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  1. It was SVX1 given away a while ago. 2 just completed the collection.
  2. Used 5 Jampoints and knocked SVX2 down to 20 bucks. Now I have the entire Ampeg collection!!!
  3. Totally lost on this one!! Completed the purchase, took me to Box where the downloads reside. Download the vsts, no explanation to install with this Aquarius app thingy. All I got was the Comp part of the strip. All other parts of the strip must be authorized. Wtf?????? I GIVE UP!! HELP!!!!
  4. We already have gone down this rabbit hole enough!!! I would much rather we spend the time making music than posting about a crippled feature that probably won't be fixed!
  5. Hi!! Sidroe here!! I was the OP of the record breaking longest thread in the old forum on just this topic. That seems like so many years ago now. I still find it hard to believe that we are still having to discuss the shortcomings of the staff view for this many years now! It doesn't feel like the fix is any closer!!! I still have confidence that if the staff issues can be fixed, the bakers will find a way.
  6. Just never had any use for PA plugins. Recently upgraded to Amplitube 5 and have the SVT suite in there. Also have Mark Studio 2 and GK Amplification 2. Still, for free, this one was hard to say no. The lack of mic adjustments on the cab is disappointing but still sounds great!
  7. Thanks, guys! I suppose you have to have an account?
  8. Not much info on the page to process the code! Can someone here please give explicit instructions on how to grab this gem?
  9. I never use mastering tools until mix stage!
  10. Disappointed that the Leslie cabs in A4 do not carry over to A5!!! I do love to use that Harrison-Clapton swirl from time to time. I hate to spend more money but I guess I'll have to purchase a Leslie in the Custom Shop for A5. Kinda bites when A4 had 2 to choose from.
  11. Sonivox Eighty-Eight 2 can be found pretty cheap. It is sample based and depending on how many layers of velocity you load, can be cpu hungry but bang for the buck, can't be beat! It will need the ILok software licenser but that is better than a hardware ILok.
  12. Don't forget to move the virtual mic around the virtual speaker!!! Old school lesson that is invaluable!!!!
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