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  1. Kero

    Can't hear anything

    Update: Chernobyl Studios - Withered Moment now plays back properly. Also I went back to ASIO4ALL instead of MME. Directly-recorded audio also plays back just fine. It seems VST audio tracks are the issue. Not in-VST audio though, say the SI-Drumkit, when I open it, I can click the drums and they all sound fine. Also the loops sound fine while inside the VST window. Problem seems to be related specifically to pre-made native loops inside the tracks.
  2. Kero

    Can't hear anything

    I don't know if this is relevant, but trying a recording of my own voice seems to work fine; as in, recording directly into the playback tracks and then, well... playing it back. As I mentioned before, the VST also seem to have no issues on their own but only while on the tracks.
  3. Kero

    Can't hear anything

    Cakewalk version: Latest one, I just made a clean install and fully updated Windows version: Windows 10 Pro, not all updates, can't update for some reason Audio interface: I'm using Logitech speakers, an AudioTechnica 2500 microphone and JBL headphones Driver mode: I WAS using ASIO, but it forced me to switch between drivers every time I needed to change devices - also it wasn't really working. I figured last night that the problem was mainly caused because it had some "realtek high definition audio" driver mode selected by default instead of my speakers/headphones and that worked for... an hour? then the audio engine started failing out of nowhere and I've been unable to fix it. Today I tried switching from ASIO to MME and now it allows me to select my actual devices instead of its coded drivers, and the result is: I can't hear what's in the tracks, but I do can hear when composing and using the default VST loops. Drivers updates: all drivers are up to date. Trying to play: ANYTHING on the tracks, nothing plays back. Cakewalk console: nothing is muted nor faded. No playback tracks have been muted nor faded. No playback track is routed to muted buses. Also there are no muted buses.
  4. Kero

    Can't hear anything

    Hey there, I've been trying to use CakeWalk for a while but it's been impossible for me to hear whatever it's supposed to be playing. I thought I was doing something wrong so I checked the sample project Chernobyl Studios - Withered Moment to see if I could hear it, but nothing played back. I checked the Preferences tab, thinking that maybe I had to select my audio device, but all I found there were driver-related configurations. I also tried using different speakers and headphones in different jacks and USB ports to discard hardware issues, but everything seems to be fine everywhere else... just not in CakeWalk. Tried using the BandLab online mixer and it works fine, but for whatever reason, I can't use the downloaded CakeWalk editor. Can anybody please shine a light here? Is this a common issue? How can I fix this?
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