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  1. Just never had any use for PA plugins. Recently upgraded to Amplitube 5 and have the SVT suite in there. Also have Mark Studio 2 and GK Amplification 2. Still, for free, this one was hard to say no. The lack of mic adjustments on the cab is disappointing but still sounds great!
  2. Thanks, guys! I suppose you have to have an account?
  3. Not much info on the page to process the code! Can someone here please give explicit instructions on how to grab this gem?
  4. I never use mastering tools until mix stage!
  5. Disappointed that the Leslie cabs in A4 do not carry over to A5!!! I do love to use that Harrison-Clapton swirl from time to time. I hate to spend more money but I guess I'll have to purchase a Leslie in the Custom Shop for A5. Kinda bites when A4 had 2 to choose from.
  6. Sonivox Eighty-Eight 2 can be found pretty cheap. It is sample based and depending on how many layers of velocity you load, can be cpu hungry but bang for the buck, can't be beat! It will need the ILok software licenser but that is better than a hardware ILok.
  7. Don't forget to move the virtual mic around the virtual speaker!!! Old school lesson that is invaluable!!!!
  8. Even though they are rather old and no more outdated as the ones you already. mentioned, you should keep your eyes open for deals on AIR synths! These are the plugins used in Pro Tools. You can find Xpand 2, Velvet, etc., for unbelievable cheap prices but they are very powerful for the money!! They do require the ILok software licensing but that is nowhere near a problem as a hardware ILok to me. This time of year, you should be able to find them really cheap.
  9. Sorry for your trouble but many thanks to you for keeping us informed. Glad you found the problem!!!
  10. Thanks to the wonderful support team at Soniccouture for their speedy response!!!! My problem was the vsti in CbB was the older version that was ver. 6.1. Deleted that and copied the 6.2.4 dll into the vst folder and all is well. Thanks, guys!
  11. 6.2.4 runs fine in CbB!! When I try to open Hammersmith it says the instrument belongs to a library that is not installed!! Yet the Hammersmith shows up and plays in the standalone version of 6.2.4. I can open Hammersmith by either using the banner in Kontakt or clicking on the .nki file in the Hammersmith folder. No problems there in the standalone at all. Only when I open the vsti in any of my DAWs, Hammersmith is not listed and if I try by opening the .nki file in Kontakts browser do I get the alert that the library is not installed. All the other libraries show up and play fine in the standalone and in the vst in CbB.
  12. I had to update the player before I could install Hammersmith just this morning!! The piano installed fine and I noticed in the installation instructions that they stress to install in the standalone version only. I am now wondering if they have blocked the use of the library in the vst plugin!!
  13. I am running 6.2.4 free player!!! Runs fine in standalone but no love in the vst plugin in cake!!!
  14. OK!! I give up. I have spent hours trying to get free Kontakt player to find Hammersmith and it keeps saying the library is not installed tho it plays fine in the standalone version. Whats the secret???
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