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  1. Hi! Sidroe here!! First, I must say how great it is to still be part of the Cake Universe. The work you guys are doing is incredible!! Now, I have a friend who is blind. Back in the day I would assist him in his recording ventures and I must say, what he could accomplish on his own was just amazing. He used Sonar 8.5 and a program called Jaws. Just to watch him work was unbelievable! He recently bought a new computer and was sad to find out that Jaws discontinued support for Sonar. My question is simple. Are there any screen reading programs out there that is working on CbB? Otherwise He will have to resort to using Sonar 8.5 and the old Jaws scripts and my concern is how stable this would be on Windows 10, much less 11!! Is there anyone out there using screen readers with good results for CbB? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. If you move the threshold slider or knob deep in to a ridiculous point, you cannot mistake the sound of over-compressed, lifeless music gasping for air!!! Take a while and leave it there and listen. Eventually, you will always be able to hear where the correct settings will be. It won't hurt to use different formats of music to get an idea what settings work for what type of music. I, too, can't tell you how many times I have been told by some pretty big heavyweights in the business to stop relying on the meters so much and use your ears more. I still struggle between the two!!
  3. I sometimes copy the rhythm track on the far pan, paste it and pan it to the opposite side. Then I click and drag the copied track just milliseconds behind the beat. This, if done correctly, can create the feel that no two guitar players will play in exact synchronized timing! BE CAREFUL!!! Pulling too far out ot time just creates a digital delay!! If you hear that you're too far out! You can just drag back until you find the sweet spot. Once you find it you'll have a wonderful wide open spot in the center for that beautiful guitar solo that will change the world and bring peace to the universe!!
  4. Thanks for responding, Noel! I'm on 053 version. I was running the EA version before and never noticed this problem before. Now I am seeing the saving and shutdown taking longer. Wifi is never used except for updates and the antivirus is disabled until I go online. If I must rollback what version would I go with?
  5. Loading VSTs is acting strange. It takes a while now after the latest update. The spinning wheel icon now comes up on the screen and it acts like Cake is looking for the plugin!! It does load but nowhere near as quickly. Is anyone else having this behavior?
  6. Thanks so much for the info and your time especially!!!!
  7. Thanks so very much. May I ask was that info in the help file or maybe the reference manual and if so where was it located? I have searched all over and could not find it.
  8. Can anyone help!! I scoured the latest Cakewalk manual and do not find any reference to this editing workflow.
  9. Is there a way to copy and paste just the articulation track from one track to paste to a different track? I love the articulation map concept but the editing is rather slow going workflow wise. I wish the copy and paste of articulations were more like copying and pasting of the automation lanes.
  10. It was SVX1 given away a while ago. 2 just completed the collection.
  11. Used 5 Jampoints and knocked SVX2 down to 20 bucks. Now I have the entire Ampeg collection!!!
  12. Totally lost on this one!! Completed the purchase, took me to Box where the downloads reside. Download the vsts, no explanation to install with this Aquarius app thingy. All I got was the Comp part of the strip. All other parts of the strip must be authorized. Wtf?????? I GIVE UP!! HELP!!!!
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