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  1. I use Mixbus standard from time to time for audio mixing and mastering but the MIDI is absolutely horrible!!!!!!! It does have a warmness and character to it that I don't quite get from my other DAWs.
  2. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Adaptive Limiter - how do I handle volume boost

    Hi, I had the privilege of having the Bakers use a quote from me in the marketing ad for Adaptive Limiter! This by no means makes me an expert on mastering whatsoever. I can only tell you my experience with AL and hope it helps. I try to set my master bus so it peaks around -6. Then turn on AL. The next step I have found to be invaluable!!! For CD purposes, I heard and read that the limiter output should be set for -0.3!! It seems that some older CD players will start to overdrive if you don't leave that little extra headroom. I know that a lot of you are saying horse hockey to this but I and many of my clients and tech guys tried it and there is a discernible difference. This also seems to help with MP3 conversion as well. For WAV digital downloads you can get away with the output at -0.1. But, as you have found, the master bus sounds better at -6 before hitting the limiter. As I said before, everyone has their workflow. This works for me and I master album releases for pro studios all the time. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Forum members /home country ?

    Hi, y'all! From Macon, Georgia!!! 75 miles south of Atlanta. That is Georgia in the US. Not in the Russian vicinity. 😀
  4. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    2019.07 official hotfix available!

    Starting to feel like a beta tester?😉
  5. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Garritan Orchestral

    Of the less expensive orchestral libraries, GPO 5 and Miroslav 2 are my goto instruments. Of the two, GPO 5 gets used more but it is an absolute necessity to learn the use of the vast controllers included along with the mod wheel controlling expression. There is no velocity control for the strings so you must record mod wheel or edit it in a controller lane. I can give you a lot of tips if you decide to get GPO 5. I have used Garritan since version 3.
  6. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Still a bug in Ik Sampletank? SOLVED!!!!

    That's what is peculiar! I have had this thing since they came out and have never used the zone setup buttons! I had to have inadvertently hit that zone button by mistake. Anyway. Thanks
  7. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Tubes for a Fender Devillle 4x10

    Handling hot tubes can damage the internal wires and grids! It's always a good idea to let the amp and tubes cool for a little bit before grabbing and snatching them around.
  8. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Still a bug in Ik Sampletank? SOLVED!!!!

    I found it!!! The zone channel for zone 1 had somehow got set to channel 2!!!! You must remember on the M-audio Keystation Pro 88 (old model) to press global channel button TWICE to set the ZONE channel!! Thanks for your help.
  9. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Still a bug in Ik Sampletank? SOLVED!!!!

    I think your still misunderstanding my OP. The global channel is set for channel 1. You can assign any knob, slider, wheel, etc., to any channel you want. All are set to channel 1. The problem is the keys themselves are transmitting on channel 2 and there is no setting to change just the keys to a separate channel. This only is so in the standalone version. The vst works fine. This has been a problem for a long while it seems. There was a post a long time ago on the original forum about this problem and I was wondering if anyone else was still experiencing it. Thanks for the tips but I have the manual and also the editing software for the Keystation. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in the software editor.
  10. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Still a bug in Ik Sampletank? SOLVED!!!!

    There is no channel 0. Only 1-16. Thanks for the response. Just makes no sense that all controllers other than the actual keys transmit on one channel. I do not see an assignment for just the keys. Back to my workaround, I guess,
  11. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Still a bug in Ik Sampletank? SOLVED!!!!

    BTW, this seems only on the standalone version.
  12. Hi, guys!! Question: Is anybody still experiencing the midi channel transmission bug? I am still on version 3 and STILL haven't figured out why the sliders, knobs, etc., all transmit on channel 1 but the keys transmit on channel 2!!!! Yes, I have checked the channels on my Keystation 88 Pro. All set to channel 1. I don't get why just the keys are being recieved on channel 2. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was your fix. Thanks!!!
  13. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Pro Tools Seals their Fate

    Let's hope that Cake is not moving to a rental only licensing model!!!! That article is rather disturbing!!!
  14. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Good sounding Reverb/Room?

    There is also Rematrix Player which is a freebie convolver worth having.
  15. Sidney Earl Goodroe

    Good sounding Reverb/Room?

    Freebies that are good and fairly easy to operate are Orilriver and Dragonfly Room and Dragonfly Hall. Don't expect them to be super high dollar sounding reverbs but I have found them very useable as far as strictly reverb units go.