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  1. Even if I had seen them I most likely would have ignored them as "just some dots" .
  2. Sounds weird to me. Unless you've been listening background music from CD/DVD while recording .😎 Does disabling the DVD device show any change in Task Manager?
  3. How's your display and screen resolution in your new machine compared to the old one? I think many have noticed that modern high resolution displays can be problematic wit programs that are designed for lower resolutions.
  4. What you hear is actually not mono, but stereo. There is signal fed only to the left channel, because the microphone is a mono source. When you record mono signal, like microphone, on a stereo track, it gets recorded on the left. Change the track to mono, then you should hear your voice from both sides. Mono signals, like microphone and guitar, are usually recorded on a mono track. Maybe there is an option in the interface settings to double the mono signal to a stereo track, like Martsave above suggests, I don't know. Having a mono track, you can use the panning normally, panning a stereo track, you usually need to use a channel tool to have full control.
  5. How do you export? Are all tracks and buses routed to Master Bus, and Master Bus selected as export source? Also, when you are playing back the project, are you hearing only the tracks you need to hear. It easily happens, for example, that you bounce a track for some reason, but leave also the original track active, thus hearing the track doubled. I've used SONAR/Cakewalk over twenty years and have never had any problems with export quality. Using external audio editors is more like a workflow-preference. It does not affect the sound quality.
  6. Could be sample rate mismatch. Audiointerface and CbB having different sample rates.
  7. I find your question a little confusing. As MIDI can not contain audio, It can only include time/duration/pitch etc. information, no sound. Do you want to play your keyboard and hear real vocal chops and ad libs, real sampled voices, no synth sounds? If so, it's a sample player you're actually looking for. You you create an instrument by loading the sample(s) in the sample player.
  8. Even if a VST is offered free of charge on the market, it doesn't mean Bandlab can add it to CbB without a charge. This was often discussed in the past concerning the MP3 decoder, for example. People were wondering why you had to pay for the app inside SONAR, even though you could get it free elsewhere on the market. When Cakewalk was SONAR it included a very respectable set of third party instruments and effects.
  9. Likewise. I wonder if it's necessary in CbB to check "Share drivers with other programs" ( like it is in SONAR) to make audio work when jumping between applications.
  10. Perhaps there's the start of a new clip which includes its own key definition. You can check in the Event list if there are key changes where you don't want them. Copy-pasting clips leaves the original definitions in every pasted clip. Inserting a change in the beginning, doesn't affect the later clips. (Then again, I would have thought key change doesn't behave that way, so maybe I'm wrong).
  11. AFAIK there are no interfaces that can record higher than 24 bits. Has this changed?
  12. I've never known PT shows waveforms like that. It does look easy on the eye, but to my eyes it looks inaccurate - like 60% of the info is left out (unless I'm somehow misunderstanding the behavior of the video in practice). I assume there's a way to get all the details visible when you want to edit the audio?
  13. I'd recommend using TTS-1, (or any basic soft synth). IIRC, If you open (not drag'n'drop) the MIDI file in CbB it automatically inserts TTS-1 for use.
  14. It's worth keeping in mind, that a bundle file is not recommended for the main storage format. It's handy, when you want to send files over or so, but it's a vulnerable format. If the bundle gets corrupted, the project is gone. Using .cwp you at least have all the audio left.
  15. But when I tried playing the file with the audio tracks muted, none of the MIDI tracks would sound ... you did not accidentally mute the audio output tracks of the MIDI tracks?
  16. I love the one (can't find a link now) where the shipwrecked guy on a deserted island hides behind the palm tree when a cruiser ship passes by. Humor helps to keep up the spirit, and in grim situations the humor can be a little grim, too. There's lots of it going around now, cartoons, videos, manipulated images, whatever. Lots of brilliantly smart and uplifting, some clumsy and (unintentionally?) rude.
  17. Now you made me scared!!😎 Have to go get more toilet paper. I developed a nice TP risotto recipe. Lotsa fiber.
  18. During "normal" economical depressions the artists have still had an important role in entertaining and comforting the masses. Income has maybe dropped, but not so radically. Festivals and all kinds of open air concerts have even flourished. It's hard to even imagine/calculate how this present situation hits millions of freelance artist and such, who aren't entitled to any unemployment compensations that the average employees have in most countries. I wonder if most of that even shows in the standard employment statistics at all.
