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  1. rasure

    PA Plugins updated to 4.8

    That`s what worries me as I said in the PA Announcement thread "I hope this isn't going to effect the plugins I've already purchased!" There doesn't seem to be any clarity on previously purchased plugins, other than those who got the 10 for free because they pulled the plug on the rent to own. I can say 100% I wont be going for the monthly or yearly plans. I've already purchased licenses for the stuff I need, I just don`t do this subscription thing for software.
  2. rasure

    PA Announcement

    Yes in an ideal world that would be the best option, I still have a few pieces of software use a serial like that. Even with offline activation, any file you download is still in some way lock to your computer and you would have to get a new one if you have a hardware change. Even some of the Windows 10 updates have had me having to reauthorize some software, I think it happened with Omnisphere once.
  3. rasure

    PA Announcement

    I just don`t like subscriptions with computer software. I like to buy and know that I can keep using it forever! I don`t really like online activation either, but I do understand from the developers point of view with so much piracy going on. I used to hate iLok at one point, but since having one for a few months now, its actually very good, it fits in the back of my PC not causing any issue and I know if my PC goes down I don`t have to worry about my licenses. I actually wish all software developers at least had the option of iLok licensing, would save a lot of hassle, for me anyway in case of a reinstall, sorry ranting now!
  4. rasure

    PA Announcement

    On the plus side I did get an upgrade to Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V3 for about £23 with my voucher.
  5. rasure

    PA Announcement

    Oh dear another subscription based system, no thanks. I hope this isn't going to effect the plugins I've already purchased! *$24.99 a month *$249 a year *at the time of this post.
  6. Addictive Drums 2 Update. Run online installer to update.
  7. rasure

    PA Mega Sale Best of Q2

    Ahh great, many thanks.
  8. rasure

    PA Mega Sale Best of Q2

    Was thinking of getting dearVR music $49 anyone know what main difference are between that and dearVR Pro?
  9. rasure

    Omnisphere 2.6.2c Update

    Good news, glide issue finally fixed too!
  10. rasure

    Studio One Sale at Audio Deluxe

    Me too, got it for £48.56
  11. rasure

    Sonivox Filmscore Companion

    I bought the whole Sonivox Premier Collection Upgrade a while back from plugin boutique for about £44 when it was on sale. I've not had any crashes that have been mentioned in the thread. The only issues I had was with Wobble and Twist2, I wasn't able to authorize them with iLok originally. Had to contact iLok to reset my account, they registered fine after that.
  12. rasure

    Sonivox Filmscore Companion

    Only £29.99 (at the time of this post) at pluginboutique
  13. Omnisphere 2 Software 2.6.2c Includes the following features and fixes: Fixes issue where some knobs could fail to appear on GUI after loading Keyscape patch (bug present only on MacOS 10.11) Fixes issue where older patches with non-null Glide parameter would have wrong glide duration Fixes issue when Arpeggiator is enabled: in some situations, when a chord is played not all notes would be played
  14. rasure

    Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer 3.3 - Get 10% off

    I`ve had it for for a few years, don`t use it that often though as TheSteven mentioned, I found the crossovers really phasey, like bad filters in a cheap EQ.
  15. rasure

    Melodyne 4 Essential

    You're welcome 🙂