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  1. 😫It was there many months back by using the mouse's right click in a track fx pane to select the changeable option..😡NOW IT IS GONE! THEY REMOVED IT COMPLETELY!! Gibson! Bandlab!!😨 DON'T DO THIS TO US!!.... ... .. . .Please bring back the folder tree...😩
  2. I recently tried to make a project with Cakewalk and found the plugin feature for displaying the genuine folder tree system missing from the instrument effects and the instrument synthesizers section. I have a small library of plugins with an oriented folder tree structure allocation ease for topical use. I am now stuck with either supposed uncategorized alphabetical order or manufacturer/creator listing for my organized structure of folders labeled for intended type of usage. Please allow the genuine folder tree structure to be selectable for people orientated like me. Sonar had the genuine folder setting as default... Some extra notes: (this extra space is reserved for a "forgotten" important note. below is a regular note) The amount of plugins I have are so numberous that many are listed a containers. Expanding the plugins amount will allow (power users)function collectors like me to utilize all of our assets in a more timely manner.
  3. Only need to make a correction. As I said looking for "depth" I incorrectly stated and meant "distance" because sometime you may want a section have less presence. And for the 350hz, I forgot to mention samples...usually it is the samples that can get too much body(if it sounds extra full in sound) but in synthesizers you can experiment in the frequency range area and give it a raise for presence, if that's your intention. One last thing as I used the symbol: >, I meant it as a general math utility in comparison as it comes to the bass and mid frequency toward the distance factor. Perhaps I will hear your music in the future...
  4. There seems to be a bug with multiple audio busses default name after moving one up or down in the chain of audio busses. In unnamed default alphabetical names, the audio busses will keep changing letters(ascending and descending) if you move a different audio bus across it. If the buses are both default alphabet, both the buses will exchange letters. The assigned send's alphabetic letter will synchronize with the assigned bus identity change. I usually do not name busses with abstract single purposes but perhaps it will be less confusing because sometimes I decide to double up different parts to make some parts more identical and such... . .
  5. Some plugin makers use a flanger to simulate the timber difference in multiple instrument applications with the same part. Per same instrument but keep the flanger mix more toward the dry side since you only want to sound like the timber harmonics are swelling. Reverb is not a necessary component in an orchestra composition and is only a byproduct of the stage. If you are looking for depth you can use a filter or equalizer to reduce bass > mid and little to the high. But most importantly in your listening environment you need speakers with a flat frequency response (which practically means your natural speaker equalizer contortion to the audio) which is natural as possible. Then other peoples magnets or speakers you play your tunes in will colorize the frequencies from their disability to be as natural as possible. sometimes speakers come with amp chips which modulates frequencies in stereo images but it really doesn't do good as you are trying to hear your product and not someone elses!... . . Maybe this can work, and also sometimes the microphone is at the body for those instruments so you may want to lower the 350 hz approximate area frequencies some(if the instrument sounds like it has full body). Good luck.. .. .
  6. No, it seems they completely removed the real folder construct (with folder name before plugin) and decided to act like it was still there(adding folder icons as if it were there) only allowing alphabetical chaos and categorizing it as uncategorized to already sorted plugins.... I literally have more than 500 plugins and have sorted the files in a plugin manager but upgraded and wasn't able to use it because of a major hard disk drive crash. Only way to keep files safe is to separate the DAW and plugs to a different hard disc drive.
  7. The plugin browser in the past(Sonar x1) would allow you to see folder names for the plugin/s inside it. Some people with an array of plugins have folders already properly labeled for prowess orientation. But the current programmers disable it and defaulted the plugin load to alphabetical order(grouped as uncategorized). By enabling the browser plug-in view to have the "folder tree construct" again(implementable by button or mouse right click option or via view menu), users with an abundant assortment of synths and effects can allocate their already sorted library of plugins with no timely delay.(((By using mouse right click in an empty part of the FX pane: select insert audio effects or insert soft synth and THEN your next option can be "Plug-In Layouts" where you need to uncheck the "Sort by Category" option to naturalize the folder system for plug-ins.))) I have not found any other way...cakewalk developers usually allow at least two ways so it can be found or done easier depending upon the tasks. Perhaps adding a button in the folder browser could be a simple find... . .. . As an extra suggestion but possibly an effective function for the Cakewalk browser. Integrating a folder identification prompt or folder plugin group identity(text finder for folder names as a tag finder)prompt for the category of group the plugin/s belong(as a named category aka tag) would become an effective asset for users to sort for grouping when using the cakewalk browser for plugins or possibly maybe the grouping or tagging(or known as librarian) for audio in folder constructs also.
  8. Photon 2(VST instrument) by Psychic Modulation Project load will default all instrument parameters state instead of the assigned parameter state. However changing the preset back or forth then to the same preset will summon all the assigned parameters. I will edit this post to list the other virtual instruments that harbor the same behavior. Photon_2.dll
  9. Yeah, thanks. The audio is seems limited to 24 bit as it is greyed and unchangeable in the audio driver section. Hopefully this can be changeable in a future update if this is not my card restricting the bit rate.... That's the only problem I get with my ASIO. Maybe I have a WASAPI driver problem with my audio card.... Does anybody get a restricted bit rate during ASIO mode too??
  10. I will be making a list of plugin's incorrectly loading their preset state after the cakewalk project has loaded. I will list the instrument or special effect involved and then the proceeding plugin's incorrect state, each separately as a reply for easier notification. All community having trouble with their plugins too with the same aspect of project loading plugins in the wrong preset state are welcome, long as it is directly informative and concise(for easier administrator reporting) for the Plugin name and then the preset state or errors.
  11. I was able to partially resolve the audio driver issue by using the configuration file settings of "ks use input event". By changing the setting from "false" to "true" in order to use most of the windows drivers. I am still unable to get the cakewalk product to summon WASAPI's output for my EVGA NU audio card labeled "speaker".
  12. I am using an EVGA NU audio card with the new update and am not able to get the recorded signal to register after the recording is stopped now. The audio converts to a blank wave display with random blip audio spikes. Sometimes the recording will only play a weird static sound at the beginning of the recorded audio and after becomes silent. All of the windows drivers(MME, WASAPI, WDM/KS) have this problem behavior, but the ASIO driver is the only driver free of problems now. Also there has been a problem with Sonar detecting my output for speaker option of the SPDIF digital and the analog speaker choices in all of the Windows drivers. And only the ASIO driver is providing me with all the options for output. My thirty-two bit version of Sonar Producer has been working better than the sixty-four bit versions of Sonar and new Cakewalk. There are other problems(mainly with VST effects and instruments) with Cakewalk but I will place them in the forum as appropriately possible. In forward, thank you for being active, Charles K.
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