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  1. I still have Pro Audio 9, Sonar 8, and Platinum on my desktop and they run fine! Not that I use them regularly. I have had clients come back years later to remix or edit projects and they have worked fine.
  2. If we still are battling with numerous bugs in CbB it is going to be hard for them to sell us Sonar for pay when the bugs are still there!!! That may be what the holdup is all about! I just don't like the suspicious behavior of not being completely up front with their potential buyers and user base!
  3. Hi! At the risk of being pounded on this topic once more! Some of us are on fixed income and have to watch every penny very closely. That being said, I will buy into Sonar if they offer a bare to the bones version at an unbelievably low price. I already own almost every plugin that the bakers have offered since Pro Audio 9! It would be senseless to make me buy a new version containing all those plugs. Those plugins are pretty old by todays standards. Maybe offer upgrades or updates of Sonars plugs and I may consider. I know they offered several different versions at different prices before and they are leaning towards that mindset. I, also am upset about the vagueness of the answers concerning the eventual killing off of CbB. They do need to go ahead tell us, outright that they will keep it available or not. Perhaps to unruffle some feathers they could offer CbB for a very, very low price for those of us who have been invested in Cakewalk for so many years. I would be willing, as .many others I'm sure, to bite at that. For now, more crickets on whether or not CbB survives.
  4. This is why I am hoping that there will be a version of the new Sonar at a very reduced price for those of us who still have ALL of the plugs from all these years of using the original Pro Audio, Sonar X, Platinum, etc! I have virtually everything Cakewalk since Pro Audio 9 and don't need all those bells and whistles that a newbie would need! Maybe there will be some new content that will warrant me spending more money on Sonar but it was the fact that CbB was just barebones and my plugs still worked that drew me back to Sonar. Much less it being free! Of course, I have moved on to modern whiz-bang plugs but I don't fancy having to pay again for plugs I already have.
  5. Gee! I got pounded for bringing just this topic up a couple of weeks ago and now....... let the hand wringing begin!!!
  6. I have used 2 Studio-Captures synced together for 32 ins/20 outs. Had them since 2013 and they have been rock solid!
  7. Thank you, Johnathan! I hope we get more info soon.
  8. I have never even come close to calling anyone a liar here. I simply feel that to announce so far ahead of release without complete transparency and giving us cut and dried details from management themselves has left room for what is happening now. As far as I am concerned, it is 2 months later and we have questions and speculations building tension that is unnecessary. Myself, I would prefer here is the estimated cost and we shall be shutting down CbB by __________. I can't make it any plainer than that. I would like to remind you it was stated at first that CbB would not be going away, that it would continue to operate til Windows broke it. This was an acceptable scenario for me. Now we have on the forum it is stated that we will give you a reasonable amount of time to decide to move to Sonar but CbB will be discontinued with no idea of what a reasonable amount of time is!!!! Management simply needs to clarify this mess so we don't waste our time having to post like this. I don't do music for funsies! I have made a somewhat comfortable living in the business and am fortunate to have done so. All I say is, there are those of us who rely on whatever our tools are to make a life for ourselves. When someone makes a decision to alter a tool I use on a daily basis, I question it. In this case, we still have no answers. This will be my last post about this as I am tired of explaining myself. I felt someone needed to say something as I have seen so many posts expressing concerns just as I have! Now lay it to rest and get back to waiting!!!
  9. With all respect, the forum has turned into a gossip magazine that is full of speculation ! The fact remains that the two main questions in my mind are still unanswered after festering for over 2 months now. Price is one! I do not upgrade every single time one comes out because the features don't really fulfill my needs or I simply can't afford to. Mainly, the reason I don't is because I had to go out on Social Security early because of my wifes disability and taking care of my father and mother and in-laws, of which 2 had Alzheimer's and one had terminal cancer!!! I do not for one moment regret doing that. I ask for no sympathy from anyone. I ask no favors. All I am saying is affordable for one person is not for another! I have to make careful decisions about what we can afford and what we can't. Not everyone makes 50k a year! The software choices I made were because they operate if I choose not to upgrade for a long period of time. I have gone as long as a couple years without upgrading one of my DAWs and it still purred along. Heck, Platinum still works as well as when I used it last and I haven't touched it since downloading CbB. I know that you cannot continue to make a product completely free forever! I am willing to pay what I can for Sonar to continue. But, I must be judicious about my expenses. Price and termination window has been sadly kept from all of us for too long. I mean no disrespect to anyone here. I am simply saying that treating those two issues as if they were nuclear secrets is really starting to make some of us very uncomfortable! I have said before and repeated that I am so grateful to this company for saving Cake and will always be a vocal supporter of this company! If someone in management could give us cold hard facts possibly on the website, maybe it would calm things. We don't need thousands of people including myself on this forum throwing out speculation, rumors, guessing, etc. For 2 months now! We need management explaining prices and how much longer CbB will be running until they choose to shut it off! I wish us all many more years of happiness using the DAW we all love so much! And I sincerely hope this long post has not been misconstrued as attacking this product or any individual here.
  10. Will, point well made but I must remind you that a lot of us have collected years of bells and whistles and it would be pointless to pay for things I already have! I am waiting to see whether there is anything of any use to my needs and if so, will gladly stay with Cake! I am not, however, going to pay an extremely high price for a DAW that offers little or nothing more than what I already have running in CbB. I agree this convo is getting old and for my part will say no more. Blame Cake for it getting old! We're still waiting!!!!!!!
  11. Responding to Gustabo: No, I continue to work but to continue to work with CbB seems a bit pointless now. Why continue to use a DAW whose future is in such jeopardy right now. My clients expect the work to be consistent on every level. I don't want to start or finish a project that I have to apologize for needing more time to prepare because we are switching to a different DAW to continue on! If I will be forced to switch in 6 months, why not switch now? Believe me, I am heartbroken to even be in the position to have to think about it! I profoundly hope that I won't have to switch but I don't have the luxury of sitting on hold for months waiting on word from Cake about my future! As I said, I have other DAWs and have used in my time Cubase, Logic, even Saw (Noone here probably remembers that one!) I just would like more facts and less marketing strategy involved here. Now, response to Keni I appreciate the kind words and if I have been able to help anyone here I consider myself so fortunate to count myself among some of the most knowledgeable and caring people I have known! As for leaving this forum, I will always be checking in. Long before I purchased my own version of Twelve Tone, I visited the forum here for tips and the bottomless pit of midi and audio knowledge here! I have no plans at this time to make a move but I continue to export my projects in CbB to my alternate DAWs, just in case. There is hope!
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