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  1. Cool, that I did not know about, thanks, will be useful in future. Problem remained though for XilsLab LX122 Premium plugin - nothing worked for redrawing and no presets were visible. But inside Patchwork everything redraws and works fine. I am to report later to Bakers, but will cumulate some more to report first.
  2. Just to explain a bit about some other daws - Reaper adds asio buffer sizes to process as soon as any plugin latency is reported, multiple even, just add as plugins report. So having 128 or 256 samples that means first plugin with 1 sample latency or more add one more buffer. - StudioOne the same, has minimum extra 64 samples processing buffer You get longer roundtrip latency in these daws due to this, but maybe higher threshold to crackles. First thing I noticed running Reaper 10 years ago - I had to go down to 64 samples to get acceptable roundtrip latency while recording. So this could be one reason that margins are lower in Cakewalk - but get better roundtrip latency a lot of the time. I tested various audio interfaces 10 years ago as I got my current daw computer - firewire as first. Sonar freaked out with just one VST instrument unless I increased asio buffer size on step from what I used with rme. Audio ran fine, just VST instruments seem to have some special routing going making it vulnerable. But freeze in Cakewalk is the best implementation among all daws, giving you audio on all outputs etc - so no problem using that if project grows to crackles of some sort. Having no crackle issues, RME HDSP 9632 64 samples asio buffer and i7-860 2.8 GHz, even with largest projects I have now 80-85 tracks - but run majority external midi gear since 6-7 years back. I just like hardware at my fingers more than mouse click-fest. I just found that I don't need to run instruments live constantly - so over all tip is to test if freezing making audio of it all helps any crackles you have. Unfreezing and re-recording is so smooth in Cakewalk I would not think twice doing that if having problem. So how much is due to VST instruments running live - just test if way forward freezing them changes anything - is my tip. Unless recording a specific instrument right now - no need to use resources on live - especially not in Cakewalk.
  3. Hi Steps to take - Load Bluecat Audio PatchworkSynth on a bus(insert softsynth) - load effect plugin you want to control on a row in Patchwork(I made one row 3 columns and activate that row on/off button). - Click on the loadspot for effectplugin and see to that midi input is from host(I think it is by default) - create a midi track that target PathworkSynth instance. - done and save as preset in Patchwork and possibly track template in Cakewalk Now I use a stereo send from audio track to this bus and that works nicely controlling it with midi track. I have not found another way to do this in Cakewalk. In my case I wanted to try XilsLab LX122 Premium leslie plugin and compare to leslie emulation built into my Hammond XK3c, but didn't want to bother unless this was solved playing realtime doing leslie. I made midi learn on horn+drum on/off to expression pedal or mod wheel as you please. Patchwork is very useful for loading masses of vst midi plugins(piz series bundles as example) together with various VST instruments as well. So really good investment I think. Thanks for reading.
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    I see, thank you, that explains it. A simple button to open it for editing would help in Preferences. Or are the buttons put stuff in Wincake section in cakewalk.ini - very unclear as it is now? I wanted the coloring of velocity gone, so just looked at how to do that. But seems theme stuff override anyway, I see no difference at first glance. EDIT: added in the right cakewalk.ini and this comes up in Preferences dialog.
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    I found cakewalk.ini in 2 places - where you said as well as under C:\program data\cakewalk\cakewalk core Same created date as install Cakewalk was made - maybe that was the wrong one. I believe the AllUsers part under c:\programdata has to be granted by installer, as I found. c:\Users is another case which %appdata% send you.
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    I reported a problem with this in Feedback section, not having user priviledges where it's located. What you have to do - find cakewalk.ini on disk - start notepad.exe as administrator(look up exe-file and run as administrator) - edit and save what you want to do in cakewalk.ini Cakewalk installer does not make it user priviledge to edit in that location - which I think it should do. I fixed that myself using icacls.exe command in a command prompt with adminstrator rights.
  7. For some reason video is not stopped during count-in, it kind of stutters forward slowly and when transport start it tries to catch up with really strange result. You cannot really record live to this behavior. It should really not move until transport do at all - and then with proper speed in sync as when doing normal playback on that section. I can work around though, turn off count-in, and place cursor with own preroll kind of before spot to start recording - then it looks as played back. Known feature? I searched Feedback section, but not reported as I could see. Thanks.
  8. Am I halucinating - there is a field in lane panel to just insert notes - just doubleclick and off you go. Really nice. Also in Inspector - track tab - there is a field for track level notes. Also in browser tab - usually on the right - key 'B' - there is overall notes for project.
  9. There is this setting "rewind to now marker", not assigned by default to key command, to have playback cursor return to where you started last time - or not. I assign to return key to toggle. Playback cursor is two parts - a grayish place holder triangle where it will return. So toggling this setting the gray triangle remain where you start - or not. When returning to where you start - gray triangle is separate from bar when transport proceed. When just stopping transport have playback cursor remain where it is - gray triangle also followed transport as it ran. So this is visible as transport run which state it is.
