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  1. I think one of the big issues here is how does Bitwig delineate between what modules are part of an upgrade, and what are separate. I'm concerned that modules (that in the past that were free as a part of the upgrade plan) may be paid in the future, thus lessening the value of the update plan. But we don't know what that may be.
  2. You mean there are unreleased things that you don't already own? 😃
  3. Until they say "We've reactivated the vouchers" 🙂
  4. All their iOS apps appear to be 50%+ off now as well. https://appsliced.co/apps/dev/klevgrand-produkter-ab
  5. Hmmm apologies, but I see this when I add it to my cart and go to checkout. But I tried other Korg items, and they were fine. So seems I was wrong in general (maybe I was thinking of a different non-US vendor)
  6. Just a note that this (or any Korg) doesn't ship to the US. Ignore this, I was wrong.
  7. Bummer we can't use the Amplitude 5 MAX upgrade coupon($50 off) AND JamPoints, I would have gone for it.
  8. https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/ik-total-studio-max-3-5 Feel like I should buy a copy just to sell later 🙂
  9. Yes, back in March (it was the first time ever I believe)
  10. https://reverb.com/item/58230812-korg-opsix Direct from KORG USA Warehouse Outlet. I'm sure this is very limited, or bing discontinued. As the Sweetwater page says: Sorry, the Korg Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer is no longer available.
  11. Just 2 days left, and I found it at Best Service for $107.00 https://shop.bestservice.com/bitwig_studio_12_month_upgrade_plan.html
  12. Barrie

    smart:comp 2

    The email I got this morning was.. And I checked and it was that price. Now when I log in it's € 57.14 Some weird dynamic pricing! Note: I do not have smart:comp (1) just other sonible plugins
  13. Barrie

    Where is Larry?

    He's trying to save everyone some money in these tight times 🙂
  14. The plus side is you don't have to wait for a sale.. it will be $29
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