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  1. ....I didn't think of that. I didn't realise that could still be done! Where can I download X3 from again? Sorry, my other issue is that before I installed CbB, I had 3 years out of music production altogether, so when I returned lots had changed!
  2. Hi folks, as the title suggests, I'll soon have a new PC and will be installing CbB on it. My concern is that I am going to lose plugins or parts of the PRO Channel that are important to me, because I was a Sonar X3 Producer owner previously. So my questions are: Is there a comprehensive list of exactly what is included in a fresh install of CbB (I can't find one that's up to date) Is there a way I can simply carry over Sonar Producer stuff I might lose and reinstall them once I'm set up on the new machine? (eg - can I drag and drop files onto an external HD to carry across somehow?) Specifically, I'm interested in preserving the following above all else: Pro Channel compressors, pro channel saturation, pro channel style dial stuff, BREVERB 2, VX-64 Vocal Strip, all the Blue Tubes stuff, TH3 - so if anyone can comment on these specific things, that will really help. Many thanks in advance for your time. Dave
  3. Thanks everyone! I'm so sorry for the very late reply, been having a rough time of late. Your comments have inspred me and cheered me up too.
  4. That's interesting. Could be the speakers - however there are a couple of reverby vocal FX I put in to add some extra textures. I might have made them a little too hot perhaps.
  5. Hey folks, This is a 'finished' song, as in I'm not planning on doing anything more to it. (Mixes are surrendered not finished). It's about as good a mix as I'm capable of at this stage. However, I'd love to hear suggestions on how I might go up another level. Any ideas or feedback will be much appreciated! Please note that this song is mastered using LANDR. It does the trick but I realise it's not the best way to finish a track. Cheers! Dave
  6. Hi guys, forgive me but how do I go about using the VST2 version of Scaler2 instead of VST3?
  7. Hi folks, Anyone using Scaler or Scaler 2? I'm having serious difficulty in getting it to play nice with Cakewalk. I've tried the Scaler forums, but they insist it's a Cakewalk thing. Rather than post my issue - could you just let me know if you use Scaler at all? If you are, and it works for you, then I'm sure you can help me out. Thanks, Dave
  8. I've not had this much time to make music EVER.
  9. Much appreciated! thanks for listening.
  10. Dave Oliffe


    Wow that's loud! Interesting piece - could make good computer game music.
  11. Hi folks, my first time on here. Enjoy!
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