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  1. Okay thanks, I see the global latch mode set to on might work but I have not tried it.
  2. I am not looking for this as a plugin/vst as sometimes I like to loop my midi data that is on a bass instrument, a strings instrument, or piano or reason rack plugout or another instrument/VST
  3. I want to lock a midi clip in place and automatically loop this midi clip times infinity past the end of the project. So that if I change my project length, the loop will still be current and I won't have to keep extending the clip by dragging on the right hand side. I would like this for improvising while recording, currently its a pain in the butt to create a drum loop and have to drag it endlessly when I want to write a piece of music to this drum beat(midi clip). How is this possible? Can we please have a fix if its not possible? My old Emagic Micrologic AV had an option to loop indefinitely and this software was from 1998. I am not talking about looping a measure. I am talking about looping the clip forever. \\-Kyle
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