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  1. Hi everyone, ive just started using the arranger track function. Does anyone know if there a way to click on an arrangement to have it loop? It would be a handy function if it’s not already there. cheers John
  2. I did try that yes. No joy but I went back to the restore point I created before the last update and it worked. Reinstalled the new update and it works. Odd but all seems to be ok again. Thanks for your time. john
  3. Thanks for the reply. I’m all up to date etc. It’s baffling though. I may try a full reinstall.
  4. Hi, yeah that’s what I’m doing I’ve never had a problem with it before. I don’t use it that often in fact this may be the first time since I switched from SONAR to Cakewalk by bandlab. I was just surprised that it didn’t work. Do you think there might be something in preferences? I’ve looked but nothing stands out. thanks for replying
  5. Hi, yes he track plays normally. My thoughts were initially the same as yours , was the track muted or other tracks soloed but nope everything was ‘free’. thanks for replying
  6. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone could advise me on a problem I’m having with the scrub tool. I press J and little speaker the icon appears but when I scrub across the waveform I don’t hear anything. Any thoughts? thanks John
  7. johnpeeee


    Hi Everyone, I wondered if anyone has tried this app to control cakewalk. It has templates for a lot of daws but not cakewalk however they claim that it can control any app/ program. Just wondered If anyone had any experience with it. thanks John
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