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  1. Kirchhoff-EQ has been updated to 1.6.2 from https://www.threebodytech.com/ the Plugin Alliance Version still on 1.6.0 New Features - New "Tight Mode + Adaptive Noise Shaping" mode producing clearer sound at low gain (approx. =1dB). Enable in Sound tab of the settings menu. - Ability to select left/right/middle/side channel as the sidechain for detect/relative in dynamic mode. Optimizations - The inactive knobs of the current filter type would be grayed out. - Sharper Q value of monitoring. - Slightly improved GUI rendering speed. - Improved stability in native ARM64 Logic Pro. - Show CPU type in about page to distinguish native/rosetta translated version more easily. Bug Fixes - Fixed the issue that certain parameters does not respond to DAW's automation. - Fixed occasional high CPU consumption in audio thread. - Fixed incorrect panel backgrounds. - Fixed the issue that manually typed output gain and pan value cannot be correctly applied. - Fixed the issue that copied band cannot be correctly pasted on certain devices. - Fixed the issue that minus values cannot be typed into certain text boxes. - Fixed default path for background image customization on Mac. - Fixed improper popup window in Ableton Live that causes missing plugin. - Make Q change by mouse dragging behaves same with by mouse wheel.
  2. Need to login on waves site, go to account, click on "get latest version" once I had done that I went to waves central and needed to reinstall Mercury.
  3. Included in the Mercury bundle 🙂 make sure you log in to waves and click the "get latest version" link for it to show up.
  4. Thanks for heads up 🙂 Yeah the app they use is useless, shows thing not installed when they are, never know when something is updated unless I go look.
  5. rasure


    I purchased this direct from three body tech a while ago, for any one else who did please read this https://www.threebodytech.com/en/notice?id=keq_pa_cooperation we will be getting a free permanent licence to the PA version along with a free gift.
  6. rasure

    Da king is back!

    Welcome back good sir! You were truly missed 🙂
  7. Yes, it`s fixed now 🙂
  8. I don't think they have got them from PreSonus yet, this is a reply I got when I contacted them about it...
  9. All up to date here here too. In fact it just freezes both in Studio One 5 and Cakewalk. Have to use task manager to quit DAW Load Opus (VST3) Load Hollywood Orchestrater Go to Scores Load any Pre-set (I loaded Dark Hero 01) Freeze
  10. Same here, on Windows 10
  11. New in Version 5.3 The update to Version 5.3 contains improvements and bug fixes, which is why we recommend it to all users. Moreover, Melodyne 5.3 is required for ARA integration into Pro Tools 2022.09. New features and improvements Surround: In both ARA and Transfer modes, Melodyne can now also be used for the editing of tracks in the standard surround formats. ARA in Pro Tools: Melodyne 5.3 comes with all the technical prerequisites for ARA integration into Pro Tools from Version 2022.09 upwards and thus makes a significantly improved workflow in Pro Tools possible. Preferences: When Melodyne is employed for the first time as a plug-in, it loads the set of keyboard shortcuts corresponding to the DAW you are using. Bug fixes Recording: In the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne, you can now also use a recording device with a mono input (e.g. a MacBook microphone). ARA in Cubase: When moving an ARA event to a track that is not selected, the selection in Melodyne is now retained. Pro Tools: The position of the playback cursor in Melodyne is now correctly updated even when playback is stopped. AAX in Pro Tools: When bouncing/committing, Melodyne now correctly evaluates the offline setting. The Correct Pitch macro: When the macro was applied to a very large number of notes simultaneously, Melodyne would sometimes freeze. This no longer happens. Preferences: Previously, in ARA mode, the keyboard shortcut for “Playback Selection” was erroneously listed under “Others” instead of under “Transport Bar”. This has been fixed. The Note Inspector: The input field for Sibilant Balance now reliably accepts input even when multiple tracks are being edited simultaneously. ARA in Cakewalk by Bandlab: Under certain circumstances, Melodyne would crash when loading a session. This has been fixed. Ableton Live: The cause of random crashes when Melodyne was running in Live 11.1.1 under macOS Monterey on a Mac with an M1 chip has been detected and eliminated. Note editing: The “Restore Original” commands in the Edit menu now behave more consistently in the stand-alone implementation, in the Transfer plug-in and under ARA.
  12. Included in MERCURY for those that have that bundle 🙂
  13. My upgrade is 199, but if I buy it from the store as a new product its 149. Not sure why that would be?
  14. I had another library that needed updating too. I used the chat widget on their site had a response and update was in my account within a minute! Pretty impressive support 🙂 Although it does say at the bottom of the update page link that was posted in this thread "All product updates are e-mailed directly upon release, as well as available to download via your account." I wasn't notified and it wasn't in my account.
  15. 1.3 is the latest version 🙂
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