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  1. The reported latency is adjusted automatically, so clips are moved back by that amount, I think even roundtrip latency as calculated is what is used. But as said, that means that interface must have AD and DA encoders on them, so that is reported too. Pure ADAT cards like RME RayDat does not have encoders, so extra values for AD and DA converters delay must be added. My RME HDSP 9632 has if it was 149 samples on DA and 111 on AD. And strangely enough the piggyback addon card AI4S is different by 6 samples. My Audient ASP800 over ADAT is 3 samples quicker than built in. These things are easy to test out how clips are placed re-recording like metronome sound or something else on timeline. Just do loopback with cable. But just for knowing I did this, I don't bother adjusting by nudging all these depending on inputs unless multimike something on different delays. I did both line input and through other gear where inputs were on different delays, so adding these later it sounded boxy already, just having different by 6 samples. I think a delay field for each audio track would be great addition too Cakewalk. I have this noted, as well as how long response delay there is for external midi gear to set negative ticks delay on midi track to make that align as rendered. Then if plugins introduce delays that can be turned off with toolbar button [pdc] if you don't want that delay added as tracks are played back. But there is usually no need to have everything playing back doing recording, so either minimize what is playing by disable tracks, or disable plugins is also alternative or turn off pdc.
  2. Just emailed support about it, referrring to bandlab account to get email set to same. Referred to some products I bought over the years, various synths etc. But i had my pwd still, anything demanding outgoing email seems shutdown somehow. Maybe ask to set pwd same as to bandlab account or something. Look in old email password reset you did before on Cakewalk account - I found one where they actually sent it directly. I found it, since I save all email historically since almost 15 years back I can search through. Maybe something like this would work.
  3. I ordered with Spitfire's excellent hdd service, just copied as instructed to local hdd first and ran install. I did not have internet then that could do that download at the time. You had to be online while doing the install, some license thing I'm sure is the reason. No problems at all getting it working, no contact with their support even. I've been lazy and did not work much with it, it was a 50% off offer, so I went for it. Just testing in some daws to get it scanned. It sounds fabulous. Spitfire is a bit like Waves - you always wait for a campaign of some sort, unless immediate need of course.
  4. I am using Spitfire Eric Whitacre choir vst3 plugin which I believe is basically the same plugin as BBC orchestra. Difference would be amount of samples, pretty much, about 150 GB as I recall in choirs. I noticed no tendency to instability in Cakewalk 2020.09. Windows 7 Pro. 16 GB ram. Opened for all outputs in Cakewalk. I also turned off in group policy in windows this assistant sometime placing programs is crash group, kind of, where certain extra increased memory handling is performed. Many times this created more problems than otherwise when a program was considered crashing a lot. All software start quicker as well with this turned off. I usually had to clean registry from this crap otherwise so no special treatment is used by Windows.
  5. Yes, it will help also if very unstable voltages like I had before electric company fixed that. I had tube gear that stopped all together when craftsmen worked at the farm I lived then, one drilling machine started and voltage dropped like 30V. So I got one of these which were way cheaper €200. https://powerwalker.com/ A VFI 1000 TG is double converter, constantly running from battery which is constantly charged too - giving perfect condition voltage. Here 230 VAC 50 Hz. For me 1000 VA was enough with good margin, having all gear running below 500W. Did not do anything about electric fence though, which was due to having fence 2m outside my windows then. Brian May is running a frequency converter to have constantly 234 VAC 50 Hz, which he feels give his Vox AC30 best tone, whereever he goes in the world on tour. That unit goes from 110 VAC to 240 VAC. So these are good for many things, But brand he used cost about £2000 for 1000 VA unit. It's on YT a tour on his gear. So going between continents very practical.
  6. Electric fence I have had a lot over the years, having to tilt guitar vertically and turn sideways to a specific spot to get it down enough below -60 dBFs. Humbuckers are a bit easier than strat sc. I have to tilt slightly forward and search sideway for the spot. But still ok playing position, so I am alright with this. On Strat my wrist watch came into pickups, so had to take that off - and problem solved. Can you believe it - every second - again I thought this is electric fence, but no. :D Then the usuall hum in what direction guitar compared to amp, also tricky in that minimum hum meant more electric fence in some cases. I had to take a longer instrument cable and go out in the hallway. And one pedal on pedal board needed getting in second place as routed, and own power supply - or some extra noise turning a booster on even digital noise from chips inside the pedal, a steady frequency there. Some pedals need certain order, some impedance thingy as well. The world of electronics and computers....
  7. Cakewalk plugin manager has path to where to expect things to be, as scanned - each plugin, which goes for mfx too, never had issues with it since 2005 doing Sonar 4. Damage might be when registering same dll on other place, not sure if that duplicate things in registry. Reset and rescan plugins is probably needed after any changes like move of plugin. You got off to a bad start and it just continues....
