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  1. Sorry for the confusion! This has to do with strictly taking notes in the Notes section of the browser. I document many things in the Notes section about the mix version that I'm working. The notes get lengthy and there is no vertical scroll bar when the notes go past the bottom. Hope that helps! Thanks Roc
  2. My suggestion is to have a vertical scroll bar for the main Browser selected under the View Menu. I enter a lot of notes to keep track of changes I make and if the notes go far enough to go below the browser area you have to use the down arrow key to get to the end of the entered text. Another option could be that the Mix stores all the notes pertinent to the mix so when you recall a past mix you have the information related to the mix that you're listening to. You probably need a scroll bar even if this functionality was available. Thanks Roc
  3. Matthew... Excellent! You are correct! Thank you very much and Happy New Year! Roc
  4. Hello Matthew, I went back the both original themes (Tungsten and Mercury) and the Archive button is still being displayed incorrectly. I was assuming the Tungsten and Mercury are original. I'm not sure what to do to fix it if they are. Any ideas? Thanks Roc
  5. Thank you very much! I guess I missed that in the release notes! I appreciate you taking the time to provide the answer!
  6. For some reason, the tab to transient completely stop working on all my projects.
  7. I really the subfolders. Definitely helps with organizing tracks! It appears the Vertical Zoom function is not working on the Folders and Sub Folders. I don't know if that was intentional. Thanks Roc
  8. Interesting... I just opened the file I sent to you and right clicked on the guitar clip and Bounced to Clip and got the same result. No audio! I'm not sure what's going on! I hope you find it! Here is a screen shot of the Export window. Thank again@ Roc
  9. I took my project and deleted all but two tracks. Created a copy of each track and bounced the copy to show there is no audio. The export buffer set to 350. Link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o0p48ZkTzQ91W7g8YdhpZYasxrmDhQ3t/view?usp=sharing Thanks for looking at this! Roc
  10. I like your idea about ignoring the setting because there is no UI! It's not critical but that would probably eliminate any miss understanding. Thanks for the explanation! Roc
  11. With buffer size set to "350" in the Export window and selecting Bounce to clip on a single track, the audio disappears. I set the buffer size to "Playback" in the export window went back to the clip and selecting Bounce to clip on a single track and it work fine. So the buffer size in th Eport window has an impact on just regular clip bouncing. It seems strange that the Export function is impacting just regular editing of clips. Thanks Roc
  12. Thank for your support! This version is great! The new transient function saves me a ton of time as well as the new export functions! If you can let me know what to do about the UAD duplicating track issue I have, it would be greatly appreciated. I can contact UAD if you don't see any issues with Cakewalk. Also, if I need to start a thread for this let me know. Thanks again! Roc
  13. Noel, Hope you are well! I used the project I sent you before but made it very small. One guitar track with multiple plugins on the track. Every time I duplicate that track with Events, I get a Sample Rate Error and a Buffer Size Error. I put the project on Google Drive link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MGZU0jzDyYJ4pH5nNcMU_75vdGribJKr/view?usp=sharing Thanks for your help! Roc
  14. Great information! I'll be able to send you something tomorrow. Maybe tonight, depending on how late I get home! Thank you! Roc
  15. Noel, Just curious if you had time to find anything out about this UAD sample rate message I get when duplicating a track. I'll contact UAD if you don't see anything. I won't be able to test today but I'll be able to communicate. Thank you for all you support! Roc
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