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  1. Can you please state what plugin you are talking about? If you don't wanna state here publicly, please send me a PM
  2. Just a bit off topic, but does TS-64 (and all those old plugs) still work? I have a lot of the old plugs that came with Sonar. Can you please tell me what version the .dll file of your TS-64 is? Mine reads "File version" My last purchase was Sonar X2 Producer. I want to know if the plug has been updated after X2.
  3. Thank you so much! Except in Z3TA 2 - if used in the VST3 version - it does not work. Any settings that I should change? I'm not even aware what the difference is between VST2 and VST3 or if VST3 is superior, but I noticed it works only in VST2.
  4. I couldn't find a way to record the movements done with the MOUSE. For instance, when right-clicking the XY-Pad in Z3TA 2, the movement is random. How do I record that in Cakewalk? Does anyone know? I know about assigning separate CCs (MIDI Learn) to the X and Y directions, but I'm asking about the movements done with the mouse.
  5. Ha ha! It's just a user name that I found funny... You'd be astounded by my past achievements, which actually are in contrast to the nickname... But that's not important here. I was just trying to open a subject very actual and important to musicians, producers, etc and learn opinions.
  6. According to the current situation and given the predictions about the evolution of the pandemic and possible aftermath (like distancing and mask wearing for years to come - hence no shows, no gigs), can anyone picture how music could be monetized at present and in the coming years? Is it still worth investing time and money if one wants to make it a sellable product (I'm not talking about making it out of passion - which only lasts for a couple of songs anyway, until one becomes entagled in life's storm and has to have an occupation, then a family, etc). I'm talking about music as a 'profession', a job, a full time occupation.
  7. So far I've only scratched the surface of the said Cakewalk synths, looking through presets, learning to play with the cut-off, adding effects, changing envelopes, etc. And now I wanted to dive deep, learn programming. And I don't want to invest time in, say, learning the waveshapers in Z3TA 2 and one day wake up and find out that it stopped working due to a change in Windows 10, or who knows, because it's not supported anymore. Also, I compared presets of new, expensive synths from YouTube presentations to those in Rapture and Z3TA 2 and the former seemed more... clear, more vivid, more spectacular, dynamic, etc than the latter. That's why I was wondering if the old Cakewalk synths are capable of yelding simliar results.
  8. I have bought these synths back in the day but never made any music with them. I just fooled around. Now I picked up making music and would like to know if these are still functional and sounding comparable (quality-wise) to the more flashy and expensive VSTs out there (Native Instruments, U-He, Arturia, etc). Or do I have to write them off and spend new money for something actual and more modern sounding? Please advice me.
  9. There are (older) plug-ins that don't support MIDI Learn. For those plug-ins Cakewalk has created ACT. On paper it should work perfectly, just like MIDI Learn. I last used it in Sonar and it was very problematic and difficult to use. But maybe BandLab have updated it and it works perfecty now. Check it up in the manual.
  10. I understand, but I've run installers from other companies and none trigerred the firewall. Since other companies did it, why hasn't Band Lab too written their Assistant code in an unsuspecting manner ?
  11. I've done a clean install of Cakewalk on a clean install of Windows 10. After I downloaded and ran BandLab Assistant a Windows Defender window popped up saying "Windows Defender Firewall has just blocked some features of this app". I had to click Allow, to allow it to comunicate on either Private or Public Network or both. Otherwise it wouldn't run further. I've chosen Private Network. This is dodgy. Why has it happened?
  12. Neither am I. I selected "Send me one email per day" yet I am not receiving anything, although myself and others have posted in that thread. It worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. I was receiving notiications and emails.
  13. I checked the Date Modified of the FX Chains presets: September 2013. So they are the ones included in Sonar X3. Except the mastering ones: August 2015.
  14. Yes, you're right. I remember now the difference. However, please respond to my question if you can. In my oppinion, there are neither FX Chains presets nor ProChannel presets that were created from scratch for CbB. What I saw in those two folders were inherited from a Sonar X2 installation that I have on my computer.
  15. Yes, there are FX Chains for the ProChannel as well. These are .pcp files (clicking Load Preset at the top of the ProChannel will open a window). The ones for the track bin are .fxc files. The reason I am asking is when I try to load a preset, in both cases a folder opens which contains a lot of presets which are clearly inherited from a previous Sonar instalation, since they contain plugins not included in CbB. Folders are named FX Chain Presets and ProChannel Presets and are both under ...Cakewalk Content > Cakewalk Core. I was interested if there were any presets created especially for Cakewalk by Bandlab, made only from the included plugins.
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