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  1. Thanks. No, it's in the clip to the right that was punch recorded as well. I could scrub it in place but playback exclude it. I could also play it from event list with the spacebar thingy. Only way to solve it was to crop that clip to the right, whih it's part of, so not visible, and make a new recorded clip with just one hit on ride and kick - and it now plays as such. Looked into fade in stuff - but nothing visible I can see anywhere that I can change. Not all colors follow what is in settings regarding PRV - so overruled by theme maybe. There is some fade in thingy for midi as well of doing crop at upper part - will have to experiment. My overall feeling is that it's excluded as punched in - but in a weird state that does not show anything but muted. I consider it worked around at least. Always a good side to problems, you learn so many new things - and I need to learn/refresh everything deeper. It's been an intense week, and one thing is clear - I'm back in Cakewalk.
  2. Enclosing a screen dump. Notes show as having velocity in event list, but show no velocity as selected in prv. I can do select on next and previous notes and take property - but not on this HH and Kick. How do I revive these to normal status? I should say, notes to left of these are previous clip, punch recorded. puuuh. spent two hours now and tried to read up on what might be going on, but fail.....
  3. This works in Cubase and Bitwig - but not in Cakewalk which show only 2 outs in plugin manager. It's such a useful plugin to do loads of VST midi plugins and synths combined for various uses. I use v1.xx of Patchwork and have plenty presets made, so thought keeping that as VST2 - while having v2.xx of Patchwork as VST3 to have both versions accessible so presets are compatible. If I upgrade VST2 version I will replace v1.xx which may cause issues with preset. Bluecat could not guarantee they are compatible. So would be great if Cakewalk supported VST3 version as it's designed for multiout. Thanks for any support on this.
  4. Ok, many thanks for hanging in there. It's often like that - different people have different ways of experiencing the same issue. I'm saying Undo does not restore - you say some trimming thingy. The job of the Bakers to see what is related to a particular issue or not.
  5. Thanks for all the help. I you are happy with length does not restore doing Undo - good for you. I consider it a bug...it could be corrupt internals of all sort messing things up later on, as I described what freezes I got....changing length of undo buffer, closing project and opening next project with a freeze?????
  6. Thanks. It does not matter exactly what measures you do - but opening dialog it says for beat 1.000 and I increase to 2.000. So numerically there is no difference saying 3.1 or 3.01 unless you mean 3.0.1 in your case. I did all kind of changes changed measure 3 to SMBAN 5, but change in tempo were so big that not so good for this demonstration. The purpose of undo is to restore to previous state - no matter what. I'll take no excuses for that, unless maybe doing hiddeous big ones like full project wide inserts of time and stuff. This happended to be visual stuff that was obvious - using undo in other situations it might just be under the hood stuff - and you may really cause strange things. Something is not right here. The week I worked with Cakewalk now - I had 2 freeze crashes - both as doing undo operations in situations. One was replace SuperiorDrummer to Addictive drums, did some wrong choice so used undo - freeze as I inserted second time as mono outs instead of stereo. The other were doing change of undo depth - next project opened without fully closing Cakewalk in between open next project. I consider Cakewalk really stable, as was Sonar Artist 2015, as was Sonar 4 Studio and Sonar 8.5 Studio. But Undo, I will avoid that like the plague....doing save before operations frequently to just reopen project.
  7. Thanks. It seems two consequtive SMBAN is the culprit, shown in images. Text explain what I did. I named tracks for 1st column clips Tm=track musical timebase, Ta=absolute track timebase, Cm=clip musical, lock or not, Ca clip absolute lock or no lock 2nd column clips are as first clip musical no lock. Real problem seem in this test to be musical clip on a absolute track. After two SMBAN both first undo and second does not restore. I have a bundle project as well that I can post.
  8. Thanks, I searched and saw that posting before doing mine(really good search engine here, among the best). For a plugin you need to pin it, on every track then to read. There are nice notes fields for tracks, folders and take comping as I saw in Cakewalk Selecting each track to get Inspector selected that tab can be pinned - not bad. That is better than plugin in itself IMO. Just making track field a better overview of the tracks one. I've grown fond of how it worked in StudioOne. Cubase was good too. Remedy lack of space in name field of track, especially in console - you get this multirow field to extend a bit - right where it should be.
  9. I find this perfect to better describe a track that does not fit on track name field. Multiple rows and everything. Good overview. Notes on patches used on synths, other ideas and comments on what to do etc. So a selectable module to show in console, and part of what can be chosen in Track Control Manager as well. Thanks for any support on that.