  10. If it's polyphonic it's probably full version Melodyne. I've done it with monophonic material in Waves Tune. If to do bass, it does not go that low on octave, but then I inserted Waves Ultrapitch and raised one octave, then Waves Tune on that, then transposed midi down one octave again. It's very accurate as I discovered, inserting lots of midi pitch wheel, like I did on bass. But just remove that and raw midi notes are there. Simple way to get notation for one thing.
  11. StudioOne is a good daw, stable too the 15 months I ran it. I like the style of automation you can do with VCA faders - overload automation of x number of tracks - and get nice dual visuals what totals do as well as the relative(or offset in Cakewalk). And when you feel like it you merge/freeze that into it all. A somewhat bizarr suggestions comparison in Cakewalk manual says to route those tracks to Aux track and automate that track Aux track. This is pretty much as doing it on a bus and then dry/wet relationship will change unless you route effect return possibly there to the same bus. Best way I found to apply relative automation a bunch of tracks was to - quick group them with automation lane visible. - drag on one automation lane automation up/down(upper part) and they all follow as they are. you could also do automation overwrite by arm for write automation(quick grouped is enough) - and do playback and move one tracks fader - press stop and this freeze into what you did on all tracks if you have offset mode the above becomes relative existing automation. I just find the VCA approach is more user friendly and when you feel you are done, you finalize it with a merge. which could be much later in mixing process. And when can do nested as well - it really shines above how to do it in Cakewalk. Cakewalk approach you need to finalize it all in one go, while able to do Undo if not all satisfied. In this way I feel Cakewalk control how you work more - than just assist in what you want to do. To expand on the sillyness of StudioOne recording on midi CC always become automation. Example - you start recording midi - you start moving various CC controllers like leslie on/off into the clip where you feel like doing this - stop recording Now StudioOne created an automation of leslie that start beginning of clip, not where you actually started using it. And first value recorded is obviously leslie on - so that is what you get - from start of clip. So running playback on this - leslie goes on from start of clip, not as you recorded it some bars into clip. Expand this to other things like into a midi recording you do move synth controller knobs like attack, decay and other things on envelopes. This was the very deal breaker for me with StudioOne complely useless. Doing drawbar movements and stuff - not doable. They did not think this through. I get the feeling StudioOne target more people doing music all by programming - not recording live so much. And other things is implications for midi cc as automation in StudioOne is once there you cannot remove it, there is always an initial value of that controller. I had to move clip to Sonar to remove it and then back into StudioOne. When playing my mod wheel moved by vibrations while playing - so accidentally got CC1 into clip - I could not remove. And no even list view at all to fix this. Cakewalk do this right - all midi is kept as is unless you choose to convert to automation. You could even select a series of clips and have that done in one go - if you prefer that. And one thing not mentioned - looks - Cakewalk really is easy on they eyes and clarity and easy to spot anything what is selected and stuff. You cannot in StudioOne see what track is selected, just about, if you have chosen a color for a track. Cakewalk always have this caption bar to have it's own color, which you can choose both active and non-active - so eyes easily spot what is selected and not. And also having theme editor you can dive in more if you want recoloring more. Have to look into project saves. It really feels heavy saving every time - had one freeze running transport and doing something that saved - and freeze. I have 2 dump files, will see if to report. StudioOne feels lighter on resources, and never had that heavy feel. I have a later version of same project in StudioOne, and nothing too it. Just imported some later takes on some midi into Cakewalk. In StudioOne you more freely size different modules in console view. Cakewalk force sizes from bottom of screen and up depending on number of plugins and sends. StudioOne also allow to drag copy/move sends easily, I miss that a bit in Cakewalk. A few more comparisons....
  12. Waves Ultrapitch comes to mind - different components to do 3 or 6 voices etc. Each with pitch change, formant change like more femail/mail, or not, delay, gain of each voice and such. So a tiny bit of harmony, just a touch - or not, just the formant to change EQ a bit not to get cancelling frequencies. Part of the Gold bundle which probably is among the best value you can get in a campaign for like 40 plugs. To just phatten up vocals Waves Doubler, also part of Gold bundle, is great too. Place each double in stereo field and much more.
