below to the channel and give me some feedback MAKING CREATIVITY INSPIRE Thanks everyone!
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