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  1. Also, sometimes you have to re-start CW to make sure any prior theme data is cleared...if that helps...
  2. I do not know, except, at least so far, one of my prior projects looks good...
  3. Indeed! You are welcome! I've tried many other awesome looking themes, but this one feels luxurious and inspiring and has a simple clarity to it. Thanks!
  4. Inspector Tabs Fixed 6.01 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yl5dr3tcce30x/AC+Dark+Aqua+for+Cakewalk+2021.04 Fixed all required updates. But, then had to fix some tabs by eye... Hmm, you would think the size of a tab would be more import and required than the dozens of colors required to save as the same color as before!!! Weird stuff. But, I love this color scheme as do a few other, so here you go. This took several hours of course. Let me know if I missed anything important. I also left this with just my preferred Pan knob with a line and numbers. Super easy for me to add the other knob styles if you really need it.
  5. I will try soon... Thanks! I'm back to using Samplitude mostly again, but I will try to get it together for this beautiful program of CW! If you find the post that was talking about what needs to be updated, tag it here if you can, or I will try to look for it... ...oh it looks like it might be pinned to the top of the page...
  6. Thanks Johnny! Make sure to get the most updated one here...5 different Pan knob option downloads there as well as updates.
  7. Thank you. Yes, it is me. I try to practice at least an hour a day still. I wish other instruments required practice every day and I would be a lot better at them as well. It's easy to get lazy on piano and other things.
  8. I could not play flute good enough to replace the sampled flute, so I replaced it with muted trumpet. I added real trumpet in with the horn parts. I also did not notice I was on Polyphonic mode in NI Session Horns pro. It should have been on Smart Voice Split. That sounds much more realistic! adjusted volume of ratchet shaker thingy and extended it though the horn part. 🙂
  9. Thank you very much! I wrote this song right after a 3 week fight with Covid! It's funny...I almost hated music while I was sick and did not take one step into my music room. As soon as I started feeling better, I can't leave the music room now! Lol
  10. Thanks so much! Yes, and I am a trumpeter and own a trombone too...and I let laziness tell me that I like the "cute fake horns" LWOL! I think I will soon record real horns! 😉 I'll re-check the Meinel Shekere or whatever it is... Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Exactly...Sometimes I can get the horns just right with samples, but this one did not...kind of a cute sound, but not very realistic... I play trumpet and I just might put a real trumpet track over it...I don't play flute that well, but maybe I'll get a bud to do it..or I will practice! 🙂
  12. at my webpage Christmas page also... OOPS...CAN'T FIX THIS DUPLICATE...THANKS!
  13. Hi guys! I really enjoyed working on the Dark Aqua skin and getting acquainted with the new Cakewalk. Much to love! However, lately I have not been producing much on it, but using it to organize my songs to finish using the Matrix! Anyway, I thought I would share my many years of music on my new website. I hope you enjoy! I will add a new Christmas song or two in the coming days... www.songsforthemaster.com Adam
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