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  1. rasure

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    You have to login to the waves website and click the "Get Latest Version" link first 🙂 Edit: Oops just seen Simon had already replied.
  2. rasure

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    Thanks for the heads up. Included in Mercury BTW.
  3. You still can, in the project manager I just changed the default download location to my desktop, you can then copy the downloaded files to wherever you wish, then delete the files on the desktop 🙂
  4. Nice to see this finally available. All working well here, the only thing I will say, under "sounds" if the downloads have expired it doesn't tell you if they are installed or not.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I never get any emails letting me know?
  6. Yep, same here, even though I knew my email and password were right. Ended up changing my password a few times, but every time I went back, it still wouldn't recognize me, I did get the verification emails though. I think something is up with chrome of late, a lot of my passwords completely disappeared from remembered sites over the past week, had to reset a lot them, just in case.
  7. Same here, worked out a lot cheaper. About £106. It`s the VAT that often bumps the price up. Love that site, hope its back up soon.
  8. rasure

    I have returned!!!

    Good to see you back Larry, you were missed!
  9. Hopefully it`s just an internet problem, really hope hes OK. A valued member of this forum, not only for deals, but for software updates too.
  10. Thank you, glad you like it 🙂 I first started off using Spectrasonics Atmosphere, still got the original box, ah those were the days when software came with a huge printed manual and a box! In some songs Ive written I have actually used presets in omnisphere, they're good and they just work. I also purchased a lot of libraries from PluginGuru, I think its important to support library makers, more so if they are really good quality. It take a lot of time and work to put a library together, especially when sampling your own sounds like I did in this one, used a lot of my older recordings too. I would suggest to anyone, if you do have some money to spare then it`s really worth getting Omnisphere, they're a good solid company, been lots of free updates, worth ever penny IMO. I plan on getting KeyScape when funds are better. As a side note, I know mentioned earlier in the thread about adding more features for sample in omnisphere, if spectrasonics didn't want to mess with omnisphere in that way, then what about a separate sample editor (omnisphere specific) to get samples ready to import into omnisphere, rather like sage converter for RMX, but for omnisphere where you can maybe add velocity layers, loop points and other features.
  11. I prefer sample tank too, I have tried the free version of Kontakt, I dunno, it`s just not for me.
  12. Thank you bitflipper, hope you enjoy it. I know omnisphere like the back of my hand, so its easy for me. There`s a few tricks you can use to make samples more realistic, such as using velocity to trigger the sample start time and or adding lets say 4 or 5 sounds like different piano velocities into one .wav file, but leaving a gap between each sound then trigger the sample start time with velocity, its a bit tricky but can be done.
  13. Thank you Carlos 🙂 I cant compare, I`m probably the only person on the planet who doesn't have Kontakt. Omnisphere is powerful as synth , but I suspect Kontakt is much better for samples, in terms of articulations and velocity layers. Although you can use a multi in Omnisphere, but still limited for what you can do with samples. I have often requested more sampler features for Omnisphere, but I think Spectrasonics see it as more of as a synth rather than a sampler, which is fair enough, but quite ironic since most of their patches rely on samples anyway. It could be so much more powerful and a one stop shop if they added more sampling features IMO.
  14. Just released my second Omnisphere library "GhostSphere" You can get it here although there are some musical elements, its mainly spooky and horror related effects.
  15. Omnisphere 2 Software 2.6.3c Includes the following features and fixes: Fixes issues with host automation parameters in Logic Pro 10.5 Fixes bug where existing automation assignments were deleted after Unlearning an automation assignment Fixes bug where new automation IDs were incorrectly assigned after Unlearning an automation assignment Fixes intermittent crash when opening saved Logic Pro X projects on macOS 10.15 Fixes issue where Omnisphere could freeze Live 10.1 on macOS 10.15 Improved Authorization process and GUI layout Omnisphere 2 Patches 2.6.3c Includes the following features and fixes: Fixes minor issues in Hardware Profile assignments Includes updated Multi images Stylus RMX Software 1.9.9c Includes the following features and fixes: Fixes issues with host automation parameters in Logic Pro 10.5 Fixes intermittent crash when opening saved Logic Pro X projects on macOS 10.15 Fixes bug where grooves in user libraries were not listed in alphabetical order when SAGE was on an APFS drive
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