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  1. Wow.. that's a LONG sale!
  2. I'm guessing you either have a very large sock drawer, or not many socks (or both). Also I hope it's a sturdy dresser. 🙂
  3. I'm guessing it is... Currently... 1,270 PATRONS $5,191 PER MONTH
  4. Was 1% cheaper in the past 83% vs 82% - must be the cost of inflation ....
  5. I just got this from Time+Space... We can now confirm that your order has now been shipped. 🕺
  6. Barrie

    Apple Mac Mini M1

    Where are the topic lock police 🙂
  7. Seems like it only works for Windows, not for pedals (or even doors) 🙂
  8. Barrie

    Gig Performer 4

    I bought Gig Performer 3 – UNLOCKED Edition from PA, during a sale and a with a voucher for $25. I figured it was worth it to play with (knowing the upgrade was coming). So even at the $99 price, if I decide to upgrade, I'm at $124 vs $169. Maybe I'm the exception. Also it appears that if you buy via PA, you can run Windows and Mac versions (if you need to). At the developers site it is $199 for both Mac and PC. Just my experience...
  9. I guess on the plus side you get a HDD drive, USB cable and USB-C adapter for $25 and have an instant backup (and easy install).
  10. I'm still looking for a $50 to get SILO. Have a $25 in exchange (or to be made available if $50 appears)
  11. Maybe it depends on what you own. My "complete your bundle" price went from $53.99 to $53.99 🙂 when I added the coupon. But seems there is a trick. If I just add the 3 missing synths, then add the discount... my price drops to $44.97. So you may try it that way as well.
  12. Strange, I get a popup on the site that says: SPRING SALE! Take 30% off your next order! Ends soon. Use code SPRINGXXXXXXXXX (I hid the number, as I don't know if it's unique - likely not, but just in case) If you are wondering, mine ends in 4323
  13. Unfortunately the coupon doesn't work for completing a bundle based on what you already own. The price appears to be the normal "complete your bundle" price. Adding the coupon in the cart does not change the pricing.
  14. You have to use the 30% off coupon in the cart during checkout to see the discount.
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