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  1. I only have a windows 10 (1909) laptop, that is rather blank on daw stuff, but installed a Sonar on it and also did register PortDiag and TrackDiag which are the MFX I use the most. I found no issues - I could open in Sonar without anything funny. Looking at the message you got, I wonder if there might be a missing vcredist for visual studio these mfx was built with. And just a lucky coincidence I had other software so this was already there. Look at top of page, http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/ and text the "redistributable from Microsoft" - that is the vcredist I mentioned. Run that and it will be fine, I think.
  2. Glad it worked. Don't know about Windows 10 and DX, but if to try anything would be the location you register it, if UAC matters later when using it or something. Some other disk than OS disk, or under c:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\MyDxPlugins or something, is there a Roaming folder in between too maybe. Just a wild guess.
  3. I had this on a Roland synth once, and I tejped down top key before recording. Just adhesive tape holding the key down. What happend was that Roland sent AllNotesOff as all keys were up, suddenly while playing. Another fix is to filter out AllNotesOff if there is such a filter plugin in Cakewalk. I think Tencrazy plugin do that.
  4. I am also saying Waves Kramer Master Tape - and the authorizing does not require iLok anything. You can have authorize on disk or any memory stick. Another plugin in a bundle with Master Tape is HLS EQ(Helios) which also bring loveliness and you can go wild on eq and it just sound better, kind of. No sharp edges and harschness. So I would look for good price on Kramer TapeTubeTransistors bundle.
  5. I'm also into this free from grid type of recording in some cases. There are ways to even keep midi recordings not aligned to any grid by selecting timebase and anchor not being musical so it never follow any tempo changes you do unless you want to. And if you want later, to simplify some editing - you can align grid to material you select. - pick a position in time, and set which bar is starting there - but see to that any midi stuff that was recorded earlier is not musically aligned(set by track or clip even) Maybe just make markers anchored in time, not bars/musical - on some places to guide and for quick navigation.
  6. I try to keep as simple as possible and also among those not using MixRecall. The idea is good, but potential problems that can arise from it are big. Things that can play tricks on you later. So I make SaveAs instead, not versioning and absolutely not incremental versions which also is potential risk. Also a bit scared to start using arranger for the same reasons. I rather use, with some increased pulse, inserting bars for new parts. - did tempo track nodes go with it properly? - did automation go with it properly? Just daw as holder of clips and automation and the plugins that goes with it. As simple as possible. Things I would like to see is workflow stuff, like NRPN scaling in a lane. Hammond send NRPN when I turn leslie on, and it is 0 or 128 - but Cakewalk has fixed scaling 0-16000, I think it was. So that is invisible in that context. Things I do I trying different compressor plugins, to really get the hang which one works better on certain material. But that can be done just disable one and enable the other. Problem with that is that I don't know if that affect pdc or not, different daws work differently and some let you show what delay there is on a track as calculated. So visible total pdc when doing late recordings would be swell feature. And if even on each track like StudioOne and Protools do, even better. These are the things I long for.....that daw assist in anything I want to do, not having to work around how daw works....
  7. Many places use this "I'm not a robot"-thingy. And I ask myself, why does this company or platform want Google to know I was here? There are these cloud services, and people use it - without thinking it seems, just of convencience. When I bought a Android phone, I had no idea I had to have a Google account. And Google exchange whatever they like from you phone, they call it sync to cloud - and all your contacts, calendar and many things are on Google ground. I hope some awareness is happening after these reports how Facebook sold accounts data etc.
  8. "Google and Facebook told them, that's how." And why so many forums and online stores have login with Google, Twitter or Facebook account and similar. I think too many do of conveníence, but does not think about consequences. I guess everything is exchanged between platforms as you do that.
