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  1. I could not play flute good enough to replace the sampled flute, so I replaced it with muted trumpet.

    I added real trumpet in with the horn parts. 

    I also did not notice I was on Polyphonic mode in NI Session Horns pro.  It should have been on Smart Voice Split. That sounds much more realistic!

    adjusted volume of ratchet shaker thingy and extended it though the horn part. 🙂



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  2. Thanks!

    Exactly...Sometimes I can get the horns just right with samples, but this one did not...kind of a cute sound, but not very realistic...

    I play trumpet and I just might put a real trumpet track over it...I don't play flute that well, but maybe I'll get a bud to do it..or I will practice! 🙂

  3. Hi guys!  I really enjoyed working on the Dark Aqua skin and getting acquainted with the new Cakewalk.  Much to love!

    However, lately I have not been producing much on it, but using it to organize my songs to finish using the Matrix!

    Anyway, I thought I would share my many years of music on my new website.  I hope you enjoy!

    I will add a new Christmas song or two in the coming days...



  4. 21 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

    I love all the updates, but I checked, and it still says it was authored by the original guy. It's your theme now, and you should give yourself credit.

    The way to change that in Theme Editor is in  Properties.

    I added my name to it , but I must have saved it wrong or something...thanks!

  5. Version 5.25 http://www.mediafire.com/folder/yl5dr3tcce30x/AC_DA_-_5_Pan_Options

    Corrected Midi  Inspector Buttons. 

    I also corrected the inconsistent default and roll over colors of the Browser Plugins Tab..  I made the selected glow word of "Instrument" a little less blurry....futher modifying these tabs made them less attractive and not blending as well with surrounding elements.  So, the Inspector tabs are different..that's not necessarily a bad thing... 🙂

    0 Browser Fix.png

    0 Midi Buttons Fix.png

  6. "Clean up on isle 6!"  ha...

    I soon will be cleaning up some of the Browser tabs, especially under the Plugins tab where the glow effect makes things a bit blurry and some of the fonts are the wrong color.

    I don't mind the main browser tabs, but I have to decide if I want them the same color scheme as the new Inspector tabs if possible.

    The midi inspector needs some color and contrast correction of buttons also as seen in the attached picture.


    0 Midi Inspector.png

    0 Browser Tabs.png

  7. 5.22  Black  EQ  and Tube knobs more contrast.    5  Pan options marked clearly to download.


    It's super easy to download and then change versions on the fly,    so I chose to keep making separate themes for the Pan variations for now.

    Darkening all knobs the other day had a negative affect on the Black knobs that I chose to put no perimeter markers around...I like the variety, but had to lighten them.

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  8. I agree,  partly because I have experimented with this for a while...However, I often do things for a reason of my eye sight and habits and don't mind making an option.

    And then, I get obsessed...So, here are 4 Options!  LWOL!

    .1 Pointer line with Numbers     -  .2   "0" with Numbers - .3   No  Numbers  -   .4   Faint line with numbers (my preference)

    I also corrected (darkened) shadows of all  other knobs to match the darkness of the Pan.   


    ...all 4 should be in that folder...

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