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  1. OMFG! thank you, thank you, thank you HIBI! It works! You have no idea how long i have been trying to fix this shit! Thank You!
  2. Here are a list of the errors. 1. An error occured while trying to create a file in the destination directory, set up was unable to create the directory C:\users\public\documents\overloud 2. The system cannot find the file specified 3. Setup was unable to create the directory C:\users\......\documents\cakewalk I have to stress, that i had to find the exe's myself in the download folder and install manually. After eight downloads (fully un-installed and with registery cleaned) i still get "the set up files are corrupt, please obtain a new copy of the program!" Eight fresh installs!
  3. I'm signed up to bandlab, (windows 10) I've installed the software, and I've tried to install Cakewalk! Once i click install via the launcher i'm then presented with a list of options. I click each of these options and wait...and wait.......and wait................and wai....you get the picture. Once the waiting is over instead of an open button on the launcher, i'm presented with an 'install' button, exactly the same as when i launched the launcher. So closing the launcher and re-start and there is the open button! HURRAY!! But wait, there is more installing to be done. First it seems the instruments didn't download, then when i launch Cakewalk, i get two errors, these i ignore (because i have absolutely no idea what they are) and the app launches. Tho and behold, i can't create a project or pretty much do anything! There are no plugins for example. I have also had five "this file is corrupt" errors after installation! How on Earth do i get this working on my pc?
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