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  1. Not related to the forums, related to my bandlab account and spam users following me. I report and block. I notice others have this issue most notably with the android app.
  2. Anyone else getting notifications from ***** contact followers, with dodgy links to porn related sites? And nothing to do with music?
  3. It was screensets, I set it to 'main screenset' and all is well. I had not changed that so dont know how it defaulted to something else.
  4. Prior to the 2020/04 update, all my projects saved the current screen layout and opened in that way. Since the update, the current screen layout is not being saved. For instance, I have 3 monitors, the tracks and clips on the right screen, console on the middle and browser, synth rack on the left. Now they all load tracks, clips, browser, console and help module on the right most screen. I have to undock the modules and move to the screens of my choice. It does this on every session.
  5. A'Tuin

    Flamer in cackwalk

    Just add a softer drum hit a tad earlier than the drum hit.
  6. Bit late replying,,had not been notified of replys. Actually solved this by making sure the synth output was set to correct one in clip midi properties.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I went through it line for line, word for word. No go...BUT. I have 3 controllers, 1 is a Arduino foot switch controller (when stood playing guitar, Azlow control ), number 2 is a Beringer x-touch ( Mackie) and 3 is the KK A49 (MMCL_Mackie). Whilst trying out the procedure, I noticed in the control bar, surfaces, AZ controller 'active', Mackie#1 '16trks, 16busses' and finally MMCL_Mackie#1, 'connecting....... So then I checked its properties for 'disable handshake' and it was checked, tried uncheck..no go. So I deleted it, set it the same but chose MMCL_Mackie#2. Saved the template, shut down CbB, restarted pc. It worked. Go figure? But thanks anyway.
  8. If there is space inside your PC, stock it up with internal SSDs. You dont say what SATA chipset you have, if they are only SATA 2 then ext USB3 External might be a good choice. I doubt you PC would still have SATA 2, but check it out. Same drive from here https://www.ebuyer.com/871714-samsung-860-qvo-sata-iii-2-5-inch-1tb-ssd-mz-76q1t0bw save £30 over amazon,
  9. I suspect this is related to 'bome midi' as I recall seeing a dialog installing it as part of an update, since then the transport function stopped working.
  10. I had transport control working but has stopped working now. I will just have to move my hand another foot to use the mixer instead.
  11. On all of my projects that require more than 2 instrument tracks, I get double triggering. For instance 4 Kontakt tracks, 4 Komplete tracks, 1 EZkeys and 1 scaler track. Using a Native Instruments A49 keyboard. While I play or record (and on playback), the correct track records/plays but another Kontakt or Komplete track also triggers. Doesn't happen on the EZKeys or scaler tracks. If I play Kontakt track 1,2 or 3, Kontakt track 4 triggers. If I play Kontakt track 4, Komplete track 8 also triggers. The only workaround I have is to mute the double triggered track, but of course I need all tracks unmuted to play, mix or master. Another workround is to save project, close, reopen and it may be ok, if not, create a new track, copy the events from offending track then delete it. Not sure what is going on here.
  12. Cool, I wonder if 'refresh windows 10 option' might have also worked?
  13. The only way that I could 'save as' along with the associated audio files was to first creat new folders for my projects, with a slightly different name (ie: adding '-V2), then choosing 'save as', check 'copy audio files', point to new folder then ok. This has worked. Next I just tidied stray/unused files. Seems I need to create project folders first.
  14. It's been quite a while since your last post, also the thread is now marked as solved. So what solved it?
  15. I too have this problem, excepting in that I can save the .cwp any where I want (save as) - but the audio is saved to another project folder (the last project I finished before installing CbB). Very frustrating.
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