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  1. I've got my orchestral instruments working now in Play. I installed ASIO4All. I'm thinking, based on all your posts, that at some point I should invest in a high-end laptop designed for this kind of work. Thanks again for the help.
  2. How could I set this up to make it the most reliable? There's a way I can change the audio device? What would I need to do?
  3. I'm getting this error message: "A dropout has stopped the audio engine. (1)" At the link below, error 1 says: "Audio processing took longer than the buffers allotted time slice. Increase the Buffer Size value in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x20280 The slider for that in Driver Settings is greyed out. I closed and restarted Cakewalk, it's still greyed out. So, what am I missing? I'm using Play (East West Composer Cloud). I'm trying to hear a violin sound. Cakewalk's synth piano sound works fine.
  4. Thanks. I thought I had clicked and double-clicked everything I could, but I guess I missed that.
  5. I'm new to cakewalk and using it with East West Composer Cloud. I have a lot of questions, but this one keeps me from working on the others: once I add an instrument track and close the instrument window, how do I re-open that window? For days I've searched the menu and the icons. I can't figure out how.
  6. Thank you. This is exactly the kind of nuts and bolts info I need, about the controls on plug-ins in general. I'll also head over to Instruments and Effects.
  7. Thanks for that. I changed the base octave to -1, so now middle C is C4, which is what I'm used to.
  8. Ok, no problem. The strings in Play are separate sections and you choose one for the track, violin, cello, etc., and you also choose the articulation, like "strong system" or "short and tight," etc. But you can't choose the whole string string section at once.
  9. The plug in says "no preset" and I've gotten sound from it without changing this.
  10. The violins were actually out of range. I figured that out by comparing the horn note with piano notes. I'm used to octave 4 being the octave above middle C, but on the piano roll, apparently octave 4 is the octave below middle C. However, when I moved the violins in range, I'm still not getting any sound. Strange, because I added the string track exactly the same way as the horn track. When I click on the horn note in the piano roll, I hear the horn sound and see it on the meter. I click on the string note, and there's nothing. I wonder if I need to "turn it up" somewhere. The plug-in has a mixer, where the slider is up all the way, it's sending output to Main L/R. The plug-in has a piano keyboard where the keys move if I click on them, but there's no sound. Still looking around in cakewalk and the plug in for a setting or something somewhere that could be the issue.
  11. That suggestion to change the synth was very helpful. I tried Play again, this time instead of strings, I choose horns, and there is sound with the horns. So it's the string sound that's the trouble. Little by little ...
  12. I changed it to SI-Electric piano, and there is sound. Great, thanks. So, good, now I know it's some setting somewhere for Play. There's a mixer with it. I'll take a look at that....
  13. Actually, the track in the screen shot is a violin sound from East West Composer Cloud, if that answers your question.
  14. I wouldn't know how to make the Realtek Chip an Audio Output. Can you explain more what this means?
  15. Yes, but I didn't set it myself. I guess that's the default. It looks like there's no other choice, anyway. Could this be part of the problem?
  16. They're the same as in this previous post, except since it was suggested I change the driver mode to WASAPI, I changed it to WASAPI shared
  17. I'm still getting to know this DAW, and I need to be able to figure out why I'm not getting sound. The set up I have now was working before — at least I think it was the same set up. I changed the driver mode from ASIO to WASAPI shared, and that worked before. What do I need to check to figure out where the issue is? It looks like it's set up right to me. When I play, the meters don't respond at all. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.
  18. I checked it all, I see how it all connects up. Finally !!!!! Some sound!!!!
  19. Thank you. I changed it to WASAPI shared, and the message is gone. I've got an instrument up with a couple of MIDI notes. When I play the track, the meter registers the notes, but I still don't hear them. So now I'll start working on how to route the output ...
  20. I'm new to Cakewalk, but not to creating music or using apps. My challenge is setting up virtual instruments in Cakewalk. I know it's not set up right, because Cakewalk tells me every time I open it (screen shot below), and I'm getting no sound at all. For the last couple of weeks, I've been following instructions on various videos, and I've read the cakewalk documentation and followed those directions, and nothing is working. I've used FL Studio, Sibelius and Mulab, but I don't remember having to do the type of settings as in Cakewalk, and I don't understand how this works. How do I know what resources on my laptop are available to Cakewalk? What's a "driver model" (first screen shot below)? Apparently, Cakewalk isn't seeing any audio devices (screenshot below). Does it have to, since I'm using only virtual instruments? I'm using EastWest Composer Cloud. I'm able to select instruments and open the instrument and click on the piano keyboard, but the keys don't move and there's no sound. It's hard to know what to ask, but I have several screen shots below. I think I just need to know how to set this up. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer. I get this message every time I open Cakewalk Preferences/Audio/Devices Preferences/Audio/Driver Settings Preferences/Audio/Playback and Recording Preferences/Midi/Devices Preferences/Midi/Playback and Recording
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