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  1. The Realtek driver doesn't show in the registry but I have disabled it in Device Manager. Although I was under the impression that all was well with the sound in other Widnows applications, tracks would cut out after about 20 seconds of playing. I did a System Restore and then once again uninstalled and reinstalled all the Focusrite software and drivers, and all seems to be ok. God knows what was going on but thanks to you all for your help and suggestions.
  2. I logged this with Focusrite and they sent me instructions to uninstall and reinstall everything. I no longer get the BSOD but now when I try to play back in Cakewalk, nothing happens. The cursor doesn't move and I have to use Task Manager to close the application. Sound is fine on all other Windows applications and all websites. If I can't solve this I'll have to ditch Cakewalk after using it for about 15 years and change to a paid DAW.
  3. I'm thinking that uninstalling and reinstalling Cakewalk may solve the problem. Will everything be retained, eg all my plugins and recorded songs?
  4. Thanks to all for the responses. I reinstalled Focusrite Control to get the latest software and drivers and it made things even worse! The PC no longer rebooted but I got audio dropouts in Cakewalk and had no sound whatsoever in any other Windows applications! You Tube was fine though. To make matters worse, Cakewalk couldn't find my Session Drummer plugin even though it was still where it was supposed to be and the Plug In Manager was pointing to the correct folder. I logged a call with Focusrite but in the meantime I restored my system to the oldest restore point I had which was 2 days ago. This has taken me back to where I started but at least Cakewalk still recognises Session Drummer and I have sound in Windows.
  5. I run Cakewalk on a Windows 11 desktop PC using a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 audio interface. Up until 2 days ago everything was fine. As of yesterday, when I playback recordings in Cakewalk, I get a BSOD with "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" relating to "FocusriteUSBSwRoot.sys". I can record ok and the problem only occurs when I play back. The strange thing about this is that I can play my son's recordings in Cakewalk ok under my Windows login. If I run Cakewalk from his Windows login, the same thing happens, ie I can play his recordings ok but mine result in BSOD. Therefore, the problem only seems to affect Cakewalk recordings made under my Windows login. I've checked sample rates and they are the same across the board. Nothing has been installed in the past couple of days and I haven't had any Windows updates either. Can anybody tell me what's going on??!!
  6. Harks

    Shifting Sand

    Thanks for all your comments. I take the point about the electric guitar being too loud. Maybe I'll upload my original version at some point. Cheers.
  7. Harks

    Shifting Sand

    Recorded over a period of God knows how long! A mate of a mate remixed and mastered it as my original lacked a bit of oomph. https://www.bandlab.com/user6702162893654111/shifting-sand-2ed627b1
  8. Not sure if it's of any help, but I've found that Windows randomly changes its sample rate. I have the sample rate in Cakewalk set to 44100 - 24 bit and set my Windows sample rate to be the same. On occasion, Windows changes to 96000 or 48000. It's incredibly irritating and I can't find anything that explains why, but when I set it to the same as Cakewalk, all is ok. The other thing to check (if you haven't already) is the Bit Rate.
  9. Thanks tonemangler. I disabled 'Read Automation' on the bus and that solved the problem. However, I then checked the other buses and they all had 'Read Automation' set so that got me looking for something else. I looked at 'Envelope/Offset' mode and that was off but I then noticed that I had 'Loop On/Off' turned on. I turned that off and that also solved the problem. It's all a bit strange but at least it's solved. Thanks very much for your help.
  10. I have two vocal tracks with the output directed to a bus. I manually change the volume on the bus but when I start playback, the fader reverts to zero. This doesn't happen on any of my other buses and doesn't happen on the individual vocal tracks. I tried deleting the bus and setting the track outputs to a new bus but the same thing happens. If I right click the volume fader on one of the tracks, there is an option that says "Revert to 0.0". The other track has "Revert Control Value" but this is greyed out. The bus has "Revert to -10.3". I've no idea what's going on! What could be causing this?
  11. I have a slightly different problem which I think has been caused by a Windows update as it's only recently started happening. The sound on my Windows 10) PC is working fine. I then leave the PC for an hour or so and when I return there's no sound in any applications or on any websites. I then open up Cakewalk, load a song and start playing and the sound is fine. Close Cakewalk and the sound has returned to everything else. It's as though Cakewalk kicks the audio back into life! Any ideas?
  12. Thanks to all three of you for your compliments and constructive criticism. I have always found mixing to be a bit of a problem and can never seem to get it right. PJ - Yes, I wanted to rock it up a bit as I've always felt that it would be a good rock song. I recorded my version and then Def Leppard released a cover in 2018! A mate of mine tells me that Marilyn Manson has also covered it. As for plugins, I used Focusrite Scarlet Reverb on the vocals (I have a Focusrite audio interface), as well as Spitfish De-esser. I used Focusrite Midnight EQ and Sonitus Reverb on the whole thing. I used compression on the guitar but that was with my effects unit, not when mixing and there's no reverb on guitar or drums. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong!
  13. Couple of covers before I get myself sorted and upload something original. 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac and 'Personal Jesus' by Depeche Mode. Slightly "hissy" sound on 'Landslide' as I had a problem with my microphone! https://www.bandlab.com/user6702162893654111/landslide-460d3e31 https://www.bandlab.com/user6702162893654111/personal-jesus-9652d5e1
  14. Thanks 905133. The troubleshooter didn't pick anything up but I noticed that I had three audio devices, two of which I don't use, so I disabled these and looked at the one I do use. This had a different sample rate to the one in Cakewalk so I made them the same and it all works ok.
  15. Thanks. Any idea how I check the Windows sample rate?
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