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  1. I figured out what was happening. I would open a project that had tracks set to a synth I no longer have installed. I would then add Cakewalk TTS-1 as a synth. The tracks would have a bank number that doesn't exist for that synth (like bank "1" instead of bank"15488 Preset Normal 0"). As soon as I change to a proper bank setting, the note names appear.
  2. I'm thinking maybe the file originated as a MIDI type 0 that I saved as a .cwp file. Not sure that would cause this but it's my only guess right now.
  3. OK. I was able to find a workaround. I saved the project as a type 1 midi file and when I opened that file it is back to showing the note names. The old file that showed only number was a .cwp file from around 10 years ago. So I've got it working but would like to know if there is a shortcut key or something that could change this as I suspect I may have more old files the will exhibit this behavior.
  4. Here is what I want. Names not numbers under data.
  5. I opened an old project and when I look at the events list it has the note number under data instead of the diatonic name (C6, F#3, D4, etc.). I noticed it was the same way in the PRV but I was able to change it there but the event list still shows a number. I would like to see the diatonic name. How to fix?
  6. All you have to do is email them and explain the situation and they will reset your account. I just upgraded my hard drive to a SSD and they had the account reset by the next morning. This was with the free account. I also have a paid account and it is likewise limited to 2 installs. Their highest level membership I believe give you 4 installs. I opened the free account because I like the program as a easily searchable librarian for my vast sample collection and I needed to use it on a couple of more computers than my paid account allowed.
  7. Thomas Fort

    CTRL+L Mistake

    Did you try Ctrl-Z "undo" multiple times if necessary ? Or look at edit-history and select a point before the undesired changes were made.
  8. I use Loopcloud every day. If I can't find a sound I like, they make it easy to find that one sound and be able to purchase that sound without having to buy a bundle of sounds, most of which I'll never use. Being able to audition the sounds and apply various manipulations is also helpful.
  9. You mention "midi out" setting, but if I understand your problem, this would be more of a "midi IN" setting problem. Is your midi in set for the Vortex?
  10. For what it's worth, one of my computers is running an FX-8350 and I have another that's the FX-8120 that I run CbB on both with no heat issues. I have upgraded the CPU coolers but nothing fancy. Temps seem to stay around mid 30's.
  11. Nope, Windows 10. And it started working without me consciously changing anything.
  12. And just like that... it's working again. No changes. Weird.
  13. Within the last few days this exact thing has happened to me. Everything was working fine with the USB keyboard and then it stopped. It shows in devices and the midi indicator in the task bar shows activity yet there is no activity in CbB. I tried another keyboard and cable and it worked for a while and then the same thing happened. I've tried different USB ports and everything winkpain did above. The keyboards work fine on another computer running the latest versions of CbB and Windows, all drivers up to date, etc.
  14. I don't recall seeing this posted here. I found a pretty decent FREE program to manage my ever increasing hoard of samples/loops. It's ADSR Sample Manager. It does a great job of letting me search and audition the sounds in my many files. Allows you to search by key, tag, BPM, genre, etc. Also it lets you add tags. When you select a file, it shows you the waveform and allows you to preview the sound with the ability to apply some minimal processing to the signal. My favorite such program is actually Loopcloud, however to get all the features of the program enabled you need to become a member.
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