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  1. There was a 10.5 ? I'm running Reason release 10.4d4 and it ReWire's to Cakewalk version 2020.1 just fine. It appears in the right side menu in CW. But yes, as mentioned, they have scrapped ReWire in version 11
  2. It's heartening to read this thread. I've only started trying out Cakewalk with a view to shift DAWs and when I started a song project today, I got crashes on several occasions. And guess what ? I was using the AAS Rhodes 'Lounge Lizard' keyboard on every occasion that it happened. It's good to know that it's probably the plugin's problem, rather than the DAW. I may delete all three of my AAS VSTs and download again from PiB, in the event that they've been updated with bug fixes since I bought them.
  3. I'm new here, but having gone through the install process from the Bandlab app a few days back, I can confirm that it takes AGES. Hours for me, and there's no indication of the progress, which is a bit hard to have faith in it doing anything. But patience is your friend. After cancelling it once after an hour, I just let it run (for three downloads that were suggested) when I went to bed. It was good to go in the morning.
  4. So far as I can tell, the fretboard can only be showing while in staff view, so that's not the problem. For what its worth, the CW version i'm on is 2020.1, which should be the latest. Either way, it 'kind of' works, but is not as responsive as I would have liked, and often skips the first note, and holds other notes, usually at the end. If I get to the bottom of this strange behaviour, I'll be sure to update this thread. I'm also having issues with Cakewalk interfacing with the sound drivers and my A/I that need some troubleshooting when I get some time to research further, so that may be a contributing factor. In the meantime, the ASCII tab export is good enough - far more useful than the current DAW I use, which has nothing like this at all. Anyway, I appreciate your help, regardless of the outcome. If I don't get to the bottom of it I'll reach out to Bandlab.
  5. Thanks Craig - I've taken your suggestion, but it is greyed-out in the menu. No matter what I select, whether it be the sequencer track, the clip or the notes in the Piano roll. However, on further trial & error, it does now seem to be working with notes directly in out into a clip. Only thing is, it's not very responsive, often holds a note on the fretboard display and often skips the first in a bar. I'm going to put this down to being a bit buggy, since it seems to be a rarely-used feature therefore probably not reported on. I come to this conclusion from the lack of discussion around the fretboard in this forum, or online in general. Never mind, I can output an ASCII file to represent tablature easily enough from the staff screen, so that's a positive !
  6. Continuing to discover Cakewalk, and I came across the guitar fretboard UI while in staff view. If I add MIDI notes to a sequencer clip via the piano roll, and press play, I'm not seeing any frets being populated . However if I add notes directly by clicking on the fretboard, I get the visual feedback. If I use a combination of input methods, only the ones I entered on the fretboard appear. Am I missing something here ? Since a lot of my ideas start in the sequencer, I thought this would be very handy to go back and learn the phrases on guitar, with live visual feedback - but for the life of me I can't get it to work in this way. So some assistance would be appreciated. A search of the forums doesn't bring much up, and the manual doesn't spend much on this functionality
  7. Thanks to all for the comments. It makes sense that it would be a function of a plugin rather than a function of the DAW. I'm evaluating Cakewalk with a view to migrate from Reason. As some of you may be aware , Reason is now available as a VST. And there is a stock plugin called 'Scales & Chords' so I guess that's the best solution, although for the moment I don't own the current licence to allow Reason VST. The plugin suggested by others may be the interim solution. For anyone interested, here is the Reason way of achieving what I was referring to in my opening post https://www.reasonstudios.com/en/reason/players/scales-chords
  8. Hi everyone, First post here, I have just started exploring Cakewalk with a view to move on from my current DAW . Wondering if there is a feature where I can set a song key, so that when I play my controller, it only sounds notes in the scale I choose (all non-scale note are effectively disabled). And further to that, how about a feature that triggers chords corresponding to a scale, by playing only the root note ? In my searching, I've discovered CAL Scripts that converts single notes to chords, but there are a mere 5 chord types to choose from, is there a depository somewhere with more chords that I can import ?
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