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  1. The video that Scott Reams posted is exactly the problem I'm having. It describes it perfectly. Sonar ignores my preferred directory, and copies all audio from my preferred folder to the folder of THEIR choice. A lot of the answers to Scott's question seem to be ignoring the video and taking wild guesses. Please watch the video. If there is a fix or workaround, we'd appreciate feedback. I would really like to hear from Bandlab support on this. Is this a bug? Is it intentional? Why would they force our wave files onto our C drive for pre-existing projects?
  2. Any time I try a "save as" and then choose my selected audio folder, Cakewalk ignores it and actually copies the contents OUT of my proper project audio folder and into a default folder on my C drive. There is also no longer an option for "per project" audio paths. Is there a fix? Is it a bug? It seems to have occurred at my last Sonar update, as well as when I downloaded the Bandlab version of Cakewalk.
  3. I have the exact same problem, and it's a MAJOR problem. It began with my last Sonar update, and so I downloaded the full Bandlab version of cakewalk, and it still does it. Like the OP, I would also appreciate hearing from Bandlab on a fix.
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