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  1. Forgot to mention that Sonivox 88 has to run with the Ilok elicenser!! It just registers its licence to your computer drive rather than having to have a dongle eating up one of your usb ports. Not hard to setup and well worth the trouble!!!
  2. First impression, very nice. Will try these, especially the tape emu, on some projects and let you know if they're keepers.
  3. Sonivox Eighty-eight is one of my favorite low budget grands!!! Can usually find it on the cheap somewhere. Try googling!! IMO, it blows Truepiano out of the water.
  4. Does it play nice with the ilok software license? A dealbreaker if I have to use a dongle!! I have the se version of revolver and it works fine with the e-licenser!!
  5. My last early build was a fiasco!!! But, I have a small window of downtime for my projects so I put my head down and got this update! While I have not fully given it a blowout testing, I do have to say WWWOOOWWW!! Some of my projects are running at the very least, Superior Drummer 3, Kontakt, Sampletank, Garritan, AIR plugs, Mark Studio, Amplitube, along with at least 4 to 12 audio tracks with various plugins. My asio has hovered between 120 and 512 in real time. I have been running my large projects that would choke below 330 very easily at 130 without a hiccup! This, for me, is a major deal!! While I have never had to freeze or bounce my vsti tracks, bumping that latency up sometimes has been a real pain. So far, congrats gentlemen, on a job well done!!
  6. Thanks, Brian!!! For some reason the license file was trying to open as a notepad file! I went back and redownload saved as. Got the files. Now registered. While not a jack of many trades, this is really nice for more aggressive box it seems. Sounds really nice!
  7. Tried that!! I click on the load button and the Notepad file does not show. I tried dragging to the plugin, no go. I tried cutting and pasting, no luck!! Any help would be appreciated. I take it that the license was downloaded as a notepad file. Any chance it should be another format?
  8. Downloaded the vk and vk-2. Also downloaded the unlock key. I can't figure out how to unlock the plugins! They're still in demo mode. HELP!!!!!!
  9. Orilriver is a super nice sounding reverb. It finds it's way into my bus many times. It's very low cpu intensive as well!
  10. 80s guitars were some of the most over the top processed tracks ever!! I can't tell you how many guitarists I have witnessed, including myself, who have slaved for years chasing the ultimate tone on their rigs only to have the producer and engineer mangle that tone to fit in the final mix!!! All amps are curious creatures. They only do what they were built to do. I don't know of any guitarist that has not relied upon some studio trickery to get what the song calls for. That being said, I would try a different mic or mic placement. Maybe two mics. A dynamic with a condensor. There is a tremendous difference in what speakers are in the cab. Was the amp modded in any way? Any engineer will tell you start at the source to get the best sound possible. Beyond that, it will be up to some masterful eq. And don't forget that refrigerator size FX rack packed with every toy known to man! As well as the 10 foot long floorboard to control the rack!!!😁😁😁 At any rate, I wish you luck chasing that ever evasive perfect tone!! Now, go write a song!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
  11. Is this for 32c only? I use regular Mixbus Standard and I wonder if these updates are available for me!
  12. If you bought it from Cakewalk you can still access your account or use the Cakewalk Command Center to download and your serial key is still in your account. I helped a friend get his by contacting Noel Borthwick a few weeks ago. You could try that.
  13. DeeringAmps, I use the 3 drums only now. While the FX capabilities are overwhelming the dry kits were rather unimpressive at first. They didn't seem to have the punch until you loaded one of the many presets that is chockful of processing.I still find myself occasionally pulling up some older 2 kits.
  14. I agree that the drums that came with Superior 2 are not the best for metal. I don't do many metal projects myself but I do a lot of hard rock. I invested in many of the addons. I would imagine you would want to check out the metal kits available at Toontrack. New York Vol. 3 was my goto for a long time for hard rock. Also, Allaire and Rock! I moved to Superior 3 when it was released. I don't think I've even opened 2 since. Toontrack drums do need a lot of massaging to get what you need but I have Addictive and BFD as well. Superior 2 and 3 have always beat them, IMO.
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