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  1. I use SD3 as 2 track master and apply just the Bus Console Emulator on the track! Too easy!!
  2. Don't forget the most important ingredient for realistic string performance!!! ARTICULATIONS!!!! Orchestral performances are chock full of different bowing techniques for different timbres. I think you will find if you are using just one sample sawing away thru the whole piece, the results will be mundane and boring in a very short time. That's no reason to not go ahead and do your arrangement now with what you have and later invest in a little more sophisticated string library to replace the instruments you have now.
  3. I have not upgraded to ver. 2. The original VB3 fills my needs. I use a hammond organ mostly in a rock or blues band format where the mix is rather dense. If I did more jazz organ trio type songs I would probably upgrade. I'm happy as is!!!
  4. VB3 has been my goto for years!!!! I had a problem once when Windows 10 had an update that trashed vb3. I contacted Guido who is the guy who developed it and he worked meticulously with me thru emails to fix the problem!! Great one on one support directly to the man who wrote the code. Can't beat that. Btw, Microsoft had to issue a patch fix after about 3 days that fixed VB3. I used NI B4 while VB3 was down. As soon as VB3 was fixed, I immediately replaced B4 with VB3!!! Nothing personal, NI!!😉
  5. Well, I hate to be the first complaint here but I was sent the new EA by Noel explaining to use that installer because the one on the forum did not work. I installed on my Toshiba laptop and it runs fantastic!!! I then installed on my Asus desktop and it turned in to a brick!!!! It froze so hard I had to unplug the power cable to reboot. It did this 3 times!!! I rebooted 1 last time and did everything I would normally do and the computer was fine, until I clicked on CbB and the computer locks up tighter than a drum!!!! I ended uninstalling and going back to my previous version to install and all is good in the world again!!! I think I will pass on Early Access from here on out. I am a working studio and don't have time to go thru that type of ordeal. Lol I eagerly await the finished upgrade!!
  6. Glad to hear it!!! Now, get to work!!!😁
  7. Noel was nice enough to allow me to download an early build of this update a few weeks ago. Trust me, You guys are gonna love this!!!
  8. Thanks, Larry but that is what I did when trying to import in to 3!! The post says while installing to ST2. I was just clarifying that I don't have ver. 2.
  9. I don't have ST2. I was told that ST3 would load ST2 instruments. I imported an old version of Miroslav Orchestra way back when 3 came out and had no issues whatsoever. Symphony Strings 2 is just not happening.
  10. I have downloaded the symphony strings 2 and really having a hard time installing!!! Anyone know the trick? I tried dragging the folder into the instruments folder in ST3. Relisted and ST3 sees the folder but when I click on an instrument folder nothing happens!! Went back to the drawing board and tried importing. Now it shows the instruments but says could not load sample!! Checked the ST3 samples folder and there is no symphony strings 2 sample folder. Any ideas??
  11. That's what I mean when I said dial back on the compression a bit. Also, the players out live and in the studio usually stick with their pedals (if any) and don't have the luxury of parallel compression in their guitar rig. It's about getting the guitar and amp to respond to your touch a certain way. Compression can help or hurt in that process. Parallel compression, most of the time, is about levels.
  12. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction!! I'd try easing back on the compression and the gain a little. Usually a pick tends to really accent the attack or transients of the string. Personally, I try to set the amp so that I really have to dig in hard to make the amp crunch. So, if I lighten up with the pick the amp cleans up. Not completely but just enough to still maintain some dynamics in your playing. My favorite trick is putting a volume pedal in front of the amp so I can control the gain and don't have to take my hands off the strings other than pickup selecting. Anyway, have fun and enjoy. That's what it needs to be about!
  13. I must comment as much as I agree about Roy's tone, he has a much more overdriven amp setting than someone like Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, etc. I had the profound honor of hearing him live and he was CRANKED up. And besides, if you're listening to studio or commercial videos of Roy, I would be willing to bet there was some compression in the mix down on his track. I am by no means on the level of those guys but being a guitar player born and raised in the south, to eat you absolutely have to be able to cover this style as best you can. So we study as closely as possible their guitars, amps, and pedals. If there is a particular player in mind, try YouTube and check what they use. I use Amplitude 4 in the studio. I have a number of amps and guitars that I could drag around but for this style I usually use the dynacomp model in front of a small combo for starters. If the song is a little more dynamic I use the rack tube compressor after the amp with no dynacomp but the tubescreamer with little drive and lots of level in front. These are good starting points for me. Hope this helps get you started! Oh, happy tone hunting!!!Lol
  14. I need to mention that a lot of the snap you hear in that style of picking is not squeaky clean compression!!!! It comes from a little compression and the amp being set for just a bit of breakup. Listen very closely to all these guys and check out their rigs. There is usually a low wattage amp being pushed with either a boost pedal or something like a tube screamer pedal with the drive knob low and the level knob high. Just suggestions!!!!😁
  15. Msmcleod, I thank you my friend!!! Somehow my sync & caching settings were changed. I don't know how but they were more than twice what the settings should be!!! Thanks to all who responded.
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