  10. It doesn't remove the list that you can read at all - that is in Inspector still. Cubase has a separate dialog similar to Cakewalk too, duplicating that. Since tempo changes are related to positions in project - it's nice having that along timeline, if you want that. Or just use the list - up to you. And also seing, a number like a little flag and 135 on measure 13 in ruler meaning tempo changed there to 135, and whatever other tempos there are. Reaper and StudioOne do that nicely. When you are setting a pre-roll and count in - to record - to see the changes where they are in time. Now you put that in markers yourself, so tempo is part of marker name. I just think it belongs in timeline. And once in timeline - you can have the next like video show - to easily have tempo grid elastic and just drag to locations. StudioOne has a similar approach. Very useful if doing free improvisation to video you are scoring for - and then match grid to fit.
  11. Thanks. I write incomplete - 4 tracks with 2 clips each - only midi. Same clips actually, duplicated, not linked. 4 positioned at same location, measure 2 or so, above each other to easily see how the Absolute timebase, and lock pos/data worked. And second set of 4 the same a couple of measures further up untouched being musical timebase and no lock. I experimented with various timebase and locked and unlocked on both the track and the clips - and either way they should just jump back to how it looked in position and length. I was trying out how to eventually tempo match these and how they changed when doing a Set measure/beat at Now. I could not do one SMBAN in middle of 2st colume of 4 clips and undo and it reverted to same look. And as mentioned, how much undo is available seems to have something to do with it. With undo at 10 I thought I would be ok, as I usually felt Undo was the same and amount of rows in history - but seem wider in how it operate. Maybe two of 8 clips looked the same in size and position with Undo at 10. But closing project and opening again they were the same again. So increased to default 128 and did SMBAN then Undo- and like 6 of 8 became the same - much better. So I was into doing this experiment and just this behavior of Undo became something I wanted to know more about how it operates. I will try and provide this little project tomorrow or so.
  12. Comp recording mode, takes to separate track - I get a muted track sort of, fine, it did not disturb next take. But track itself does not show Mute button lit. Selecting the clip properties is not showing mute. Still you see status on events on clip like dimmed - even though look the same as taking it to the editor as clip on the first track. How do I get that take to sound ? EDIT: ok I found it - you get a new track with the take, that in turn has a take lane - and opening that lane is muted. Tricky one....better if track itself created would be muted so you see that....
  13. I changed tempo on a small project with 4 tracks 8, 2 each track midi clips - using set measure/beat at Now. But length and position is not restored on all - just some. I first set undo to as low as 10 but then nothing just about was restored by Undo inserting a tempo change. Then set to default 128 some more was restored as result of Undo tempo change, but not all. Increased to 256 and still one clip did not restore to original size and position doing Undo. History just show tempo change - so how does this work? Only way to restore is to have project saved before doing tempo change, and close and open project again - then all looks as before tempo change. Undo cannot be trusted, really. Thanks.
  14. StudioOne also has a neat ability to match tempo grid to clips in arrange view. Just drag grid nodes to any spot that makes it fit. And having tempo map as a track above arrange view - and showing any change on tempo, even if that view is collapsed to really not fit all tempo changes.
  15. Yes, proper markers for nodes of tempo and just handle like automation of anything would be nice.
  16. Yes, please, a tempo track like some do it would really be nice. And ability to see nodes and new tempo from a certain point as some daws do it, Reaper and StudioOne as I recall. So being aware of that change in tempo - like doing video and different scenes are different tempo all the time almost. And scaling of tempo view is really strange as of now, it should always have integer tempoes on scale, not like 127,46 as one marked level. And draw nodes, like visual dots, on timeline for tempo - sometimes difficult to see very small tempo changes.
  17. I'm with you on this one. Allowing one track to be like master(VCA) to the others - and in nested levels too - is so smooth. So programming automation on a fader as master - this is superimposed(layered on top) on tracks it controls. You can just do a fade on master - and you see a silhouette of what this does to tracks it controls, on top of tracks automation itself. Then when done - you merge/freeze master into. The write automation you are forced to do is just not as good as workflow. While doing it all in one go - you can use undo - and be fine with it. But if to go back later you are f-ked. And forget about nested control. Both Samplitude and Reaper has non-nestable VCA-similar approach. ProTools, Cubase and StudioOne do it right - both on getting double visuals on what vca is doing on children it control, as well as allowing a vca to control other vca's. But to finalize - Cakewalk control groups is astounding in itself. How you can make any control part of a group - spectacular!!!! Maintaining states on buttons and other reverse stuff - really, really nice. Not complaining about that. But the offset mode is demanding a write operation realtime now and is burned in as soon as you stop automation. Just that little bit missing to have a master control that works on automation level to the children in realtime and double visuals of automation and what vca do when total sum up on each child it controls. https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/how-use-vca-groups
  18. I bought the article - but sorry to say to core point of VCA is not even mentioned - neither 'dry' or 'wet' is in article. - Keeping the dry/wet relationsship while automating - that is the core point And "Take the bus" example is ambiguous to me as I read it - you want to change dry/wet? As I feel is most common having post fader sends - just automating faders will keep dry/wet relationship and as fader go down the send level do too in the right proportion. This compared to a drums bus, with sends on tracks feeding the bus - lowering bus will keep same amount go to reverb and thus altering dry/wet relationship - out from bus is lowered but sends abount stays the same. Alternative to this is sacrificing another instance of reverb for drum bus alone, and have the return of reverb go to the normal drums bus - so you can automate this bus and perfectly keep dry wet relationsship.
