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  1. I agree, yet the it is likely I can just proceed with the songs if I go the recreation route instead of all the porting over.. about the same amount of work in the end I am grateful for your responses. I sticking point is that my OS on new computer is rather clean and stable and introducing old software then uninstalling it will likely make some residual mess.
  2. 32 bit Host... Yeah, that's some old code there, running in a current win OS I will pass on that!
  3. yikes, gearsltz page has it all....time to forget it, or face instability issues. I guess recreating the FX will be the way to go, I am smarter and faster than I was, so its likely a win win. Fun Fact: exporting OMF files from Sonar to PT... fail when the crossfades in Sonar are beyond some limits. IE unfade the clips (I know its a pain!)
  4. So.. Where do I start? I used Sonar from VS3.0 forward to VS8 then stability issues etc..I went to Pro Tools I have possibly 200 song ideas as .bun files from "back in the day" and wish I could open them with the 32 bit plugins that had shipped with cakewalk OR the 32 bit Waves plugins that I used (I own Mercury Bundle Legit). Did we cross into a realm where 32 bit plugs will no longer work in Sonar? Where do I get legacy plugs? Hopeful to find answers even if its not possible to attempt a recreation of the old setup. By the way, if you are a PT HD Native user with large Sonar projects from the past, the Analog 16/16 will freak out if you try to load a huge project and basically flicker and lock up. You will need to use an alternate sound card, I use my X32 Rack for this and it boots the files just fine.
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