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  1. WOW! I used the 20 off and got Fuchs Overdrive Supreme free and now with the 25 off picked up Fuchs Train and Suhr PT100!! Bringing the tally to 3 amps for $15 bucks! NO MORE VOUCHERS,PLEASE! STOP THE MADNESS!🤪
  2. Sweet! I used the $20 voucher and got Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 for 0!!!!
  3. I am running Intro with the ILok software manager that allows you to register it to your drive!! Never had a dongle EVER!!
  4. Thanks for the tips! I finally got my sea legs and understand the layout much better now!
  5. Still can't get this quite! Are the presets the 20 free amp models? Do I click on Buy to add the models from Tonex on Tonenet? Very seldom does software bug me out but this is ridiculous!
  6. Can anyone help me? I have used A5 forever seems like. Tonex CS has lost me altogether!! There is supposed to be 20 models in CS but I don't know how to find them. There is no explanation as to getting the 20 user models that are supposed to be available to me! I tried the Tonex online library but there is no info as to how to acquire those either! IOW, HELP!!! I am lost!!
  7. I had no problem until a Windows update a few weeks ago!
  8. The units are still set at power up! Windows is not remembering the setup because it only recognizes 1 Studio-Capture device as it is running in ASIO. The devices are fine! I just have to reset the Studio-Captures at every boot in Windows! I boot, reset the Studio-Captures, then Cakewalk sees the right settings! If I don't reset at the boot, when I open Cakewalk I have to use the device settings in Cakewalk to reset! All the time the settings on the boxes themselves have not changed from my original settings. Digital Weirdness!!!
  9. Windows still does not remember my settings on my Studio-Captures!!! I have 2 synched together and whenever I turn the computer on, I have to open the control panel for the interfaces and reset them. Getting quite annoying!!!
  10. Right click on staff. Click Layout. See Staff Properties and click Clef.
  11. On my laptop I only had to restore in Custom Shop, but on my desktop it didn't unlock except to restore in A5!
  12. OK! I clicked the redeem when it appeared in my account this time and it gave me 20 Jampoints in my account! Pretty good deal but a lot of stress trying to figure it all out. Got Nu-tron and 20 Jampoints and a migraine!!!
  13. All I know is clicking redeem triggered the panel that said Nu-tron license was added to my account! I will try clicking redeem again and let you know. BTW, the popup says it celebrates 20 years.
  14. I still get the jampoint popup after clicking redeem and unlocking Nu-tron!!! I have not tried clicking on it as I was focused on getting Nu-tron up and running!
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