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  1. I tried to buy the $14.99 tutorial first. However, it rejected 3 different credit cards. Why isn't there a PayPal method?
  2. Hey guys. I just called Casio's help desk, and they said that my keyboard (Casio Privia PX-400R--which is more than 10 years old) is not compatible with Windows 10 and there is no audio driver written for that interface. He suggested that I get to an older computer, with Windows 7 or XP and then download an audio driver for either of those Operation Systems. Does this sound right coming from a Casio Tech personnel? Are any of you using Windows 10 and Casio Privia PX 400R?
  3. Hey 57Gregy, I am in Morrison, Colorado, 1/2 hour outside of Denver; but I am originally from New Orleans. I am a vet from the old Vietnam era. I was in the NATO band in Naples Italy.
  4. Hey Scook, can you recommend an inexpensive audio interface (hopefully that on a pci card)?
  5. Hey Scook; I notice that I only have one option in the Audio Devices Input Drivers and that is Microphone (2Plantronid.aud) see attachment
  6. to Raklln: I am using the internal audio chip of the PC? Would you recommend I use a separate external audio interface connected to a USB or Firewire port? Moreover, all of the demo files play just great--and that is what is so perplexing. Perhaps I will try to manipulate those demo songs by adding another track. to 57Gregy: could you recommend an inexpensive audio interface (hopefully your are talking about a PCI card)? I am not ready to invest too much money on something that does not even give me the basics. Quick note: I just tried to record with my keyboard and forgot, after playing DCS F18, to disconnect the USB Headphone/Microphone. The microphone part was directly over the piano speaker. In the input and output audio drivers (see attachment), I had my Plantronic Headphones/Microphone selected. Lo and behold, I got sound sound. Now, do I have to use the microphone whenever I want to record. In addition I tried recording with another instrument on the keyboard (strings) and I got strings. I guess my next question is, can I record into cakewalk with a direct connection from the piano rather than using the microphone. to all: the last two comments I did not answer because this new development may cause a reconsideration of opinions, i.e., I get input signals, just not from the piano, but rather recorded microphone inputs. Thanks you guys so much for your help. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated to Jim Fogle: I have a Casio, Privia and it says stereo sampling PX-400R. to scook: I will certainly follow the instructions which setup CbB to use the PC integrated audio chip.
  7. rcklln, I checked the midi device from the preference menu, and in both input and output "USB MIDI is, in fact selected or checked. Shouldn't the name of my input device (Casio Privia--the midi piano I have) be an option?
  8. to 57Gregy: I have a Casio Privia (which is a midi device) and the free cakewalk program. My biggest problem is getting the Cakewalk program to recognize the input device, which none is listed (edit, preference, Audio, Device--which none are listed. Shouldn't there be my, at least, my Casio listed. How do I check to see if my midi controler (Casio, Privia) is listed as an input device? to Wibbles: I will check out the Turorials as soon as I can get Cakewalk to recognize my Casio as an input controller.
  9. I have had Cakewalk by Band Lab for a while. Unfortunately, I never got as far as plugging in the midi ports. I recently came across my installed program by mistake. After a year or so, I decided to give it another try, to no avail--the complexity transcends my comprehension. I am looking for a internet teacher, who I will pay, to take me step by step until I can record and play back my arrangements. The music part is under control (I was a US Navy guitar player--graduated from the Navy School of Music). If anyone knows of someone who gives Cakewalk lessons, please refer them to me. I can be reached at williehayesjr@gmail.com.
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