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  1. Hi. Tried to Search an answer but obviously not explaining myself very well... I'll break my problem down step-by-step - Opened a new project. Inserted, e.g. organ vst. Added some notes on the piano roll - Inserted bass guitar. Added notes for that on piano roll - Organ plays bass notes and organ notes. Bass plays organ notes as well as its own - Same if recording notes via USB keyboard. Same if solo is chosen for each track Apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Trying to get my head around Cakewalk and avoid spending money on a DAW if possible Cheers
  2. Hi Just installed Cakewalk. Unfortunately it won't recognise my audio interface/USB speakers. I'm using Samson Studio GTs. They work for, e.g. YouTube and what have you, but don't come up as an option under Edit > Preferences > Audio > Devices. I previously used Cubase and they'd come up under the corresponding tab there. Sorry for rookie question - tried searching for similar threads but couldn't find anything useful Cheers
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