  19. Already your question revealed one possible problem: You mention USB mic and audio interface. USB mic also works as an audio interface, so you have two gadgets that may not like each other. If you're unable to tell any specs of your system, you can't expect to get much help. Where in your PC do you plug a guitar?? No PC has an instrument input ( - I think) ?? "I have been using bandlab for a while without any problems". So, what did you change when the problems started? Or, by Bandlab, do you mean the actual Bandlab or Cakewalk by Bandlab?
  20. (I ignore the first line, sorry) So you don't find it ridicilous that someone would design a virus-weapon that kills too slowly, spreads uncontrollably to friends and foes, etc. There are also lots of scientists who have confirmed 100% that the virus is not man made. In general, I think conspiracy theories are just one version of toilet paper hoarding - you feel more in control, as if you were actually doing something hatching the plots.
  21. Exactly. When the collapse of medical care is mentioned, this is what people usually forget. That includes the ones who think it would be wise just to let the (assumed) natural immunity develop through the population. It's not only the ones killed by covid 19, it's also the ones who can't be treated due to covid 19 blocking the hospitals. It's not only that xx thousand people die, but xx times 10 hospital beds are needed for those who eventually survive the critical phase.
  22. Now you admitted it yourself. Do count what that 5% of critical cases means in practice. If the peak of the covid 19 comes too rapidly, the medical care can't handle it. It will paralyze the whole system. You're comforting yourself with the wrong facts. Of course most people get the mild symptoms and are cured, and the mortality isn't higher than that at the moment, because the hospitals still function. But that's a feeble comfort if you one day have 100 000 people suffocating due to lack of breathing machines. If the virus can be slowed down, the critical cases can be taken care of. If, say in the US, only 100 000 000 people get the virus (about one third), 5% means 5 000 000 critical cases. If that burst comes within a month or three, it means catastrophy. The estimates are, that 40-80% of the population will eventually get covid 19. SARS and swine flu were much worse statistically, MERS was the worst, but they did not spread like covid. Peoples reactions - hoarding toilet paper and whatever - are poor efforts to get a feeling of being in control, being able to do something.
  23. ( I can't quite decide if you're just trolling or not, but I write as if you were being serious) It's a pandemic that has roamed only about three months, and already done all this damage. It will be much, much worse after another three months. It has no relevance whatsoever in this how many people commit suicide or die in traffic accidents. Total collapse of health care systems is the big threat in practically all (western) countries. If the virus can't be slowed down, hell breaks loose. Nearly 500 dead in Italy yesterday, and they say the peak is still to come. Army trucks are called to transport the deceased. One week que for cremation. All over the world non-critical medical care is being cancelled. But I think you knew all this, you must have? Some optimists think it starts to get better in China, but I find it hard to believe. When the local restrictions are cancelled, and people start moving again, the virus pops up again somewhere. The economical damage is surreal. There are many artists on this forum, and all forms of art have already taken the first hard blows in the forefront of the battle. All festivals and concerts cancelled, theaters, museums...all closed. This won't be over very soon. Millions of entrepreneurs have suddenly lost all income, totally. Let's hope we get the vaccine before next spring.
  24. IIRC, (I'm not 100% sure, though) if you press Undo immediately after recording a take, the audio is erased, otherwise it's saved in the audio folder. The safest and fastest way of getting rid of unnecessary audio is to save the project under a new name with "Save all audio with project" (or how was the wording exactly?) checked. Then delete the old project. This deletes all audio, that is not a part of that particular project. There used to be, and maybe still is, a function called "Clean audio disc" (or something) which erased all audio that was not attached to any project. However, that was/is very clumsy, because it scanned all darn places, took forever to perform the task. I assume you are using "Per Project Audio Folder", instead of saving audio from all projects to the same folder. My info may be outdated as I'm on oooold version.
  25. Doesn't "Re-compute pictures" or "Re-draw waveforms" (or what's the name of the function nowadays) do the trick?
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