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  1. SOLVED ...... Turned off Multiprocessing in Playback and recording. Has anyone got an explanation? I've got 4 cores.
  2. PulseStar

    KONTACT pops and clicks

    Hi Everyone, my problem concerns Kontact as a VST. Standalone version is no problem. I have an i5 processor with 16gb of ram, a Samsung 1Tb SSD as the C drive and a Focusrite2i4 first gen. audio interface. My usual setting for audio is 44k with a buffer size of 512. This plays the standalone version with no trouble but even if I change to the max (1024) the Vst version is clicking still. Is there a way in Bandlab to increase the number of buffers....mine is greyed out at 2 or is the problem somewhere else?
  3. Hi Everyone........I am a very long time user of Cakewalk/Sonar but have only just started trying to use the NanoKontrol2 to control various VST's. I have no trouble with using it with CbB but as soon as I go into CC mode I start to pull what's left of my hair out. I have been using the Act controller and can assign all Rotary's and faders (8 of each) in Learn mode but the trouble starts when I try to use Act Learn to assign Vst functions to Nano Sliders and Rotaries. Sometimes it works and other times it dosen't. I've even had one fader controlling 5 parameters even though they have different CC numbers. Anyone got any infomation that might help? http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/C4Mapper.zip Is this the answer? Thanks for any help.
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