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  1. Haha, I get your point, Actually coming at it the other way, I viewed (twice) this either cynical or balanced 'one man's view' YouTube contribution and it clarified for me that my way forward is to take the stereo output of the Roli setup into Cakewalk - and never go into each of the 5 dimensions to try to perfect those. In fact, to just do one-take recordings. I'm pretty happy with the Roli Blocks as an instrument in its own right, giving loads of possibilities. It's almost irrelevant to me that it uses MIDI, and native MIDI at that. So I don't actually need the support in Cakewalk I was asking for news of, the way I have decided to use the Roli . . .
  2. Whereas it's possible to persuade the Roli dimensions of control into a DAW using multiple tracks, a more embedded method would be simpler, as included in some other DAWs during the time when Cakewalk/Sonar development was frozen. I'd be grateful to know if there are plans for this please.
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