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  1. I have a notebook, although the specs are not bellow average: intel i7, 32gb ram, etc. In the first picture, a keyscape keyboard was loaded as a omnisphere instrument. So, if you can't even load one single omnisphere instrument... Things would not seem great for composers who want to have, say, 16 instrument in a orchestra or something like this.
  2. I'm just telling my experience. It is this way since I started with cakewalk 3 years ago. All of this happened across multiple computers, etc, throughout the years. There are lots and lots of crashes, period. I'll send them the dump, although that's not very comforting.
  3. I just finished, after a lot of trials, playing a composition I just made in the piano. After many trials, I managed to play it without flaws. Then I hit "save". Guess what happened? Another crash. After loading the recovery copy, the crash happens again and again. In cakewalk, I take 5 hours to do what I could have done in 20 minutes. It's definitely time to buy Reaper.
  4. The issue cannot be attributed to the plugin if CAKEWALK ITSELF crashes. Imagine if windows turned off everytime a browser or any application crashed? This is the same thing. Cakewalk receives an "unhandled exception" from an instrument and then it trows its hands in the air and gives up. Cakewalk has been unusable for me. I always try to use it as a means to relax and play music, compose, etc, and I only see bugs after bugs and crashes after crashes. This is one example where I can reproduce the crash every time I load the instrument, so that I can send a print and a dump report, but there are numerous other which are seemingly random, and I can't go 1 hour without having a crash or some other issue.
  5. I'm unable to use omnisphere in cakewalk. Everytime an instrument is loaded, that's what happens. Why exit the program if there is an unhandled exception? Why have unhandled exceptions at all? Without any sort of informative message... What can be done? I'm unable
  6. @John Vere I have used cakewalk for years, and this never happened. This is a completely clean install. I cannot install a working instance of cakewalk anymore. The start screen does not even offer options for a new project:
  7. Tried reinstalling it many times. No functionality works, not a single one. For example, add track does absolutely nothing. Many clean installs, and none did anything.
  8. Thanks, removing all registry keys worked. Now I hope that the VST melodyne version I have works alright after the new cakewalk installation.
  9. It was installed but afterwards uninstalled in every way possible. Maybe I will have to learn how to edit the registry just for cleanly installing cakewalk.
  10. Bandlab assistant tries to force me to install cakewalk with melodyne. When clicking install cakewalk in bandlab assistant, melodyne is checked and the checkbox is greyed out. Please do not grey out buttons or checkboxes, much less without an in built explanation. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have a wav file that works perfect in every software except cakewalk. I adjusted sample rate and bit depth already. When imported, it clips strongly. Besides, volume and gain envelopes make no effect whatsoever, except if set to minus infinity.
  12. I`m not opening nor importing, but playing the midi keyboard.
  13. Hi, there are some guides on how to get a project tempo from an audio file, using the audio snap utility, but I have noticed that people forgot to write a similar guide on how to get the tempo from a midi recording. So I think asking the question might make the answer available in search engines for people looking for it. So, say I have a midi recording, and I want to know what is it's tempo. How do I do it? Thanks
  14. Yes, I solved it but have no idea what happened. Gotta study about cakewalk channels.
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