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  1. Just following up on Antler's query above. Are all instruments from Celtic Era (1) included? Have they been enhanced or modified? Do you actually need Celtic Era (1) on your computer if you have CE2? I would liked to have seen a midi export function in CE1. Is there any such feature in CE2? Thanks
  2. I have had a look at the ads for this and there appears to be a good deal of overlap with Celtic Era 1. So, I am waiting for reviews before I commit to an upgrade. Looking forward to your comments. ps. had a listen to your music on sound cloud. Great stuff, enjoyed it.
  3. Thanks for replies. Mark, as I mentioned, this does not work for me. Unchecking the zero controller box has no effect. ABACAB, I don't know how to access CC data and how to apply a fix once I know the data, so not something I can dive into with a great degree of confidence. The advice I received from another forum from someone who had a similar problem was to sync the midi channels rather than use omni. This worked. At least it works most of the time. There are other scenarios which I can't quite pin point that collapse the rhythm display even when midi channels are synced. Perhaps not ideal but I can work with it at the moment .
  4. Thanks for reply. I have explored the settings in this area as suggested. No luck.
  5. I recently purchased " The Orchestra" from Sonuscore. Every time I load one of the orchestral rhythms, cakewalk plays the content of the track OK. However as soon as the track plays once through or is stopped, the rhythm disappears for all subsequent replays. Could other users of "The Orchestra" please let me know if they have experienced similar problems and how they might have fixed it. I am not sure whether this is a Cakewalk problem or a fault in The Orchestra software or something vey simple that I have overlooked. I thought I would try and gain feedback from the forum before going to Sonuscore. Thanks
  6. Great work, thanks. So far, so good. Seems to work OK in "The Orchestra"
  7. Brilliant. Thanks mate. I wouldn't have worked that out in a hundred years.
  8. Is it possible to save modified note labels in piano roll for export? In piano roll there is an option to "use these notes instead". I have successfully reconfigured the note labels and the heading through the "define" option. My problem is I want to save this info so I can download it on a second computer and avoid lengthy duplication. There does not appear an option to save. I have accessed Cakewalk\content\core\instruments and modified the .ins file but the changes are not recognised when I hit "use these notes instead". Any help appreciated.
  9. Anyone had experience with either of these VSTs? I am a bit of a Celtic buff and having searched for suitable software to emulate traditional Irish /Celtic music, have come up with these.
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