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  1. It's not a good premisse have to install it to get rid of that annoying notifications.
  2. That's a possibility but it will also switch off the main app update notifications...
  3. Cakewalk always ask me to install/update the Melodyne Plugin. I don't want to install the Melodyne plugin. Please give us a button to dismiss the message forever or something close to it. It is very annoying to get the message and have to close it, everytime I start Cakewalk...
  4. Hi I don't use Melodyne Plugin and I don't intend to use it. Cakewalk keeps asking me to Update/Download this plugin everytime I open it. It's annoying. Please give a way to cancel that or dismiss it.
  5. Hi I use fl studio to create some Synth lines and then export them as waves to Cakewalk. We use Cakewalk with these backing tracks on my band rehearsals. MY PROBLEM: Track levels are very different from song to song and we need to adjust LEVELS everytime we start a song. I realised that the exported waves are not consistent regarding to LEVELS. MY QUESTION: What are the optimal (or maximum) LEVEL a wave should be exported for Cakewalk mixing? ALSO: What are the maximum LEVEL the Master Output should be? Thank you.
  6. I use the Playlist feature for live shows. Very often there is some interaction with the audience between tracks. Altough I'm able to define a delay between tracks, sometimes it is not enought because I can not predict how the audience will feedback (sometimes more, sometimes less). Is there a way to pause the sequence? Maybe pausing the delay time between tracks? Best regards....
  7. Hi few days ago I was tryng to get the Video View in Full Screen as I hit the Play command. Right now i can only click to open the Video View and then click again to get the Full Screen in the Stretch Options. It seems Original Size is selected by Default. It would be nice to be able to set the default to Full Screen or other option. Best regards, SM
  8. Your solution somehow worked for me. Some brain and patience can make wonderfull things.... Thank you. Just an advice to the other participants: never be slave of any software, they always do much more than what it is expected to...
  9. Man are you joking right? I said I want THE VIDEO VIEW TO CHANGE TO FULL SCREEN WHEN I HIT PLAY..... I can't be more clear than this. I dont want to right click to get the FULL SCREEN in the Stretch options...
  10. I get the video view, but it is in a window. I WANT THE VIDEO VIEW TO CHANGE TO FULL SCREEN WHEN I HIT PLAY.....
  11. I think you missed the point here. my question is HOW TO GET THE VIDEO FULL SCREEN when I hit play?
  12. Hi guys I'm trying to use Cakewalk for video projection, importing a video to Cakewalk's video track and play it synchronised with the music. My problem: I cannot have the video playing in full screen when I hit PLAY. So, is there a way to get the video started in full screen when I hit PLAY? Or are better ways to do it? Thank you.
  13. Problem solved. Thanks to Jim and Emanuel for their precious help.
  14. Hi Emanuel send you PM with my email. Thank you.
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