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  1. [SOLVED] [BRAIN TRANSPLANT REQUIRED] With a track in Clips mode, and the Smart tool selected, I should be able to hover the mouse pointer over either end of a clip, and (near the top) see the mouse pointer change into a triangle to indicate I'm about to manually set up a fade. This is not working. I just installed the latest version of CbB on a new PC with very few other apps installed. I'm using a Logitech trackball, as I've done for several years. Windows is 10/64, latest rev. When I hover over either end of a clip, the pointer changes to the trim icon, and I can stretch or shorten the clip as usual. And Ctrl+Shift shows the double-arrows for slip editing, as usual. But no way can I use the mouse to add a fade in or out to a clip. Is this a bug? Some oddity with certain pointing devices? Or have I just lost my mind and imagined this should work. The latter is possible, since I've been using Cake since DOS days . . . OH. NEVERMIND. I did indeed lose my mind. Got so tangled up in prepping the new PC that I was trying to fade a MIDI clip. I left this post so people might learn from this particular instance of unmitigated idiocy. Thanks in advance, and apologies to anyone starting to reply to my original question! Allen
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