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  1. An absolute must have. Great collection of classics! Very responsive. Greg Koch has a wonderful video on YouTube demoing these .
  2. I don't think I saw Orilriver reverb in here anywhere. Before I invested in some high dollar reverbs, Orilriver and Dragonfly reverbs were workhorses for me. I still keep them around even if I never use them. It's just nice to know they're there!
  3. Grab it quick!!! Before they change their mind and decide they cut the price too much.
  4. Thanks, Noel!! I remembered after I posted that a few versions ago, I was advised to set it to 7 myself after issues arose. I know here on the forum other people had advised to set it to another. Thanks for your wonderful support and keeping the cakes baking. Happy Holidays to your family and all the bakers!!!!!!
  5. Are there still issues with thread scheduling or has it improved in 2021.12 as well as I would like recommendations for setting. Secondly, Severity setting is set at 7. What is a reasonable setting for this.
  6. Says I have to install Sampletank 4 after I registered my license. The initial offer said I could use it in Miroslav 2. It seems like they are forcing me to install ST4 just for this library!! I have ST3 and hardly use it at all. I am not interested in using ST4. If someone finds out what the deal is, please let us know!
  7. My installer update crapped out big time!!! Thankfully , support contacted me back and after about 10 hours total of troubleshooting and nasty talk I finally got the installer working again. But Addictive Drums 2 is still hosed. Hendrick at XLN emailed me back and forth for I know 3 hours. He was extremely helpful and patient with me. I tip my hat to him. I have uninstalled AD2 for the time being. I will not miss it much as I use Superior Drummer 3 mostly. I may try another wack at it when I have the time. Btw, the fix came down to having to go to Program Files and the Program Data folder, locating the XLN Audio folders. In there is the Online Installer folder. Delete that folder and download the latest Online Installer file from XLN. Now install the new file and it should install no problem!! I wish you luck if you are having trouble like this. My last 2 days have been rough!
  8. WTH! Ran the XLN Installer, it updated, went off the screen to restart,it showed up for a half a second, and DISAPPEARED! NOW IT WON'T RUN AT ALL! Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  9. Just had to rollback to version 09! Installed updates for Ozone 9 Advanced and scanned. Scanner broke! Tried everything to get the scan to complete . When it did complete my VST 3 plugs were not listed. Finally had to uninstall all the Izotope plugs, rollback Cakewalk to 09, reinstall Izotope plugins and all is good now. 2 days of lost time and nerve-wracking troubleshooting! No more experimenting for me! I am waiting on the full baked Cake from here on out!! Still love Cake and will continue to support it!!
  10. I stand corrected! After a very close and critical listening session with Soundpaint and the 1928 grand, there definitely is some fallback and pedal noises. They are very low but there. I hope the update version has a separate volume control for the noises.
  11. I noticed the "(bugs aside)" kind of snuck in there. Lol!!
  12. I generally use vst2 plugs out of habit. In the past I have had problems with vst3 plugs. This is one of those instances where the problem was with vst2.
  13. OK. Just replaced a grand piano plug in a project of mine that features the piano. Soundpaint 1928 held its own and performed wonderfully with significant reduction of CPU hunger! Two things I am missing though. 1-no pedal noise and have not found it if there is a tweak to adjust! 2-no hammer fallback noise as well,. I know these things sound like nitpicking but those features lend a more realistic character to any electronic piano especially when it is playing completely solo. Hopefully there will be an update to this library that will include them. Nevertheless, I would not hesitate to use this piano! Verdict: Brilliantly done! Hats off!!
  14. Download and installation worked flawlessly! Piano installation as well! I have to say that YouTube videos do not do justice to the sound quality of this piano!!! For a freebie it is a must have! Haven't tried using it in a project yet to check CPU hit but seems to be extremely useable just out of the box. Grab it now!
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