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  1. I don't have time to scroll through all the puns to see if this one has already been posted, but here it is: My psychiatrist told me today that I am suffering from kleptomania. But don't' worry, I am taking something for it.
  2. With further investigation, I've narrowed down this bug in the Find-Change dialogue box: When converting C#s to D-flats using find/change, using the question mark to have the conversion affect all octaves of C# will not work. With this particular enharmonic conversion, you must designate the actual octave, so inputting C#5 to D-flat5 or C#3 to D-flat3 will work successfully. This is the only enharmonic equivalent that I have found that has this bug. Even going from D-flat? to C#? will work, just not in the opposite direction. This bug has existed since Sonar, but I, and perhaps others, have neglected to report it until now. Thanks, Jerry
  3. There's a bug in Cakewalk that's existed for quite a long time. When changing all C#s to D-flats using Find/Change, the change fails. With every other enharmonic equivalent it works fine. Even going from D-flat to C# works as does A# to B-flat, F#-G-flat, etc. But C#?-to D-flat? does not. Thanks, Jerry
  4. Thank you David! Glad you enjoyed listening. Jerry
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for listening and commenting! Best, Jerry
  6. Thank you for listening and commenting Wookiee! Jerry
  7. Glad to hear it! Thanks Tom! Jerry
  8. Hi Bjorn, No, I've never in my life used the piano roll view for composition. I compose in the staff view, and make use of the event list and the controllers view often. Thank you for listening and commenting, glad you enjoyed the movement! Jerry
  9. Hi! Does anyone have experience using the Tascam CG-1000 master clock? I am particularly interested in how it compares to the Antelope OCX-HD master clock. Thanks! Jerry
  10. Thanks for listening Gary! I post my pieces on 4 different music forums and this forum is the only one that gives me any feedback or comments. I have no idea why. Jerry
  11. Hi Larry, Thanks Larry! Glad to know someone listens to my work. I didn't mention minimalism, the guy who wrote the article for Tokafi music webzine wrote that! Best, Jerry
  12. Thanks Larry, David, Nigel and Kurt for listening, much appreciated! Jerry
  13. Produced with: Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Softsynths Massive, Rapture and Tera Roland XP-30 synthesizer PLAY From the CD Number Eleven: The Path Tokafi : "...The eleventh in a series of orchestral albums using entirely sampled instruments, it brings together elements of Classical era-writing, late Romantic orchestral music and American minimalism with a cinematic sensibility. The record not only demonstrates the powerful and masterful application of sampled instruments, but, at least as importantly, showcases Gerber’s versatile and emotive writing." www.jerrygerber.com
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