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  1. Yes, a big thanks from me too. I check here every day for deals and updates 🙂
  2. They are indeed, I bought the SWAM Saxophones from their website a few months back.
  3. All Spectrasonics products have been updated. A few bug fixes and the addition of VST3 https://www.spectrasonics.net/news/news-content.php?id=125
  4. I have HG-2 but no discount for me, had to use the promo code and $50 voucher, even then it cost $119.99 with VAT. I feel done lol
  5. Premier youtube link starts in 24 mins at the time of this post 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VurEKhbQ2BU Edit: 5.2 is already in your account to download.
  6. Not sure why they decided it`s a leap year. Hope the 3rd code isn't on the 29th. Just saying😁
  7. InfinitySphere is a patch library for Omnisphere containing rhythmic shepard tones. Created using Omnispheres internal modulation envelopes. You will require the latest version of Omnisphere 2.6 from Spectrasonics. All audio demos were recorded using note C3 at 120BPM. Results may vary depending on the sound source, note and tempo. All patches are tempo synced so just experiment for the best results. Sometimes playing patches with the same note an octave apart can yield great results, or even layer them in multi mode with other shepard tone patches with. Either way you can use them as templates to create your own personal shepard tone patches. Available Now https://www.rasure.co.uk/infinitysphere.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvXPg3mgNws
  8. I was a little disappointed at first glace of ALv5, but after watching the overview video, it`s not so bad.
  9. Many thanks, that sorted it 🙂
  10. I just logged in, but it seems file is no longer available anyway (cakewalk.s3.amazonaws.com unexpectedly closed the connection.) was worth a try.
  11. Not sure which version you downloaded, but an updated version v2.6.2 (x86 &64) is here https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013271/EUCON-Control-Surface-Support-for-SONAR-X1
  12. Yep, same here, all preset related.
  13. It`s actually quite crazy when you think about, the amount we must have spent over the years on a bunch of 0`s and 1`s.
  14. Yep and a good time to use your $50 loyalty voucher as well, which I did 😉
  15. New in Version 5.1 Features and improvements macOS 11 Big Sur: Melodyne 5.1 is compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur on Intel-based Macs as well as on ARM-based Macs under “Rosetta”. DAW-oriented keyboard shortcuts: We are always looking for ways to make the operation of Melodyne even easier for users of digital audio workstations. That’s why we’ve included sets of keyboard shortcuts customized for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Studio One in Version 5.1. You can choose the set you want from the Shortcuts page of the Preferences dialog. Exporting lead sheets: It is now possible to export the contents of the Chord Track as a lead sheet via MIDI; you will find the relevant command in the Chord Track’s context menu. Algorithm selection: During ARA operation with Cakewalk, Melodyne’s Select Algorithm menu is now displayed prior to any MIDI export. ARA improvements: The interaction with ARA DAWs has been optimized in various ways – partly to ensure compatibility with future DAW versions. New keyboard shortcuts: It is now also possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to the following commands: “Show Sibilants”, “Note Leveling”, “Copy Song Data to Note Assignment…” and “Copy Note Assignment Data to Song…”. Bug fixes A keyboard shortcut assigned to “Toggle Cycle Mode” now also works reliably when Melodyne is running as a plug-in and under ARA. MIDI export has been improved and muted notes are no longer included in the export. Under macOS, keyboard shortcuts using the function keys are now also correctly displayed in the menu. The “Set Cycle to Selection” function now also works correctly in Studio One. When you stop playback in Pro Tools, the playback cursor in Melodyne now remains where it was when playback was halted, instead of springing back to the previous start position.
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