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  1. Thanks all for the help!! Gswitz got it right. It was routing to the controller. Once I deleted that from the Midi menus it worked again. SI thought the keyboard was meant to be both a control surface (has transpose commands on here like play stop pause etc), so how can I have it be a control surface and a instrument keyboard??
  2. Hi, Relative midi noob here, but today I pulled up my Sonar professional and my midi keyboard inputs are not longer triggering the sounds on my instrument tracks (Omnisphere, sessiondrummer, etc.). My midi keyboard is checked in the preferences, input in instrument track is using all Omni (tried changing that to my specific keyboard with no difference). What's odd is that in the step sequencer view in those instrument tracks, it senses my midi keyboard inputs. For example I have F#3 key assigned to hi-hats, and when I manually fill in the steps with my mouse it triggers the sound and plays back normally, when I press F#3 key on my keyboard it shows the little green light in the step sequencer as if it recognizes the input command, but no sound. Must be something really dumb I accidentally changed.. any help appreciate!!
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