  8. The old account did not send emails to verify change - so was trapped in some limbo on account, could not login from internet anymore. They fixed so email on Bandlab account was synced to the old account and now working fine to download and authorize old Cakewalk products. Really greatful for the help, thanks guys. :) So a tip, don't try and change email on old Cakewalk account. You might end up in this limbo. I did this in 2017 - and email never came, so felt it was just disabled to do that.
  9. As I understand it you got rid of the message doing the vcredist, or? Not sure why you remove vcredist stuff, where that came from - it's doing no harm. The x86 versions may be running 32-bit applications via WOW3264, or what it's called. A bridge windows use for WindowsOnWindows as they call it. I mean any other software you run that is 32-bit, may need the x86 versions of vcredist - and once installed them probably! vcredist is needed for when compiling some software that use common files like msvccrt or vcomp which are C-Runtime libraries and multiprocessor stuff OpenMP. It does no harm being there unless software is started that look for them. And takes virtually no room, just let this be there. New registration of mfx(or any DX based plugins) is needed if moving it, so if you documented all you did in your text - that might be a problem just moving it. Part of running regsvr32 is taking it's location. And not all clear - which error still remain for you? On Cakewalk level I mean, what exactly happends. Does plugin gui load? This kind of stuff is frustrating, I know. I had other things with Cubase that made me leave etc, every hour uptime of windows - Cubase restarted audio engine, and if in middle of recording that stops etc. When I tested, I have 1909 Windows 10 version(not running Cakewalk, just old Sonar Artist to test mfx as such). Seen people having issues with 2004 version, not in Cakewalk as such, just in general. Computers.....just feed us what exactly happends now to get you running.....and if possible, more than a week in between in conversation is a bit long, if possible come back every day at least and we will sort it out somehow..... FYI, I just moved in february back to Cakewalk from StudioOne 4.5x - because of their odd handling of midi creating automation from recorded midi at all times. In Cakewalk this is an option if you want that. Default is to let midi be as recorded. What happend is I turned on leslie of hammond 2 bars into a clip - StudioOne interpret this as "ok, this is first occurance of leslie on, so I intercept that as initial value of this midi and move it and send at beginning of clip instead". So leslie went on at beginning of clip instead of where I used it. This f-k up all realtime midi treating it like this. So total showstopper for me. I tweak all kinds of knobs in realtime on synths and stuff and it has to be sent when tweaked - not at beginning of clip. Both Cubase and Cakewalk has this as optional - converting to automation - not so in StudioOne.
  10. Which Windows release are you running, I think all these releases of Windows 10 in particular seems to create various problems, not with installer in particular just various problems? I installed CbB in february, updated 2020.05 and just now 2020.09 on windows 7 pro(not supported officially anymore) and had nothing funny. Today the Bandlab Assistant updated itself first.
  11. VST midi effects can be used in the manner of having VST instrument plugin like Humanize loaded on one track, and then take midi out from that as input to another like Pianoteq. So you run tracks in series you could say. There are some setting to enable midi output on the instance of Humanize then so it become visible.
  12. I only have a windows 10 (1909) laptop, that is rather blank on daw stuff, but installed a Sonar on it and also did register PortDiag and TrackDiag which are the MFX I use the most. I found no issues - I could open in Sonar without anything funny. Looking at the message you got, I wonder if there might be a missing vcredist for visual studio these mfx was built with. And just a lucky coincidence I had other software so this was already there. Look at top of page, http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/ and text the "redistributable from Microsoft" - that is the vcredist I mentioned. Run that and it will be fine, I think.
  13. Glad it worked. Don't know about Windows 10 and DX, but if to try anything would be the location you register it, if UAC matters later when using it or something. Some other disk than OS disk, or under c:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\MyDxPlugins or something, is there a Roaming folder in between too maybe. Just a wild guess.
  14. I had this on a Roland synth once, and I tejped down top key before recording. Just adhesive tape holding the key down. What happend was that Roland sent AllNotesOff as all keys were up, suddenly while playing. Another fix is to filter out AllNotesOff if there is such a filter plugin in Cakewalk. I think Tencrazy plugin do that.
  15. I am also saying Waves Kramer Master Tape - and the authorizing does not require iLok anything. You can have authorize on disk or any memory stick. Another plugin in a bundle with Master Tape is HLS EQ(Helios) which also bring loveliness and you can go wild on eq and it just sound better, kind of. No sharp edges and harschness. So I would look for good price on Kramer TapeTubeTransistors bundle.
  16. I'm also into this free from grid type of recording in some cases. There are ways to even keep midi recordings not aligned to any grid by selecting timebase and anchor not being musical so it never follow any tempo changes you do unless you want to. And if you want later, to simplify some editing - you can align grid to material you select. - pick a position in time, and set which bar is starting there - but see to that any midi stuff that was recorded earlier is not musically aligned(set by track or clip even) Maybe just make markers anchored in time, not bars/musical - on some places to guide and for quick navigation.
