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  1. I kinda feel they are going down the IK route of making this more complicated than it should be in terms of versions, no upgrade info, confusing "All Headphones" vs "Pro Headphones", special signature edition, etc. Maybe just me, but while I'm a bit interested, it's not all clear enough to spend money on.
  2. When I go to the Embody website, it appears there are different rooms and different versions of the software (depending on room, headphone, DAW) It's a bit confusing to tell what the Alan Meyerson version is. Can you explain just what this version being offered covers (and what it doesn't) and any additional costs to upgrade? Thanks.
  3. Maybe it's: current age - age when started buying plugins - age when will stop buying needless plugins
  4. Based on this: I can't quite tell if the only way to read it is online via the Issuu viewer, but it seems that way.
  5. So without the Pro Tools page says it has Pro Tools as a requirement. On the Dolby page it says: So apologies for the misinformation (based on Avid's site)
  6. Pro Tools Studio or Pro Tools Ultimate are listed as a software requirement, so it at least appears they only work in Pro Tools. So if you have Pro Tools, you have a coupon, if not, it appears it would do you no good.
  7. Barrie

    Reason May Sale

    Reason May "Prevail" Sale? 🙂
  8. Barrie

    XLN 30% Off Adpaks

    I don't know... ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 was released in 2008 -- and many people still use that, and are happy (although they did just update it this year). So sometimes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies 🙂
  9. I have V Collection 8 and upgrade price of $199 (which is typically the upgrade price). Will wait for the $99 deal.
  10. This may have changed lately, or maybe I missed it before, but the group buy states... Which "seems" like if we hit the 3000 number, they will give us "Syntronik 2 MAX" and not just all the instruments.
  11. https://morph.sensel.com/pages/morph-sunset-faq
  12. You can buy it, but .. "This crossgrade only works for users of MASSIVE." So get Massive in the Soundwide Intro Bundle 🙂
  13. At least one reference here: https://www.soundonsound.com/news/eastwest-forbidden-planet-goliath (and an image!)
  14. Yes, because we all need more synths these days, just aren't enough. 🙄
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