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  1. Check your accounts, it's ok for me now.
  2. 899 ! One to go for the next step !..
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you'll get to spend some time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas !
  4. Welcome back! I'm ready, my credit card is right here, near my left hand, I've rehearsed all the movements... I click, I read, I smile, I click on thanks, I take my credit card without even looking... All good.
  5. Thanks a lot for letting us know ! It was one of my favourite Variety of Sound plugins.
  6. Thanks a lot Piotr! I love their Echorec plugin, so I'll try this compressor, even if it's not meant to be "soft".
  7. makouto

    Computer Music Sub

    Thank you cclarry, I was waiting for a sale to re-sub.
  8. Thanks a lot, cclarry! I didn't expect a second freebie from Waves, so I would have missed it if not for you.
  9. Indeed, there are some very good presets, thanks a lot!
  10. I was going to miss it !!! Thanks a lot !
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