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  1. As I said! Badly missed but not so much that it would stop me from going back to SPLAT. I do have to say, Reaper is not looking too bad after all this drama with Sonar perpetual license drama!! Currently, my projects are seeing a lot of use with Samplitude and Mixbus. I finally broke down and tried Reaper, which I must say, was pretty impressive for the price point and features. I do like having a notation editor built in to the DAW so I don't have to skip around for quick score print outs. That is one feature that I absolutely must have! It is also what attracted me to Cakewalk in the first place. Anyway, I am struggling with facing the ever growing fact that I will have to walk away from Cake after 20 some odd years of dedicated support and use of this product I have loved. Still hoping 🙏 for perpetual licenses!
  2. When they first announced they were going to charge for CbB, I opened some recent projects in SPLAT and they ran without a hiccup! I did miss some of the newer features but nothing showstopping!
  3. This update worked on my Toshiba laptop fixing the standalone disappearing trick! STILL DISAPPEARING on my Asus desktop!!!
  4. Ended up installing 1.1.5a standalone while installing 1.1.6 VST3! Working fine!
  5. Will this amp work in amp locker or do you need ReAmp for it to work?
  6. VST3 version seems fixed! I was having to move the .dll file around to get it recognized but it seems to be ok now!
  7. Let me know if the clean reinstall works! I tried it and had no luck!
  8. I have the same problem with the stand-alone! Tried restart and reboot! Still blips out! May have to rollback unless they fix it quick!!
  9. Website still shows 1.1.2 version on download! Wazzup!
  10. Tried for almost 2 hours to get the download from Octane for the setup to quit stopping at 99.99 percent!!! Shut it down and started the plugin but can't get it to find the sounds or presets folders! Finally, UNINSTALLED!!!!!
  11. T-zenith installed fine on my laptop but no go on my older desktop! It installed but when cbb scanned for new plugs it stopped scanning on t-zenith! Just uninstalled and moving on. If I need it I will use it on the laptop and import the track on the desktop. Ain't tech grand?
  12. Sorry! Took a while to get back! The website installation would stop half way thru the registration process! I ended up locating the installer in my downloads folder and installed it myself. It went right in with no problems! I opened the program manager and toontrack recognized the new version as installed! Go figure!!!!
  13. Maybe someone could tell me about a problem I have! The update went right in on my desktop rig. The same update on my laptop downloads fine but on the installation it gets half thru the registration process and seems to freeze or lose the connection! I know the website is probably getting slammed but I have tried to update 3 times today at different intervals and still no luck! Anyone, suggestions?
  14. If Mixbus had a notation feature I could see myself easily moving to it as my main DAW!! I love the sound of it!
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