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  1. Same here, thanks a lot Larry, I've been waiting for this kind of bundle for a looong time !..
  2. makouto

    Logitech sale

    Hi guys, The MX Master 3 and 3S have a magic (there's no other word) mouse wheel compared to the 2nd version. It's very useful if you often scroll down or up a lot for a "long distance". Sorry for my poor english... I don't use the thumb wheel a lot though. I didn't with my 2S either... Also, the "next" and "previous" thumb buttons are way better on the 3 / 3S.
  3. Not a single crash since I've installed the update (I've only tried the VST3 version). Before that, it made Cubase crash as soon as I inserted it in a project. I had exactly the same problem than you, but with CbB. It would crash 30 seconds after inserting the plugin in a project. It could be worth a try.
  4. Thanks a lot for the heads up @cclarry, now I can use it properly ! For some reason, it made Cubase and CbB crash on my computer...
  5. Same feeling here. My only hope is that he's alright.
  6. Thanks, it gives a good idea of how this software works. Maybe I'll buy it the next black friday !..
  7. Thanks ! I haven't received any e-mail (yet?), but the coupon was available in my user area.
  8. Same for me, thanks guys !
  9. Check your accounts, it's ok for me now.
  10. 899 ! One to go for the next step !..
  11. Hello everyone, I hope you'll get to spend some time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas !
  12. Welcome back! I'm ready, my credit card is right here, near my left hand, I've rehearsed all the movements... I click, I read, I smile, I click on thanks, I take my credit card without even looking... All good.
  13. Thanks a lot for letting us know ! It was one of my favourite Variety of Sound plugins.
  14. Thanks a lot Piotr! I love their Echorec plugin, so I'll try this compressor, even if it's not meant to be "soft".
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