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  1. I read something interesting about network settings - called metered connection - that you can check that box - and you will be allowed to update when you feel like it. I seems that even MS it's over the top to demand people take direct costs any time this OS is doing updates when it wants to. https://www.howtogeek.com/226722/HOW-WHEN-AND-WHY-TO-SET-A-CONNECTION-AS-METERED-ON-WINDOWS-10/ But if you are flooded with nagscreens and stuff, I have no idea. I defered new computer purchase for 3 years now, and holding up a little bit more - I just don't want Windows 10. But these settings rocked me a bit.
  2. Yes, it would be great. Reaper is the one to copy, really, fully expand/collapse of folder both in track view and console. StudioOne is not bad either, in track arrange view, you can assign a bus that is the representative for the folder in console. And in console view - you can rightclick that folder and choose - show/hide related channels. So in Cakewalk to have menu with show/hide channels feeding the bus - would be a huge leap forwards, I think. Even though Cakewalk has a separate view for busses - it would work really well in a flash show/hide channels.
  3. Everything Staff View - another vote from me. But maybe most of all - remove the triplet thingy that there has to be three triplets notes everywhere - what beat is doing that? All shuffle is 1st and 3rd triplet - and you cannot do shuffle????? At least allow to insert manually a triplet rest, not smooth, but at least doable if that stays.
  4. I think it's saving - just overruled by workspaces/lenses thingy that overlaps other things you think is ruling. So I did my trick there. That could be seen as nothing saves - workspaces runs the joint. No matter what I did I could not get screensets to be predictable - stuff in workspaces override.
  5. I struggled with similar stuff - overlapping things in workspaces on top right on workspace, not the track control manager on top of track panel. Most predictable result I get was to open workspace manager, and on right side uncheck everything but Control Bar. Then custom command module also stays the same between projects. The the rest is governed by screensets saved with your projects, unless you do import thingy from another project. With screen sets also my own track control panel is there etc. If I get your issue, that is.....
  6. Are you doing monitor through Cakewalk and can do mod wheel stuff and sound changes? A bit puzzled over that you do channel 3 and it works but record on channel 1 or omni. What recording mode are you using? Rightclick record button transport. Haven't used the overwrite and soundonsound modes myself, but remember some replace alternatives can mess things up in daws as I discovered. I usually do mod wheel and such on a separate midi track to same destination when doing CC1 separately. Easy to wipe out and just start again. Also discovered that doing comping record and takes to separate track - create a track with a muted lane, but track is unmuted - so that is one thing to look at.
  7. Hi Wanted to add some settings in cakewalk.ini but dialog have some odd set and delete options but no content listed or anything to work with. No buttons like for Aud.ini stuff to edit etc. Also discovered that priviledges are not set at folder where it is so you have to fiddle with opening notepad as administrator to even edit and save anything. So maybe installer could set priviledges to just search, open and edit and save - as easy as it gets. I set priviledges myself with icacls command now, but think it could be done by default in installer so normal user level can edit straight up and save. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. No, it's in the clip to the right that was punch recorded as well. I could scrub it in place but playback exclude it. I could also play it from event list with the spacebar thingy. Only way to solve it was to crop that clip to the right, whih it's part of, so not visible, and make a new recorded clip with just one hit on ride and kick - and it now plays as such. Looked into fade in stuff - but nothing visible I can see anywhere that I can change. Not all colors follow what is in settings regarding PRV - so overruled by theme maybe. There is some fade in thingy for midi as well of doing crop at upper part - will have to experiment. My overall feeling is that it's excluded as punched in - but in a weird state that does not show anything but muted. I consider it worked around at least. Always a good side to problems, you learn so many new things - and I need to learn/refresh everything deeper. It's been an intense week, and one thing is clear - I'm back in Cakewalk.
  9. Enclosing a screen dump. Notes show as having velocity in event list, but show no velocity as selected in prv. I can do select on next and previous notes and take property - but not on this HH and Kick. How do I revive these to normal status? I should say, notes to left of these are previous clip, punch recorded. puuuh. spent two hours now and tried to read up on what might be going on, but fail.....
  10. This works in Cubase and Bitwig - but not in Cakewalk which show only 2 outs in plugin manager. It's such a useful plugin to do loads of VST midi plugins and synths combined for various uses. I use v1.xx of Patchwork and have plenty presets made, so thought keeping that as VST2 - while having v2.xx of Patchwork as VST3 to have both versions accessible so presets are compatible. If I upgrade VST2 version I will replace v1.xx which may cause issues with preset. Bluecat could not guarantee they are compatible. So would be great if Cakewalk supported VST3 version as it's designed for multiout. Thanks for any support on this.
  11. Ok, many thanks for hanging in there. It's often like that - different people have different ways of experiencing the same issue. I'm saying Undo does not restore - you say some trimming thingy. The job of the Bakers to see what is related to a particular issue or not.
  12. Thanks for all the help. I you are happy with length does not restore doing Undo - good for you. I consider it a bug...it could be corrupt internals of all sort messing things up later on, as I described what freezes I got....changing length of undo buffer, closing project and opening next project with a freeze?????
  13. Thanks. It does not matter exactly what measures you do - but opening dialog it says for beat 1.000 and I increase to 2.000. So numerically there is no difference saying 3.1 or 3.01 unless you mean 3.0.1 in your case. I did all kind of changes changed measure 3 to SMBAN 5, but change in tempo were so big that not so good for this demonstration. The purpose of undo is to restore to previous state - no matter what. I'll take no excuses for that, unless maybe doing hiddeous big ones like full project wide inserts of time and stuff. This happended to be visual stuff that was obvious - using undo in other situations it might just be under the hood stuff - and you may really cause strange things. Something is not right here. The week I worked with Cakewalk now - I had 2 freeze crashes - both as doing undo operations in situations. One was replace SuperiorDrummer to Addictive drums, did some wrong choice so used undo - freeze as I inserted second time as mono outs instead of stereo. The other were doing change of undo depth - next project opened without fully closing Cakewalk in between open next project. I consider Cakewalk really stable, as was Sonar Artist 2015, as was Sonar 4 Studio and Sonar 8.5 Studio. But Undo, I will avoid that like the plague....doing save before operations frequently to just reopen project.
  14. Thanks. It seems two consequtive SMBAN is the culprit, shown in images. Text explain what I did. I named tracks for 1st column clips Tm=track musical timebase, Ta=absolute track timebase, Cm=clip musical, lock or not, Ca clip absolute lock or no lock 2nd column clips are as first clip musical no lock. Real problem seem in this test to be musical clip on a absolute track. After two SMBAN both first undo and second does not restore. I have a bundle project as well that I can post.
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