  13. Recording stuff so intuitive - everything names properly - if doing recording/stop/recording/stop - it's name Recording 1, Recording 2 - If it's takes with many recordings, it's Recording 1 Take 1, Recording 1 Take 2, Recording 2 Take 1 etc. - all takes remains with latest on top - even the one considered the active one. In StudioOne I felt like fighting a windmill with these simple things, so you feel in control and organized in Cakewalk. Some inconsistent Layer and take naming, and activating one take - it's removed from list and swapped around so you have no clue after a while what was last takes. And Cakewalk has proper track templates - used in a flash, big timesaver Audio on all outs from VST instruments - how it should be - and very good help doing automation later, not looking at just midi something. Video has thumbnails. Markers has this clever approach each marker can be anchored in time or MBT. - really good use of just one marker bar and doing video. FX bay in track view - not needing inspector or console to see what is there. MFX bay for midi tracks(wish for also allow VST midi plugins please vote or comment here Grouping controls is in another universe, and freedom beyond both StudioOne and Cubase - any control can be part of a group - a fader can run a knob if you want. You have full sysex support both with manager or embedded as recorded. All midi recorded and kept as is - and only by own conversion do you get automation from it(StudioOne is useless here, you cannot record live midi CC). And this was just from the top of my head....thanks Bandlab for keeping this fine daw in progress....
  14. Hi For audio plugins it's possible to insert both DX-type and VST type. MFX plugins for midi is DX technology - so why not VST type there too? Thinking of large VST bundles like piz midi plugins. It also has a ini-file to set how to identify itself - as synth, so so audio ins/outs or not etc. I use today inside Patchwork from Bluecat, but would be handy for general use without serializing many tracks. Thanks for any support on this.
  15. With inserts you can do it, just drag to move to another track insert bay, Ctrl drag do copy etc. I found no way to do that with sends - would be quick way to do it. Thanks for any support on this.
  16. There is a setting i aud.ini for that, so those are muted as well. LinkPFSendMute=True It's in configuration file setting Preferences.
  17. I keep forgetting, but I think this might be possible in CAL scripting, if that is still there. It was 15 years ago so don't remember it all, have to recapture a bit.... EDIT: think I had my hopes up too much finding these lines of code ; Un-mute the track (TrackActive TRUE nTrk) that I felt there were ability to scan tracks over all. More midi driven language I'm afraid, but found the reference so I will see if possible in later versions of CAL.
  18. I do this once - and make a track template of everything including busses and stuff. So even to just load right instrument, and then load certain presets within as loaded - or make fully ready to use ones. - Insert from track template and done. Yes, a lot of fiddling first time, naming everything, removing unwanted - but could be only time....
  19. I read something interesting about network settings - called metered connection - that you can check that box - and you will be allowed to update when you feel like it. I seems that even MS it's over the top to demand people take direct costs any time this OS is doing updates when it wants to. https://www.howtogeek.com/226722/HOW-WHEN-AND-WHY-TO-SET-A-CONNECTION-AS-METERED-ON-WINDOWS-10/ But if you are flooded with nagscreens and stuff, I have no idea. I defered new computer purchase for 3 years now, and holding up a little bit more - I just don't want Windows 10. But these settings rocked me a bit.
  20. Yes, it would be great. Reaper is the one to copy, really, fully expand/collapse of folder both in track view and console. StudioOne is not bad either, in track arrange view, you can assign a bus that is the representative for the folder in console. And in console view - you can rightclick that folder and choose - show/hide related channels. So in Cakewalk to have menu with show/hide channels feeding the bus - would be a huge leap forwards, I think. Even though Cakewalk has a separate view for busses - it would work really well in a flash show/hide channels.
  21. Everything Staff View - another vote from me. But maybe most of all - remove the triplet thingy that there has to be three triplets notes everywhere - what beat is doing that? All shuffle is 1st and 3rd triplet - and you cannot do shuffle????? At least allow to insert manually a triplet rest, not smooth, but at least doable if that stays.
  22. I think it's saving - just overruled by workspaces/lenses thingy that overlaps other things you think is ruling. So I did my trick there. That could be seen as nothing saves - workspaces runs the joint. No matter what I did I could not get screensets to be predictable - stuff in workspaces override.
  23. I struggled with similar stuff - overlapping things in workspaces on top right on workspace, not the track control manager on top of track panel. Most predictable result I get was to open workspace manager, and on right side uncheck everything but Control Bar. Then custom command module also stays the same between projects. The the rest is governed by screensets saved with your projects, unless you do import thingy from another project. With screen sets also my own track control panel is there etc. If I get your issue, that is.....
  24. Are you doing monitor through Cakewalk and can do mod wheel stuff and sound changes? A bit puzzled over that you do channel 3 and it works but record on channel 1 or omni. What recording mode are you using? Rightclick record button transport. Haven't used the overwrite and soundonsound modes myself, but remember some replace alternatives can mess things up in daws as I discovered. I usually do mod wheel and such on a separate midi track to same destination when doing CC1 separately. Easy to wipe out and just start again. Also discovered that doing comping record and takes to separate track - create a track with a muted lane, but track is unmuted - so that is one thing to look at.
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    Obsolete FR

    Hi EDIT: It turns out that if you enter values and do Set it will write into WinCake section and be there to edit later. So this FR is obsolete.
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