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  1. Hi MediaScraper, yes I totally agree with all your thoughts - it really would be good to see a dedicated mastering module etc.
  2. Hi, for the last couple of years I’ve been using cloudbounce to master my tracks after I first mix them to give me an idea of how they translate etc. last week I put a couple of tracks through band labs free mastering service and was impressed. anyone else got any thoughts?
  3. Respect. Sonar/cakewalk has been my only DAW since I changed from tape. I wish cakewalk by band lab had a bit more credibility out here. The updates since bandlab took over are amazing. Yet (for example) Sound on Sound just ignore it. Shame.
  4. Yeah it’s a great DAW. Having paid for Sonar Platinum(and other versions before it) I can’t believe how band lab have taken it forward for FREE!. I keep looking for the catch but I can’t find one. More power to their elbow.
  5. Hi, using the event inspector (top right on the tool bar) you can assign midi channels to individual clips within the same track. This is really useful in conjunction with the articulation map when you’re writing strings or brass parts with something like east west pop brass etc.
  6. johnpeeee

    Cannot add drum maps

    Hi go to YouTube and Mike from creative source has the best drum map tutorial. It used to bewilder me but after watching the video I was sorted
  7. Hi this might be slightly off the topic but the scrub tool will not work if you’ve got any regional fx engaged
  8. Solved with a complete clean install of cakewalk and the rme driver.
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. my audio interface is an RME Fireface UC all the drivers and firmware are the latest. my controller is a Roland APro 500 and a subzero fader bank. I've tried starting Cakewalk with each one disconnected in turn. Always the same thing. I'll check the windows event log as you suggest. John
  10. Hi, I’m experiencing a really frustrating problem. I was using cakewalk this morning saved project shut down pc but when I came back cakewalk won’t open at all. The splash screen comes up for about 2 - 3 seconds then shuts down again. I’ve tried running in safe mode - same thing. Running as administrator - same thing. Ran the windows compatibility utility and it says not compatible. Uninstalled and reinstalled - same thing. Followed the suggestions in the help pages re adding a date to the AUD.INI file in the registry - same thing. I spent time making sure every driver and firmware for peripherals are up to date - still no joy. I’m guessing it’s a plug-in problem but how to work out which one when I can’t open in safe mode? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. John
  11. Hi everyone, ive just started using the arranger track function. Does anyone know if there a way to click on an arrangement to have it loop? It would be a handy function if it’s not already there. cheers John
  12. I did try that yes. No joy but I went back to the restore point I created before the last update and it worked. Reinstalled the new update and it works. Odd but all seems to be ok again. Thanks for your time. john
  13. Thanks for the reply. I’m all up to date etc. It’s baffling though. I may try a full reinstall.
  14. Hi, yeah that’s what I’m doing I’ve never had a problem with it before. I don’t use it that often in fact this may be the first time since I switched from SONAR to Cakewalk by bandlab. I was just surprised that it didn’t work. Do you think there might be something in preferences? I’ve looked but nothing stands out. thanks for replying
  15. Hi, yes he track plays normally. My thoughts were initially the same as yours , was the track muted or other tracks soloed but nope everything was ‘free’. thanks for replying
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