  19. Just noticed this when using locked markers in time. You get the status on the tool panel selecting it - but there is a column to show Lk status which is always blank. So when mixing locked and non-locked markers - it is hard to differentiate and have to do trial and error on each marker. Really smart use of markers to be able to lock certain to video scenes and those that used for musical purposes following tempo. So quickly seeing the locked markers is really useful. Thanks.
  20. Like ProTools maybe - that look like pic below. They have a module in console that looks like that - on every track and you see where your culprits are. - It says how much latency is on that track - it says how much this track is delayed in the total as running - and a field to set you own added delay +/- to a track to modify how a track is handled. Very neat and you are in full control. Could be among console module to show or not.
  21. Thanks for viewing. Not quite, will try and explain. When you do solo override on fx busses - it means when doing normal solo or exclusive solo on other tracks it does not mute those with solo override set. But since solo override do solo itself now - you only hear fx busses if even set, meaning you have to remove that every time after using it. And for that you need to make fx busses visible just for this purpose putting solo override on them every time - if want sends to fx busses to still sound. In other daws this feature called, solo safe, solo excempt etc, you can set solo override once and let it stay there as saved with project, and even hide fx busses away. Activating a solo override does nothing unless you solo other tracks normal way. So you always get fx busses excluded from mute soloing other tracks with no extra overhead each time. TIP! for doing what I think you are saying --------------------- There are very neat features in Cakewalk doing control groups of buttons - and the extra neat thing is that their retain their toggle status as they were when creating the group. Some were on, others were off etc. The toggling these as a group - the all swap state . So lets say you have a bunch of tracks you want to solo together - and swap over to another group of tracks soloed - you can have one set with solo=on, and the other group solo=off. Create the group with all of these and then use as you please. - clicking on one part of group, lets say solo goes off, the other part solo goes on - their reverse state are maintained. I had a similar thing going doing surround where I wanted to swap what I heard front L+R +center and rear L+R - very usable with such a group - and one click to swap between hearing either side.
  22. Hi As working are now, you need to have all fx busses visible to quickly activate this Solo override on each one - then go on to solo what you attempted. Very cumbersome compared to letting solo override do stuff only as normal solo or exclusive solo is activated anywhere. This is how it works on other daws - you just set it once, and hide fx busses away and never have to worry about it. Thanks for any support on this. It will be soooo much easier doing solo, just for mixing or as for recording and using dim on solo etc. Running Cakewalk 2020.01.
  23. I revert what I said - after experimenting what is predictable result is doing what you said. Keep musical timebase, no lock at all - and do even repeated "Insert measure at.." is working. So you count what seems like one measure on what you recorded - and insert desired measure there. And you can continue through out a clip recorded and adjust like that repeatedly. One alternative though - hold Ctrl Shift and drag either left or right end of midi clip to be the length that makes it fit. Described p682 pdf manual. I made to many assumptions how Cubase and StudioOne do it by having tempo track as rubberband just drag nodes. Since they have tempo map as a track syncronized with grid above you can do this.
  24. So to figure this out - I made a midi loopback and looked at a midi monitor on a receiving track, since what comes out from FX bay is not the last say on what is sent. Track you operate on, the midi track, need not be echo=on. If settings have zero controllers on stop, pw, mw and sustain pedal plus zero controllers(cc 121) is sent at stop - on every midi channel 1-16. Vel+(Gain) - most consistent workings, always modify velocity accordingly. Latch type midi Reverb, chorus - once touched they are sent every start of transport on channel sent on. To turn off rightclick and Disable control. Then it stops. Also send realtime when altering value, transort running or not. Momentary type Pan(cc 10) - when touched sent once at transport start, and realtime while moving as transport run or not. Vol(CC 7) - when touched sent once, and realtime while moving as transport run or not. Both momentary are sent on transport start, once one is touched, those that are not disabled. So touching any vol or pan is sending the other if touched before at each transport start - once. Disabled on rightclick menu Disable control. Status of disabled or not can only be seen on these in midi track panel, having these visible with parenthesis around value. All above are done after midi FX bay - so not seen on a midi monitor loaded. Rightclick menu on control, rev, chor, vol, pan Value -> Set Start to = Current Value -> Set End to = Current Value -> Set Snap to = Current No clue what these does and meant to do. EDIT: seems these are to do with grouping - from manual "The Set Start = Current and Set End = Current commands set the range of motion that a grouped control moves through as the other members of the group move through their starting and ending values. You don’t have to designate a group as a custom group to create a custom group—just group some controls and set their starting and ending values."
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