  9. Thinking about some other reports how windows 10 updates make you have to reinstall stuff - is it a possibility?
  10. Since I cannot see in Cakewalk I made a list of plugins I use to keep track of latency C1 Compressor Comp & Gate: 0 Comp-Gate & Comp SC: 340 C4 Multiband Compressor 64 H-Comp Hybrid Compressor 64 H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer 65 L1 Ultramaximizer 64 MV2 64 PS22 Stereo Maker Split / X-Split: 4 Spread: 2 Renaissance Axx 64 Renaissance Compressor 64 UltraPitch 8239 Waves Tune LT 3072 Waves Tune 3072 SSL E-Channel 1 SSL G-Channel 1 SSL G-Master Buss Comp 3 API 560 65 Manny Marroquin Delay 64 Manny Marroquin Distortion 128 Manny Marroquin Reverb 1 Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper 2968 Manny Marroquin Triple D 129 Kramer HLS Channel 161 Kramer Master Tape 44.1 kHz: 59 48 kHz: 64 PuigTec EQs 149 Maserati ACG 64 Maserati HMX 1 Maserati GTi 197 CLA Guitars 44.1 kHz: 100 48 kHz: 106 L3-LL Ultramaximizer 64 L3 Multimaximizer 44.1 kHz: 3528 48 kHz: 3840 L3 Ultramaximizer 44.1 kHz: 3528 48 kHz: 3840 L3-LL Multimaximizer 64 NLS Non-Linear Summer 4 Renaissance Channel 65 L2 Ultramaximizer 64 Morphoder 639 This is all mine with non-zero latency. This is all on Waves site for the plugins or bundles even, easy to take notes. Latency is calculated as Cakewalk is to run transport, every time, how biggy would it be to just do like StudioOne - have a field in gui, and update with what pdc is used? That is how much tracks with zero latency are delayed and thereby all tracks as total. It would help immensely. I doubt it's more than one manhour to do this.
  11. Open source is for volonteer work, people collaborating. If paying employees it's obviously an investment that serves a purpose now or later. Is that difficult to understand? Personally I prefer to pay for things that are importance to me, as Cakewalk is. It would mean also putting some demand on it. When it's free you cannot possibly demand this or that. But that's me. I would not go away for $100 annual fee to be up to date. Subscription does not feel right though, I am not using it every day.
  12. Thats the one thing I miss from StudioOne, seing total latency used, as well as on each track as well. Protools cover this very well too. As I recall Reaper do it on the plugin chain loaded on a track. Bakers, please give us pdc used, would help immensely feeling in control when doing late recordings in the mixing process more than anything. All we got now is guesswork.....
  13. A bit unclear if those tracks are programmed or recorded live. Anyway - midi tracks can have timebase that follow tempo or not. You can lock clip in absolute time - having clip anchored in position or both position and length - as absolute time or tempo/grid. But normal is musical time following tempo and the grid. But don't really see how you change by accident though, on one. But one way playback does not follow the grid. But it is possible to record free wheeling without notice to tempo and have that kept, disregarding what grid says or tempo say. Then you can adjust to grid in Cakewalk, or rather the other way around, set a certain pos to a bar no.
  14. Check what is actually sent to instrument with TrackDiag here http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/ The one to troubleshoot live midi input, install PortDiag. Very useful and a good start, I think.
  15. Programming midi and recording is different things. Look at recording modes, or whatever they call it, in preferences to replace, overwrite or soundonsound, whatever term. So that is why it is replaced, is my guess....
  16. I think so too - it's easy to forget that all plugins and instruments does not need to run realtime - use freeze options. Your cpu benchmark at about 6000 and a new i9-9900k about 18000 - but translate that into project it might mean 50% larger project is my estimate. It's not 3 times bigger. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html My old i7-860 benchmark at 5000, and have no issues running projects live plugins to about 50 tracks or so. And Cakewalk freeze is the best in the business, so quick to go back and forth. Even multi out VST instruments are cool. Troublefree daw also depend on soundcards used, and maybe look at that part too is an option. It's nothing like RME internal cards and I run HDSP 9632 at 64 samples as I mention above, no issues with crackles and pops.
  17. I just prefer external midi gear - synths and modules. - it usually is real fun and nice way of making own sounds - knobs on everything - does not compare to VST instruments - less load on cpu, but takes more analog inputs on computer - until recorded to audio clips - and usually a power on button - and sit and fool around a bit - lower threashold to actually use the gear Drums and some sample libraries are inevitable though. Everything that requires tweaking - EXTERNAL.....
  18. Hi Sometimes listen to various stuff in background while browsing Cakewalk forum - and playback suddenly become Donald Duck, every page load? Does anybody have a clue what that is about? Nothing is played back as far as I know, or is there some sound effect or something not obvious? It does not happend anywhere else on internet. Thanks.
  19. Don't get your hopes up. I bought Notion 6.5 to go with StudioOne - and it fails even to navigate midi files I have. I had a couple of bars it completely loose navigation and result was not usable. StudioOne played them alright though, just Notion - so that code into StudioOne maybe will fail as well. Notion even less succeed in splitting a midi file into two staves - for grand piano staff, or whatever they called it. Track had to be named Piano or anything twohanded you have recorded cannot be presented as two staves - at import only, or if recording directly into Notion. In Cakewalk staff view this is as easy as anything - just select bass+treble clef or whatever it was called, and select which note to split it on - done. And you can go back and forth changing until you get best readability for that notation. Staff view has so much going for it - it's such a pity it does not get more attention from bakers. As long as I had 4/4 signature and no triplets - I had really good use of it from Sonar 4 onwards. But taking drums lessons and starting to do more interesting time signatures - triplets stuff - it cannot be used. Not ordinary shuffle even.