  17. I try to keep as simple as possible and also among those not using MixRecall. The idea is good, but potential problems that can arise from it are big. Things that can play tricks on you later. So I make SaveAs instead, not versioning and absolutely not incremental versions which also is potential risk. Also a bit scared to start using arranger for the same reasons. I rather use, with some increased pulse, inserting bars for new parts. - did tempo track nodes go with it properly? - did automation go with it properly? Just daw as holder of clips and automation and the plugins that goes with it. As simple as possible. Things I would like to see is workflow stuff, like NRPN scaling in a lane. Hammond send NRPN when I turn leslie on, and it is 0 or 128 - but Cakewalk has fixed scaling 0-16000, I think it was. So that is invisible in that context. Things I do I trying different compressor plugins, to really get the hang which one works better on certain material. But that can be done just disable one and enable the other. Problem with that is that I don't know if that affect pdc or not, different daws work differently and some let you show what delay there is on a track as calculated. So visible total pdc when doing late recordings would be swell feature. And if even on each track like StudioOne and Protools do, even better. These are the things I long for.....that daw assist in anything I want to do, not having to work around how daw works....
  18. Many places use this "I'm not a robot"-thingy. And I ask myself, why does this company or platform want Google to know I was here? There are these cloud services, and people use it - without thinking it seems, just of convencience. When I bought a Android phone, I had no idea I had to have a Google account. And Google exchange whatever they like from you phone, they call it sync to cloud - and all your contacts, calendar and many things are on Google ground. I hope some awareness is happening after these reports how Facebook sold accounts data etc.
  19. "Google and Facebook told them, that's how." And why so many forums and online stores have login with Google, Twitter or Facebook account and similar. I think too many do of conveníence, but does not think about consequences. I guess everything is exchanged between platforms as you do that.
  20. Thinking about some other reports how windows 10 updates make you have to reinstall stuff - is it a possibility?
  21. Since I cannot see in Cakewalk I made a list of plugins I use to keep track of latency C1 Compressor Comp & Gate: 0 Comp-Gate & Comp SC: 340 C4 Multiband Compressor 64 H-Comp Hybrid Compressor 64 H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer 65 L1 Ultramaximizer 64 MV2 64 PS22 Stereo Maker Split / X-Split: 4 Spread: 2 Renaissance Axx 64 Renaissance Compressor 64 UltraPitch 8239 Waves Tune LT 3072 Waves Tune 3072 SSL E-Channel 1 SSL G-Channel 1 SSL G-Master Buss Comp 3 API 560 65 Manny Marroquin Delay 64 Manny Marroquin Distortion 128 Manny Marroquin Reverb 1 Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper 2968 Manny Marroquin Triple D 129 Kramer HLS Channel 161 Kramer Master Tape 44.1 kHz: 59 48 kHz: 64 PuigTec EQs 149 Maserati ACG 64 Maserati HMX 1 Maserati GTi 197 CLA Guitars 44.1 kHz: 100 48 kHz: 106 L3-LL Ultramaximizer 64 L3 Multimaximizer 44.1 kHz: 3528 48 kHz: 3840 L3 Ultramaximizer 44.1 kHz: 3528 48 kHz: 3840 L3-LL Multimaximizer 64 NLS Non-Linear Summer 4 Renaissance Channel 65 L2 Ultramaximizer 64 Morphoder 639 This is all mine with non-zero latency. This is all on Waves site for the plugins or bundles even, easy to take notes. Latency is calculated as Cakewalk is to run transport, every time, how biggy would it be to just do like StudioOne - have a field in gui, and update with what pdc is used? That is how much tracks with zero latency are delayed and thereby all tracks as total. It would help immensely. I doubt it's more than one manhour to do this.
  22. Open source is for volonteer work, people collaborating. If paying employees it's obviously an investment that serves a purpose now or later. Is that difficult to understand? Personally I prefer to pay for things that are importance to me, as Cakewalk is. It would mean also putting some demand on it. When it's free you cannot possibly demand this or that. But that's me. I would not go away for $100 annual fee to be up to date. Subscription does not feel right though, I am not using it every day.
  23. Thats the one thing I miss from StudioOne, seing total latency used, as well as on each track as well. Protools cover this very well too. As I recall Reaper do it on the plugin chain loaded on a track. Bakers, please give us pdc used, would help immensely feeling in control when doing late recordings in the mixing process more than anything. All we got now is guesswork.....
  24. A bit unclear if those tracks are programmed or recorded live. Anyway - midi tracks can have timebase that follow tempo or not. You can lock clip in absolute time - having clip anchored in position or both position and length - as absolute time or tempo/grid. But normal is musical time following tempo and the grid. But don't really see how you change by accident though, on one. But one way playback does not follow the grid. But it is possible to record free wheeling without notice to tempo and have that kept, disregarding what grid says or tempo say. Then you can adjust to grid in Cakewalk, or rather the other way around, set a certain pos to a bar no.
  25. Check what is actually sent to instrument with TrackDiag here http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/ The one to troubleshoot live midi input, install PortDiag. Very useful and a good start, I think.
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