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  1. I`m not opening nor importing, but playing the midi keyboard.
  2. Hi, there are some guides on how to get a project tempo from an audio file, using the audio snap utility, but I have noticed that people forgot to write a similar guide on how to get the tempo from a midi recording. So I think asking the question might make the answer available in search engines for people looking for it. So, say I have a midi recording, and I want to know what is it's tempo. How do I do it? Thanks
  3. Yes, I solved it but have no idea what happened. Gotta study about cakewalk channels.
  4. Hi, none of the suggestions worked. As I said, sound was set up correctly since I could hear the instrument by pressing the piano row keys. I messed a lot with this, and the solution was to use the event inspector to change the channel of the midi tracks. Don't know why I had to go through that procedure though. I just tried a lot of stuff and that's what solved it for me.
  5. The above image shows my workspace. There is a track selected and a piano row. When I click on the keyboard keys, it produces sound. But, when hitting play, the instrument produces no sound, that is, it does not play the notes which are in the piano row. Please, why is this happening?
  6. Sorry, it turns out the problem was solved after I reset the vst instrument power button as well as cakewalk. I was trying to solve other problem right before this one (I couldn't have sound output for asio until I disabled the windows Realtek interface speakers) and it seems that something unexpectedly messed up with the overall midi input. Anyways, I was setting up Asio instead of WASAPI because I thought it would help with the random halts I was having when using sample libraries. But it didn't. I guess it is some limitation with my system's specs.
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble playing midi with cakewalk. It works perfectly fine with WASAPI, but, if I use ASIO4ALL, then there is no midi INPUT when I play the keys on the physical midi instrument. If I play the keys on the digital VST, it outputs sound normally. So output problems are discarded. The midi instrument also works perfectly fine, as shown in MIDI-OX. The CASIO USB-MIDI instrument is connected in the MIDI/Devices configuration, and MIDI Omni selected as track input. And, again, midi works perfectly fine with cakewalk when using WASAPI. But it doesn't show any input when ASIO is active.
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