  20. Download the trackdiag och portdiag mfx plugins here and see what is going on http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/ PortDiag is for realtime monitoring what is coming in, and TrackDiag capture what is played back. Very useful. Just insert on midi track plugin bay. Unless you were tweaking realtime as I read your post before, I cannot see how that would be happening. Some information is missing in how you did things. Have you set recording manual offset in config for audio device? Are PDC activated as you record or turned off on toolbar buttons? I do almost solely external midi gear, 4 synths, hammond and a digital piano, and never saw that. If your hear in realtime that audio from synth react, why should it not record audio as such? Or are you rerecording midi first, or something? Just an audio track and it does not sound right from synth if one track is armed for recording, and record is going on? Is midi cc separate midi track, or together with notes as recorded before? I set midi tracks negative time+ so audio from synth line up with grid where midi is, did you do that? I have separate values for each synth how much time is needs to respond, from 100 samples to 400 samples or so. Set in ticks on track. Please fill us in on more details....
  21. Updated 2020.01 to 2020.05 this weekend and have some strange behavior. #1. Soloing a bus - mutes metronome I can solo any number of tracks no problem. But if I turn on Dim on solo - then metronome comes back. Have not checked all options - but I only have for count in, so neither playback or record are checked. I checked output, it was on Analog1+2 on hardware, same as master goes to. Changed to master for metronome, but no different. #2. recorded midi - much too often it truncates the last bar as recorded. I know I played another bar before hitting spacebar, and I could even see it truncated. It was longer before hitting spacebar. I did not check if it just used another take in comp lanes or something. I did maybe a dozen takes, then undo with Ctrl Z and recorded again. Recording mode comp. #3. Strange things happend - and suddenly lead vocal track seemed slided so first line of vers was gone. Clip looked normal position. I also found that Start marker I always have at 5.01 was gone. And other markers were nudged 800 ticks or something. They did not line up on the grid. I luckily had a backup I reverted to from 2 days ago - that made this back to normal. Not sure if I pressed something, I forgot which modifier were to activate Solo override, tried Ctrl and Alt before finding Shift. That is all I know I did. I will see if doing the same things in my Sonar Artist 2015 works on the same project, to see if I can narrow down a bit. If anybody experienced similar, please share.
  22. Not sure I follow so just ignore if I got it wrong - you play back notes in clips with midi to external synth while touching synth knobs in realtime to add filter changes, and record final audio? a) or are you using other controller that sending a certain midi cc - thinking extra delay routes this travels? b) how large are asio buffers if the realtime delay is significant? c) this using "local off" in synth and roundtrip monitor midi cc through Cakewalk - or "local on" where knob directly control parameter in synth? There is a setting to disable that local off is sent when project load "SendLocalOff=<0 or 1> Boolean 1 (enable) This line determines whether or not Cakewalk should send a Local Control OFF message during startup."
  23. True, I ran Cakewalk Pro 3.0 late 80's and as MSDOS and it had sysex manager already then. StudioOne does not even support sysex at all, not for recording or anything. I had to go to extensive length with plugins that could program to send initializing to various midi gear as I load a project. My Yamaha piano had mixed midi CC and sysex as initialized so recorded in Sonar and used special plugins. Midi editing in StudioOne - you cannot remove midi CC at all. I had unwanted CC1 as I was playing a keyboard, mod wheel just moved, I had to move midi to Sonar to remove it. You cannot remove first value of CC in StudioOne, even if node is deleted. Some handling of chords and chord track etc is very useful in StudioOne though.
  24. I moved from StudioOne back to Cakewalk due to that all midi recording of CC is forced to automation, that was a showstopper for me. It means that first move of a control like filter attack on synth or leslie on organ always was sent at beginning of clip. So even having the actual midi CC 2 bars in from clip start - this is interpreted as initial value and sent not where recorded but at beginning of clip. In Cakewalk it remains data as long as you want, no problems at all. And you can convert to automation style if you want. Just FYI.....
  25. MFX Velocity plugin is useful for many such operations too. You can scale, limit or add and many things to velocity. A midi effect, MFX, can be run on a selection by Process Effect - or inserted on midi tracks for realtime processing.
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